Are you tired of the same old lighting options? The good news is that you no longer need to stick to the tried and tested lighting methods. Instead, you can add a touch of your style or borrow some ideas from creatives across the world. We have compiled some simple yet creative ways to make your home lighting more than just a way to illuminate your space. Here goes:

1. Orb Lights

Orb Lights
Orb Lights

Orb shapes are not only decorative but also add a functional touch to your space. So it is no wonder that many light shows are now featuring these attractive shapes in their lineups. With orbs, you get to choose different materials, styles, and even finishes. Therefore, whether you are lighting a dining area, foyer, or even kitchen, you can always find something that works.

Are they practical? Of course, they are! While they may not look like it, these beautiful lights cast enough light in all directions. So, they can be your go-to for ambient and even task lighting. What a steal!

2. LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights

Home decorators have come to appreciate the role of LED strip lights. These versatile and simple lights are easy to attach, thanks to their sticky backing. All you need is to choose which space would benefit the most from 5050 long LED light strips and stick away. From wall recesses to tray ceilings, you can pretty much use these lights anywhere you like. Here are some great ideas:

  • Toe kick lighting: You can always illuminate the foot area and ensure that your kitchen
    gets a nice glow while protecting your feet.
  • Shelf lighting: Shelves often cast shadows on the items underneath them, making the
    space feel a bit off. How about using 12v RGB LED strip lights with remote to create a
    shadow-free working space?
  • Under the bed lighting: Is your child having trouble sleeping? Do you believe that a ghost
    lives under your bed? Perhaps LED lighting can dispel that myth.
  • Under the cabinet lighting: To make your workspace safer, illuminate it with these lights.
    Not only will your eyes strain less, but you will also work much faster.

3. Industrial Lights

Industrial Lights
Industrial Lights

If you want to jump on a trend and still add your voice to it, industrial lights are the way to go. They bring in some factory charm mixed with rustic casual appeal, making any room feel like a calming atmosphere. From valves to rivets to even pipes, you can craft these lights from scrap metal and still get it right. If you want to bring in more charm, why not add a sewing machine or even tools to the array?

Why is this lighting special? – It adds a touch of nostalgia to any space, transporting the occupants to days when New York artists lived in low-rent factories. With copper and steel adorning the space with peeling paint, what better way to relive history?

4. Neon Lights

Neon Lights
Neon Lights

What comes to your mind when you think of neon lights? Of course, for people who enjoyed the 80s, these lights take them back to a time when they were young, free, and rocking their best hairdos. But, even those who were not living it up back then can still get a sense of how great the 80s must have been. So, why not introduce that fun into your home?

You might be stuck on where you can introduce these shouting lights. Your bedroom would be a good place to start. You can have neon lights displaying a message or simply beaming into the room. For added fun, you can add these lights to your movie room. Imagine how entertaining they would be if they flashed when you were watching a scary movie! Your guests would love it!

5. Moon Lights

Moon Lights
Moon Lights

We know that the full moon only comes about ever so often. Waiting for the full moon cycle can take a toll on you, especially if you love gazing at it and dreaming of a different time. Does this remotely describe you? While you cannot hasten the moon to come back and must wait out the cycle, here is something you can do- purchase a moon light!

Moon lights replicate the moon and are a great addition to your bedroom. Getting an LED option would even be better as you can change the light’s color based on the ambiance you crave. Some of these lights even feature remote controls to make accessing them even easier. So, instead of opening your curtain and gazing at an empty sky, you will have the moon right by you!

6. Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Pendant Lights

Most lighting trends come and go, and no sooner have you incorporated them than they get the boot! Sound familiar? Chasing one trend after the other can get exhausting. So, if you would like to skip the back and forth and get a light that will last through the ages. Pendant lighting has weathered every storm that has hit the home remodeling crazes. Even now, it still earns a second look and highlights the features in any room. So, why not go with this gem?

First, it can work for ambient lighting, more so in kitchens where people spend most of their time. Moreover, it also serves task lighting and can help you focus your energy on specific tasks. Finally, when choosing pendant lighting, opt for a style that matches your décor to avoid clashing.

7. Wall Lights

wall lights
wall lights

If table lamps are not your thing, wall lights may be the way to go. You only need two of these in your bedroom or even living room to get enough ambient and task lighting. These auxiliary lights can help you pore through books before going to bed. Or you can turn them on to watch a quiet movie after a long day, switching off the main lights.

Do you want to know why wall lights make so much sense? They reduce clutter! You can finally use your bedside or even living room tables for other things besides holding table lamps. Doesn’t that sound like a grand idea? Plus, they are easy to reach, and you can switch them off without getting up.

Creativity begins with you. Whether you want to accentuate your bathroom mirror, give your foyer an aesthetic lift, or make your dining area cozier, you can always find a way to do it. So, which option will it be?

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