25 Perfect Basement Bar Ideas to Entertain You

Basement bar ideas – One of the great options to have in your basement is a basement bar. It can be a nice place for you to relax and enjoy some privacy. Many people want a comfortable space in a house that can be a space to release some stress. If you only have some limited space in your basement, adding a mini bar is the greatest solution.

[su_heading size=”28″]25 Ideas of Basement Bar Design[/su_heading]

In this article, there will be 25 ideas of basement bar design that would blow your mind. You may get some inspirations from them and you can take a closer look at how to take advantage of your basement space beautifully.

1. Basement Bar Granite

basement bar
basement bar granite by pinterest

Take a look at this basement bar. The granite countertop of the bar creates a warm feeling into space. As the support of the countertop, there’s a rustic wall which is made of stone which is designed in a certain pattern to give a balanced atmosphere into the bar.

The choice of colors in this basement bar seems natural. That’s what decides the warm feeling of the atmosphere. Having a dark brown color as the accent is the right decision for this enjoyable space.

2. Contemporary Basement Bar

basement bar ideas
Contemporary Bar by pinterest

Here’s one of the chic cabinet design you can choose for your basement bar. If you opt to choose your bar design in modern style, this grey cabinet is one hell of a choice. The countertop and the backsplash of the cabinet are in the same concept design.

This is a good choice for cabinet design for your small basement space. The design is quite flexible. You can also have this stunning cabinet in your small modern kitchen. As you can see, some antique decorative accessories are on the shelves to make a good statement.

3. Stunning Home Bar Designs

home bar
Modern Home Bar Space

Are you a fan of wine? Some people believe that a glass of wine would make them more attractive. Scientifically, it’s because of the low doses of alcohol that is contained in a glass of wine which will give the drinker a healthy glow and subtle smile.

There are so many types of wine. Some people like to collect a lot of them and have them as the decoration of the home bar. You could also apply that idea by getting inspired by this basement bar idea. The dark brown shelves and cabinet would be a nice color to pair with white island and chairs.

4. Basement Bar Ideas Small

small basement bar
Basement Bar Ideas Small by pinterest

Getting a little bit more creative in using your small space in the basement is something that you should have to make a stunning basement bar. If you only have a small basement space, this would be a great idea.

Instead of having a big cabinet in your basement, you can have built-in wooden shelves. Some antique decorative bottles and glasses are great additional accessories for the shelves. They make the shelves deserve to be called as a bar.

5. Most Wanted Bar Design

basement bar designs
Most Wanted Bar Design by pinterest

Looking for a basement bar design you wanted the most? Well, this one might be a great choice. It surely can be enjoyed by everyone. Having a big glass of beer or coke on the table of a home bar while watching a television.

This home bar would also be a great design to be a commercial bar design. You could have fun with your friends or watch the game together in your private bar.

6. Stylish Barcade

bar ideas
Stylish Barcade

If you are interested in doing some experimental creation for your basement bar, try having this futuristic idea. If you are a fan of arcade games, you might acknowledge what Barcade is.

Barcade is actually the name of a bar which is located in northeastern of United States. It is a combination bar and arcade. In this bar, you can have classic video games while having American craft beer. You could have the bar design for your basement bar inspiration.

7. Modern Bar Design Ideas

bar design ideas
Modern Bar design ideas by pinterest

A combination of modern and rustic would always win everybody’s heart. Take a look at this simple and creative bar design. It’s actually an adaption of a commercial bar. You could have this in your basement. You might need to reduce the size and the number of stools.

You won’t need that amount of stools in your private basement. This clean rustic bar looks great with the metal accent on the lighting and wall decoration.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• The element of metal and wood is a cool combination idea.
• The simple and minimalist stool design match the whole bar concept.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
• The small part of the wall with the orange color is unnecessary.
• The wall behind the cabinet looks empty.[/su_note]

8. Simple and Cozy Basement Bar Idea

rustic basement bar
basement bar images via stikwood.com

Take a look at this unfurnished bar design. It looks cozy and simple. To finish this bar design, you could just place some bar stools or chairs with matching design, a simple cabinet design would be nice too.

Make sure the furniture design is matching. The amount of light above the bar was just perfect to warm up the room. I guess this would be the coziest space you have in your house.

9. Basement Bar Shelves

bar shelves
Bar Shelves by pinterest

If you are looking for some ideas for your bar shelves. This one can be your inspiration. One thing that must be around when designing a bar shelf is a bunch of bottles. It could be a wine bottle, beer bottle, or other drink that contain alcohol.

Make sure the bottles are in unique shapes to make a perfect decoration for your bar. Antique and rustic style combo is what this shelf has.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• This kind of shelves really fit in basement bar.
• The decorative bottle collection is well arranged.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
• At a glance, it looks so messed up.[/su_note]

10. Basement Bar Old

bar top ideas
Rustic Bar Old by www recycled-things.com

Another antique option for your basement bar. For you who are a fan antique bar. This wooden cabinet would look good in your basement. It’s like coming back to the past, the cowboy era. It looks like a sheriff is coming to town.

If you like it rustic with the aged look, you can apply this cabinet just like this. But, you can also repaint it and make it looks more attractive and clean in your antique basement bar.

11. Space Conscious Bar Design Idea

mini bar ideas
Space Conscious Bar Design Idea via The Creativity Exchange

If you do not have any space left in your basement, you may not need to have an actual bar in your basement. You can just have a small cabinet that stores anything you need for a bar.

It really connects the rest of the room in a different way. In order to make it some spacious, it has some mirrors to impress. This space conscious bar design idea would be a nice one.

