20 Incredibly Amazing Ideas Of Breakfast Nook Design

When it comes to having a smart design for your eating space, a cozy breakfast nook design is a key. It’s one of the kitchen niches you can have in your house. It only needs a little space in near your kitchen. You can just apply small table or bistro set to make one stunning breakfast nook.

The kitchen is the room that gets a lot of attention. It’s the busiest room in a house. Having breakfast in the morning, having snack and lunch during the day, and dinner in the evening. People need to make the design of the kitchen’s surrounding to be as comfortable as possible.

[su_heading size=”28″]20 Breakfast Nook Design Ideas[/su_heading]

Dealing with comfortable breakfast nook design, here are 20 incredibly stunning breakfast nook ideas that you’ll fall in love with:

1. Breakfast Nook Ideas

Breakfast Nook Ideas
Breakfast Nook Ideas by pinterest

Take a look at this breakfast nook design, it looks like it’s ready to brighten up your day. That much amount of natural light comes into space makes a great impact on the atmosphere. Making it all white seems supportive and impressive to be enjoyed.

The light pendant above the table is ready to lighten up your table at night dramatically. This breakfast nook idea would make use of your unused corner space of your kitchen.

2. Breakfast Nook for Small Spaces Design

breakfast Nook
breakfast Nook for Small Spaces by pinterest

A small space would be glad to have such flexible design around. A breakfast nook really deserves in a kitchen with small spaces. It can be used as the main dining space of the kitchen.

Just have some chic furniture in the corner of the kitchen, there you have it, your perfect eat-in spot. As you can see, the white color is once again dominating the space, but it’s now balanced by the brown floorings and chairs.

In order to make the wall less flat, having a simple decorative picture and accessories would make it fun.

3. Ideas for Breakfast Booth Design

Breakfast Booth
Breakfast Booth by pinterest

Wanna have a perfect spot to enjoy an awesome view while sipping a cup of coffee? Try applying this breakfast nook. This clean and bright breakfast booth look really stunningly comfortable.

The gray cushion for the seating creates a good accent for this spot atmosphere. The small tv above another side of seating is ready to provide the entertainment you need while you are dealing with your comfort enjoying the spot’s atmosphere.

4. ideas for the design of breakfast nook seating

Breakfast Nook Seating
Breakfast Nook Seating Ideas by pinterest

Arranging the seating for breakfast nook is one of the most challenging works to do. If you are having the breakfast nook in the corner, you might wanna check out this seating arrangement.

There are two types of furniture design for this nook design. It has the ordinary bench for corner seating, and the wooden seating set that you usually have in the backyard. It might seem unmatched together, but it actually feels right with the existence of the dark flooring.

5. Ideas for Breakfast Nook Bench Design

Breakfast Nook Bench
Breakfast Nook Bench Ideas by pinterest

Actually, some bench designs have hidden storages beneath them. As you can see, the storage is large enough to store some of your stuff. You could hide all of your kitchen clutter out of sight.

Your breakfast nook area would be clean and neat. The storage would be very useful. This is clever bench design you should consider to have your kitchen area. When the storage doors are closed, no one will know about the storage. It could be your secret storage too.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• You will have more spaces to store your stuff.
• Space will be clean and out of clutter.
• You can have private or secret storage.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
• Most of the time, that kind of storage is unused.
• People who have kitchen cabinet might not need that hidden storage.[/su_note]

6. Breakfast Nook Table and Chair

Breakfast Nook Table and Chair
Breakfast Nook Table and Chair Ideas by pinterest

If you want to get more privacy in your breakfast nook, you might need to make a special space for it. Check out this small nook space. It only uses a little extra part of the wall. With a smart design of chair and table. The banquette and the table have the similar design.

There’s more comfortable space beneath them. You can call them a floating furniture. Both are made of wood and built-in strong through the wall. The huge glass window is there to provide you an amazingly clear view of nature.

