6 Reasons to Work With a Buyer’s Agent

In search of a perfect home and don’t know where to start? This is where property buyer’s agents in Sydney come in. From a process standpoint, it can be very puzzling, particularly if you’re a first-time homebuyer. You’ll probably have tons of questions in mind.

The process of selling and buying a property in Australia is a bit different compared to other countries. So, the buyer’s agent role is essential. That being said, this article will help you understand the benefits of utilising a buyers agent in Australia and why you should get one for your investment property or new home purchase.

They Look for a Property Faster

When you’re trying to land yourself an ideal piece of property, timing is everything.

However, it surely takes ample time to find a property that’s suitable for you—something that almost all people don’t have due to family and work commitments. Regardless if you are able to spare some time to do property searching, you won’t be having enough time compared to buyer’s agencies.

Not only that, you’ll be wasting your efforts participating in a property open house that does not match your standards. Meaning, you’ll likely end up with a half-hearted decision towards a property—a property that you should have a better idea about. This includes putting into consideration the results of past sales and market factors that may affect values in the future.

There are indeed resources available online, but letting someone work for it is worth the cost if you can save more on the price than using your own efforts. A buyer’s agent can inform you about getting the property before it’s too late.

They Consider Your Goals and Needs

Sometimes what you really want isn’t exactly what you need. Whether you’re an owner or buying an investment or occupied property, a buyer’s agent can help you in terms of working out your long and short-term goals. They do so by asking significant questions that you may not have considered yet. In addition, they will give you a good picture and information about the potential location and what to expect in terms of the return on investment (ROI). 

They Have Access to Unlisted Properties 

Another advantage of considering a buyer’s agent is that they have access to properties under the private sales and properties that are for sale to the public. The reason these properties aren’t listed publicly is that the sellers have established a solid relationship with buyer’s agents. Instead of spending time and money going through the process of a property listing, these sellers would rather deal with an agent for a fast profit.

They Are Beating Others Sales-Wise 

A good buyer’s agent can make a deal with a seller instead of you going back and forth with them for days and weeks. This is because they have extensive market knowledge. Moreover, a buyers’ agent has the capability to stop other buyers from beating you to an ideal property. 

Great Knowledge About Investment 

With a buyer’s agent, you’ll have a great source of properties directly from a capital growth perspective unlike buying an occupied property based on your wants. The property could be a unit rather than a house or a neighbouring suburb. This is possible because these buyer’s agents have a great knowledge regarding the capital growth opportunities of different places. 

They Have Great Auction and Negotiation Skills 

When it comes to negotiation and auction skills, a buyer’s agent really knows how to add some light touch when required and go hard in negotiations. If you don’t have such skills, especially when buying from a veteran property investor, it’s best to rely on a buyers’ agent. 

Vendors selling their property for investment often drive a hard bargain. However, an expert and professional agent knows how to establish what they believe is a fair price. Also, they are emotionally detached, meaning they can objectively represent you in a setting where emotions can likely happen. 


When choosing your buyer’s agent, be sure to get someone who is qualified and knows how to do the job well. Remember, a good buyer’s agent considers your goals and needs and looks for your property in a short amount of time. They also have great auction and negotiation skills, knowledge about investment and access to off-market listings. 

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