7 Reasons To Update Your Attic

When thinking of updating their properties, homeowners tend to overlook their attic. Possibly because it’s one part of the house that you won’t regularly visit or pay attention to. To some, it’s just an open space that you’ll normally find right above the living area. On the contrary, though, the attic can hugely affect the energy efficiency and comfort of your humble abode. 

This particular part of the house can be considered the hat of your property. Aside from supporting the roof, the attic also greatly helps keep the heat in and out of the whole house. Being the space that’s filled with insulation air conditioning or heating equipment, it’s safe to say that the highest level of your house is actually among its most essential components.

Why Update Your Attic

Why Update Your Attic
Why Update Your Attic

Now that you know the importance of the attic, you might think that those reasons aren’t enough to include this space in your renovation plans. After all, your heating and cooling systems could still work even if you don’t update the area where they’re being stored, right?

That may be true at some point, but in actuality, there are more important reasons that you could consider updating your attic. Whether it’s a little project that you plan to work on your own or with the help of professional contractors, like Nova Exteriors, your loft equally deserves your care and attention, just like how the rest of the house matters to you.

Take a look at these seven reasons to update your attic that could potentially convince you to finally reinvent that roof space:

1. Can Increase Home Value

The design, layout, and style of a property can significantly impact its value, especially if you have plans to sell it in the future. An upgraded attic can very well be one of the highlights of your house, more so if the enhancement was done beautifully and professionally. Also, a charming loft can add aesthetic appeal to your home as it lessens the likelihood of unused or neglected parts of the premises.

It also gives the impression that you’re the type of person who likes maximizing the space that they have. This could mean that you take care of your belongings well enough to not let anything be wasted no matter how small the space may be.

2. Extra Living Space

If you’re one of those homeowners who are always on the lookout for extra living space that they can use however they want, then you might want to consider converting your attic into something you could use for any purpose. It may be difficult to envision it for now, especially if the space turns out to be dark and unused since the very first day you moved in. But as you work on renovating and improving it, you’ll be surprised to find out that it can actually work out excellently for your family’s needs.

It can be a game room for your children, an extra bedroom for your growing family, or maybe a little home office in case you want some privacy and alone time when working at home. The possibilities are endless once the enhancement is finished. 

3. Requires Minimal Effort On Your End

Renovating the attic isn’t equally daunting compared when you’re planning for a remodel of your kitchen or living room. Since the structure of the house could be affected, you can’t change much in terms of the loft’s layout. So, the most modification that you could do will probably be some repainting, adding new furniture for a better look, and maybe build some sort of wall or partition so the space can have a little privacy.

As it takes minimal effort on your end to update the attic, you also don’t need to spend much on the project. There’ll be no demand to hire several people for the job. If you have the skills and the time, you can even do it yourself and save more money in the end.

4. Ideal Storage Solution

If you don’t have the extra bedroom or living space, you can turn the attic into a storage area instead. The unique structure and built of most attics can be efficient in providing extra storage space when you need it. 

The sloping ceilings, for example, are a genius hidden storage solution in case you need to store something that you don’t want anyone else to find out. This idea is a great way to maximize the space that you unknowingly have.

5. For A Clutter-Free Home

Sometimes, renovations aren’t just for the sake of adding value to the property or updating the interior of the home. The reason could also be something as simple yet efficient as getting rid of the piles of clutter that have accumulated in the attic over the years.

Updating the roof space can be a clever way to get rid of the clutter as you can start organizing your stuff. Who knows, you might even find a few valuable items that you didn’t know were piled in one of the messy corners of your attic.

6. Improves Energy Efficiency Of The Household

As already mentioned earlier, attics help in insulating the house. When the space is updated and turned into a cleaner and better area, it can boost better air circulation throughout the home. Imagine if your attic is full of clutter and dust–you can almost expect the air quality to be at the same level if you don’t regularly clean your roof space.

With a cleaner attic, your heating and cooling systems can work more efficiently, reducing the electrical costs of the household. More importantly, you get to enjoy cleaner indoor air.

7. Gives Way For Repairs 

Lastly, paying attention to your attic will give you the chance to look closely into any structural issues or concerns that need to be addressed. As lofts are usually notorious for being dark and unattended, you may not notice that there are already leaks, holes, or molds that are slowly damaging the integrity of your roof and ceiling. 

Take this update as an opportunity to inspect every corner of your attic. If there are parts that need to be repaired, do it right away to prevent further damage. Better yet, make it a habit to include this part of the house in your regular or summer maintenance checklist.


If only you’d take the time to really think of these seven reasons to update your attic, you might just find yourself asking why you didn’t do it earlier. No worries, though, because it’s not yet too late to make the decision. Renovating your loft can give several benefits that you’ll surely appreciate in the long run.

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