The photo really represents the ideal design of minimalist breakfast nook for your kitchen. It’s not just about the breakfast, it’s quite flexible to be used for any occasion that includes eating a meal.

7. Ideas for Breakfast Nook Table Design

Breakfast Nook Table
Breakfast Nook Table Ideas by pinterest

Designing a perfect spot to enjoy both awesome views and a warm delicious a cup of coffee should be the best thing to do for your space. Inside this breakfast booth, there’s only one side of the wall. The rest of them are see-through glass with architectural design.

The wooden banquette is ready to fit you in your colleagues. One built-in and hanging table in the middle would comfort your seating by giving more spaces for your feet to move freely under it. One small barstool is there to fulfill the element.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• You will enjoy the amazing views clearly.
• The number of lights would brighten up the room.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
• It’s only perfect if you live in the location which has amazing natural views.
• There’s no chance you have something to cover that big glass when you need privacy.[/su_note]

8. Breakfast Nook With Cabinets

Breakfast Nook With Cabinets
Breakfast Nook With Cabinets by pinterest

Actually, a storage is not really important to a breakfast nook. Some designer recommends homeowner to have some storage form such as cabinets to store make a decorative arrangement.

The cabinet can just be in a form of shelves to arrange some of your trophies, action figure antique items, and books. The cabinet would be something that your eyes can enjoy while having a meal in the nook.

9. Breakfast Nook With Storage

Breakfast Nook With Storage
Breakfast Nook With Storage Ideas by pinterest

It’s one of the most recommended breakfast nook designs you may want to try. It has a classic bench that is completed with the capacious drawer for storage. You can store your needed items and let it hidden away from sight.

The wood construction really matches its classic style. There are two places for seating and one small tale in the middle. The size is quite small but it’s enough for you to enjoy your activity.

The checkered floor design makes a good impact on the feeling of the room. The combination of dark and bright natural color is the best solution for any room.

10. Breakfast Nook With TV

Breakfast Nook With TV
Breakfast Nook With TV Ideas by pinterest

Watching TV while in the breakfast nook? Why not? There’s a lot of possibilities when it comes to designing a room. You have to make sure it’s comfortable for you to enjoy. You can adapt the concept of a living room. You have a bigger space in your nook.

As you can see, it looks like a living room with a white couches and coffee table. Well, it’s actually is. But, you can actually use it as your breakfast nook. It’s quite flexible for multiple activities such as having lunch or snack, playing games, and watching movies.

11. Corner Breakfast Nook Design

Corner Breakfast Nook
Corner Breakfast Nook Ideas by pinterest

For a small kitchen, the breakfast nook is not really necessary. If possible, you just have to design the minimalist one like this photo. Put the banquette in the corner, and a small table. There’s no need to add more chairs because they will waste more spaces.

Why it’s in the corner? Because, in many kitchen designs, the corner spaces tend to be the unused one. So for small spaces, make sure all of the space is useful.

12. Counter Height Breakfast Nook

Counter Height Breakfast Nook
Counter Height Breakfast Nook Ideas by pinterest

A breakfast nook is not always around the corner. An empty wall can also be the spot for it. Take a look at that mounted plank which is used as the breakfast counter. It’s long enough to be used by three people. The three metal bar stools are perfect for the counter.

Instead of having the closed wall, the designer makes six holes that connect the counter to the kitchen. The holes are gonna be the most effective access from the kitchen to the nook.

13. Cozy Breakfast Nook Ideas

Breakfast Nook
Cozy Breakfast Nook Ideas by pinterest

Blue and white are just the perfect couple. If you want to get it both calm and relaxing, this combination needs to be applied. This breakfast nook design has a darker shades of blue. It creates an amazing accent for the whites. There are also some lighter shades of blue that provide balancing tone into the room.

The banquette’s position is not facing the windows. It will be a perfect spot for you if you don’t want to get so much sunlight to your eyes. It would be perfect if this house is located near the seashore, so you can see an amazing view of the blue ocean from there.

