Soda’s Evil Twin

Most of this is Sugar We Drink, and excess sugar intake is a driving force behind the obesity epidemic. Al-though soda gets most of the blame, the fastest-growing marketing sector for beverage companies is so-called “Fruit Drinks”. Via


Tipping for Takeout

Based on more than 3.5 million takeout orders from, this infographic maps out cuisine popularity and average tip percentages per NYC neighborhood. Click on each cuisine to see where it is most popular. Switch to “Tip Percentages” to see which neighborhoods are most generous, for each cuisine as well as an overall tip percentage.…


Happy World Chocolate Day!

To celebrate World Chocolate Day we’re taking a look at some fine chocolate makers across the country who are making the sweet stuff in a sustainable way. Here’s an overview of five companies’ ethical practices, missions and affiliated charities. Chocolate just tastes sweeter when it helps others, right? Via