12. The Black Bar – A Courageous and Remarkable Setup

black bar cabinet
via Summit Signature Homes, Inc. and Denise Hauser Design Co.

Going all black design is one way to make the basement bar a little bit more special. This alluring way of designing home bar is pretty uncommon. Some people won’t try to have it all black, but you can get a unique basement bar with this.

You may face some risk when dealing with all black design, so you have to consider some aspects before choosing this remarkable and courageous black bar as your inspiration.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• The unique and uncommon option which surprisingly stunning.
• Black is one elegant color when designed right.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
• If you are not used to designing with all black, you should avoid it.[/su_note]

13. Appealing Built-In Wall White Bar

white bar
via Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers. & John K. Anderson Design

A built-in wall bar is also a good option for your basement bar. If you want to save some space, this one is a good choice. This appealing white bar would add a touch of style to the basement.

It looks really clean and clear on any side of the basement wall. From distance, it looks like a framed picture. This bar design looks very inviting and intimate. It shows everyone that the bigger one is not always the better one.

14. A Bar – Pool Table Combination is A Definite Thrill

basement bar ideas
basement bar via charlieandcodesign

Combining a bar with a pool table can be a great choice for your basement space. If you have enough space to apply a pool table in the middle of the basement, you can have this design. You could turn your basement into your space for entertainment and games.

This comfortable basement bar would be enjoyable for your friends and relatives. You could hang out with them and enjoy the pool games. I believe this basement would be the space you’d spent most of your time.

15. Fresh Bar Design Idea for A Great Relaxed Atmosphere

rustic bar design
rustic bar design via petitepassport.com

Anyone would agree when we tell them that a basement bar is a place for relaxation and entertainment. This fresh bar design idea could be a great thing to have in your basement. A relaxed atmosphere is what you’re gonna get if you apply this rustic bar design.

Some people might think that the color combination is not matched. But, if you look closely, there’s one color that really connects them all together. Did you see it?

16. Bar Lights Ideas

Bar Lights
Bar Lights Ideas by pinterest

Want some unique design of bar lights? Take a look at this antique bar lighting fixture. It has a long metal that connects at the end of the lights precisely above the bar which light up the home bar area.

It’s one of the bar design that would certainly fit your basement. The warm and relaxed atmosphere would be surrounding your basement with this basement bar design.

17. Basement Bar Ideas Small Family Rooms

small basement bar
Basement Bar Ideas Small Family Rooms by pinterest

A Basement can always be the place for your family to enjoy. Having a mini bar in the basement could be a good option for your house if you want to have more spaces for more important purposes on the ground floor of your house.

You could have your small basement spaces to be a basement bar that the whole family can enjoy. At a glance, it looks like a small kitchen. But, with the proper accessories, you could treat it as your basement bar.

18. Basement Bar Ideas Rustic

Basement Bar Rustic
Basement Bar Ideas Rustic by pinterest

For a rustic style basement, you could take this idea as your inspiration. What really support the rustic atmosphere of this bar design is the lighting. The lighting fixture gives its best to make perfect illumination into every side of the bar.

The unique bar stools are there to complete the rustic style. The bottle arrangement on the shelves creates a nice background too.

19. Basement Bar Restaurant

Basement Bar Restaurant
Basement Bar Restaurant designs by pinterest

You could also take inspiration from a restaurant design. A bar area in a restaurant must be in a good architectural design. The unmatched combination of the floorings makes a unique impression to everyone who steps in this restaurant.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• All of the elements are perfectly designed.
• It has fun combination of colors and pattern.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
• The rustic wall on the background doesn’t seem to fit in.
• The unmatched combination of two flooring pattern is quite disturbing.[/su_note]

20. Basement Bar Theater

Basement Bar Theater
Basement Bar Theater ideas by pinterest

As said before, a basement could be the best place for entertainment. You could install some fun stuff like arcade games, pool table, or even a theater. A combination of bar and theater is just lovely.

You may wanna enjoy a movie with your friends and family in your basement bar. This basement bar theater design is here for you to inspire.

21. Basement Bar Under Stairs Ideas

Basement Bar Under Stairs
Basement Bar Under Stairs Ideas via pinterest

Do you have some space left under the stairs, well you need to make the space more useful by installing a mini bar under it? The space under the stairs of your basement would be more attractive with this bar design.

If you already have the bar under the stairs, you could use the rest of the space for other purposes such as home theater, living room, laundry room, or game room.

22.Basement Bar Pallets

Basement Bar Pallets
Basement Bar Pallets ideas by pinterest

Check out this simple but unique bar pallet. This can be applied to your small basement bar. Even though the size is small, this will store everything you need to serve your guest at your basement bar.
Basement Bar with Arteriors Beck Pendants

Take a look at those three Arteriors Beck Pendants which create an illumination of the marble waterfall bar. It has we bar sink which is completed with luxurious gold gooseneck faucet. The reclaimed wood counter stools make a good statement into the basement bar design.

23. Luxury Home Bar Designs

Home Bar Designs
Luxury Home Bar Designs via pinterest

If you are interested in luxurious home bar design, you can get inspired by this impressive luxury home bar design. With cushioned chairs for the counter, the luxurious feeling is much more outstanding. This basement bar could also be used as a small kitchen.

24. Modern Basement Bar Counter Tops

Modern Bar
Modern Bar Counter Tops via pinterest

If you don’t want to have a separated counter for your basement bar which would take more spaces, you could go with this concept. The counter and the bar cabinet are attached. So, it would be more spacious with your basement bar.

[su_box title=”Conclusion:“]All of the ideas above are for you who like to spend a lot of your time in the basement. A basement should be the place to have some relaxation and fun activities. So, getting a comfortable basement bar design is a must.[/su_box]

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