14. Incredibly Fabulous Breakfast Nook Design Idea

Breakfast Nook Design
Incredibly Fabulous Breakfast Kitchen Nook Design Idea by pinterest

Take a look at this fabulous design idea of the breakfast nook. It looks incredibly beautiful is because of its choice in every element. This cottage style space features beadboard ceilings which are illuminated by a nice pair of light pendants.

The light pendant is actually two iron triangular lanterns which are above the table. The dining table itself is a white-based wood table limed with a pair white x back chairs. This nook is completed with the u-shaped banquette.

In the background, the three sash windows provide an awesome view of the outside and natural lights of the outdoor during the day. The windows are dressed in bamboo roller shades which can cover the windows whenever you need.

15. Kitchen Island and Breakfast Nook

Kitchen Island and Breakfast Nook
Kitchen Island and breakfast ideas by pinterest

This blue and white kitchen looks so beautiful. The amount of white and blue color in the mix is so enough. The wooden flooring is also pretty impressive relating to the whole elements. The CB2 barstools really fit into the island.

Let’s focus on the breakfast nook in the background. As you can see, there are three connected windows that support the nook. With some decorative cushions and pillows, that spot would be comfortable for enjoying your meal in the morning.

16. Place Breakfast Nook Ideas

Breakfast Nook
Place Breakfast Kitchen Nook ideas by pinterest

Wanna have a spot that your kids would enjoy eating and do fun things with their friends? Well, you can try to apply this breakfast nook design. This Beverly place breakfast nook features blue and green banquette.

It looks comfortable for the children. The farmhouse style ceiling makes a good impact on the eclectic atmosphere into the room. The dining table and chairs complete the banquette to form a nice spot for breakfast.

17. Round Breakfast Nook Table

Breakfast Nook Table
Round Breakfast Nook Table Ideas by pinterest

A breakfast nook can also be the one in the middle. It’s adopting a round dining table concept. With 7 rattan chairs and a big round table, it seems enough to maintain the whole family to have meals together. The crafty light pendant would be something that catches attention.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• More people would join the meal time.
• The round table would comfort the interactions.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
• It’s too big for space we called a nook.
• It’s just a dining table, not a nook.[/su_note]

18. Shingle Style Cottage Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook
Shingle Style Cottage Breakfast Ideas by pinterest

If you are interested in Victorian theme for your breakfast nook, you might wanna check out this shingle style cottage nook design. Originally, this cottage is located in Lake Michigan. A colorful design of banquette accessories would make it fun in this spot.

A Hatteras hanging Lantern above the table looks very unique. Take a look at that flower in the middle, that blue silk plants, will suddenly become the focal point of the room. It’s little too big for that small table. So, you might wanna get rid of that when you use the table.

19. Small Breakfast Nook Ideas

Small Breakfast Nook
Small Breakfast Nook Design by pinterest

Another option for the small kitchen. This corner breakfast nook design is very recommended for houses who have limited spaces. A small size banquette, one small thin round table, and a chair.

It’s also a perfect design for your house if there are only one or two people lives. Check out the design of the chair, it’s pretty unique and clever. The lighting design above the table is already enough to support the simple design.

20. White Breakfast Nook Ideas

White Breakfast Nook
White Breakfast Nook design by pinterest

Making it all white can be a great solution especially for small houses. Getting it in bright white would create an illusion of space. It would feel spacious. But, you can’t go all white without an accent.

Brown or wood color is the perfect natural choice of accent for your white domination. Just like this breakfast nook design. Have the wall, table and chair seatings in white, and get the floorings in brown. The room will be stunningly balanced.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]The key to a comfortable breakfast nook design is to keep it simple. You don’t need to make it full of decoration or too many colors. The most recommended spot for this space is in the corner. So, make use of your corner in an incredibly amazing way.[/su_box]

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