6 Things Nobody Told You About Creating A Home Sanctuary

Your home is a place to escape the stresses of everyday life, so it’s important to create a place that gives you a sense of calm and tranquility.

If you’re wondering how to create a home sanctuary, there are several things you can do to inspire a stress-free home.

Read on for a list of six things you may not know about that will transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and calm.

1. Cut Out the Clutter

It’s easy to allow your home to become cluttered, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. However, too much clutter can actually increase your stress levels and make it more difficult to focus and relax.

Start creating your home sanctuary by removing clutter and putting everything in a designated place. Use storage furniture like benches or ottomans to corral extra throw blankets, pillows, and accessories.

When you remove clutter, you’ll instantly notice a calming effect. Take small steps by folding clothes and hanging them in your closet or donating items you no longer wear or use.

2. Make Your Bedroom the Main Home Sanctuary Space

The bedroom is the most important part of your home when it comes to feeling relaxed and calm. Ensure that your bedroom is clean and inviting and update your old bedding to something new and soft.

If you need more room to stretch out, consider updating your bed to something bigger. Make sure you know the difference between king and California king mattresses so you choose something that fits in the room, and that’s big enough for your needs.

Add light-blocking curtains to your bedroom windows to keep excess sunlight out. A small lamp beside your bed will make it easier to read a book without having to get back up again to switch off the light.

3. Turn the Bathroom Into a Spa

A relaxing bubble bath or a long, hot shower with your favorite body wash can be a perfect way to unwind. To make your home sanctuary complete, transform your bathroom into a spa-like space where you can escape.

You don’t need to make a major overhaul to give your bathroom a beautiful new look and feel. Try installing a massaging showerhead or update simple things like new faucets or a new vanity to transform your bathroom without breaking the bank.

A new shower curtain or set of bath rugs can also make your bathroom feel fresh and new. Incorporate things like scented candles, a wireless speaker for music, and some of your favorite bath products so that your bathroom becomes a favorite retreat.

4. Designate a Place for Quiet or Meditation

If you happen to have some extra room, utilize this space for self-care. Whether it’s a spare guest bedroom or a corner of your living room, you should always have one part of your home where you can get away from it all.

Use this space to meditate, do some yoga, or just to sit quietly and read your favorite book. Having a “me space” where you can go at the end of the day can do wonders for your mental health and well-being.

Make your new special quiet place your own by adding decor and rugs in your favorite colors or by bringing in a bookshelf stocked with your favorite reading material. Ultimately, this area should become a place of respite where you can enjoy your home sanctuary to the fullest.

5. Integrate Nature Into Your Home

You don’t have to live in a forest or the mountains to enjoy a bit of nature at home. Bring in your own nature by adding some beautiful houseplants to your living room, or fill a large vase with freshly cut flowers each week for a touch of color.

If you have a backyard, add a few bird feeders and birdbaths. This will attract animals and insects like butterflies to your outdoor space, creating your very own private nature reserve.

Spend as much time outside as possible and breathe in the clean air. Nature has an amazing way of helping people feel calmer, so use it to your advantage at home as often as you can.

6. Limit Your Use of Electronics

You probably spend a lot of time on your computer and smartphone during the day. When you get home, it’s a good idea to limit the use of these items as much as you can.

Too much TV, social media, or background noise can cause your mind to feel uneasy. Instead of reading the news or checking your Facebook account, try an awesome fiction novel instead.

While it’s almost impossible to cut the cord entirely, just a small limiting of electronics can do wonders for your mind. Make sure you turn off everything at least a full hour before bedtime so you can give your mind the time and space it needs to clear itself and relax. If you’re checking texts or reading emails, it can trigger your brain to think that it’s still daytime which can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Say Hello to Your Relaxing Oasis

Consider these tips if you’re looking for ways to transform your home sanctuary and make it a place of rest and relaxation. Whether you update your bedroom furniture or turn your bathroom into a spa, every little thing you do can ensure that your home is the most relaxing place to be.

Dedicate a separate part of your home for self-care and meditation. Whenever possible, turn off those electronic devices and give yourself some time to truly relax and unwind.

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