40 Fabulous Kitchen Backsplash Ideas | Kitchen Splashback

Backsplashes are more than just tiles protecting your wall from stains and splatters. In fact, backsplashes can be the focal point of your kitchen that brings it to the next level. Check these kitchen backsplash ideas for a fabulous and an impressive look of your kitchen.

1. Wood Paneled Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

kitchen backsplash ideas
kitchen backsplash ideas image: renoguide.com.au

Hardwoods will never fail to be applied in any kitchen backsplash ideas although they are usually used for baseboards and floorings. You can tweak and install hardwoods as your backsplash kitchen to make a minimalist yet modern look. Now, slaving over a hot stove will not be a frustrating thing anymore with this fabulous kitchen.

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2. Geometric Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

kitchen splashbacks
kitchen backsplash ideas image: renoguide.com.au

Adding more colors to your kitchen can be fun, but do not be overwhelmed by the vast array of colors that you can play with.

Make your kitchen colorful yet remain calm by this geometric kitchen backsplash idea. Injecting a touch of the vintage style in a bold way by combining the firm geometric pattern with soft colors is the idea of this backsplash kitchen.

3. Distressed Antique Mirror Backsplash

kitchen backsplash designs
kitchen backsplash ideas : renoguide.com.au

Using distressed mirrors for your kitchen backsplash ideas provide a distinctive look for your vintage kitchen, but it provides some drawbacks as well:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] The distressed mirrors only suit vintage style.
 The mirrors provide antique look, but they look dirty and unclear as well.[/su_note]

4. White Pressed Metal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

kitchen backsplash
Metal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas : renoguide.com.au

Pressed metal kitchen backsplash ideas are usually synonymous with Victorian style. Using pressed metal kitchen as your backsplash kitchen has some benefits:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] Pressed metals are usually easy to clean. You do not have to break a sweat to banish the stains from their surface.

 This white pressed metal is just perfect for your backsplash kitchen in that it is not too over-the-top. It complements the space very well.[/su_note]

5. Red Splashback White Kitchen Ideas

red kitchen splashback
Red Splashback White Kitchen Ideas : renoguide.com.au

Minimalist look has been many homeowners favorite lately. The use of bright and bold colors is one of its significant features.

Try using large red tiles for your white kitchen to provide a minimalist and clean look. The vivid color of red is conspicuous among the soft white and brown, and thus it accentuates the backsplash area.

6. Kitchen Window Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback tiles
Kitchen Window Splashback Ideas : renoguide.com.au

Bring the natural view of your backyard to your kitchen by installing windows as your kitchen backsplash ideas.

Clear glass can enhance the view of what is seen through it. Therefore, you can install it along the backsplash area. It works the same way as the regular windows that enable you to see anything through it.

7. Textured Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Ideas

glass splashbacks
Textured Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Ideas : renoguide.com.au

Despite being exquisite and easy to clean, you need to consider several things before deciding to install textured glass for kitchen splashback ideas:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] It may cost an arm and a leg ── even more expensive than tiles and natural stones.
 It cannot be installed by one person only.
 It is fragile and prone to be damaged.[/su_note]

8. Textured Black Matte Splashback Kitchen

backsplash tile
Textured Black Matte Splashback Kitchen : renoguide.com.au

If you have not made up your mind yet about what style you will use for your kitchen, let’s make it eclectic.

Black always looks good in any interior design including your kitchen. These textured tiles inject a touch
of boldness due to the black matte color. They complement the countertop which has smooth surface.

9. Wavy Textured Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Wavy Textured Kitchen Splashback Ideas : renoguide.com.au

The combination of the wavy dark blue panel and white countertop embodies a beach. It shows that a backsplash is not just about covering the wall from stains, but also how it gets along with the other things in the room including the light.

The wavy texture creates dramatic look when the lights are shining upon them. It feels like the moon shining upon the surface of a deep blue sea.

10. The Oxidized Brass Splashback

backsplash designs
The Oxidized Brass Splashback : renoguide.com.au

If you are into an industrial look, you can install oxidized brass for your kitchen backsplash ideas. Combining with copper light fixtures that shine upon its surface, this backsplash denotes the ambience of urban life style.

11. White Glossy Subway Tile Backsplash

kitchen backsplash tile
White Glossy Subway Tile Backsplash : renoguide.com.au

Let’s go with the traditional subway tiles!

Being arranged horizontally, these white subway tiles provide traditional look that suits every kitchen. Thanks to the versatility of glossy white color that can be applied in any rooms.

12. Speckled Glass Kitchen Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback tiles
Speckled Glass Kitchen Splashback Ideas : renoguide.com.au

The speckled pattern looks really great with the surface of a marble or caesarstone countertop. It looks nice yet simple so that it complements the pastel colors of the walls and cabinets rather than overwhelming them.

13. Copper Kitchen Splashback Ideas

splashback ideas
Copper Kitchen Splashback Ideas : renoguide.com.au

The natural patina produced by copper reflects the lights shining upon it. Its golden reflection accentuates the your kitchen and complements the marble countertop very well. If your house is using Victorian interior design, copper kitchen splashback ideas will be a great choice.

14. 3D Splashback Wallpaper

backsplash kitchen
3D Splashback Wallpaper : renoguide.com.au

Boost your cooking mood with this 3D splashback wallpaper and enjoy lingering over your breakfast there.

Geometric flower 3D wallpaper sweetens your splashback by adding a bold yet feminine touch to your kitchen. The ivory color of the wallpaper teams up with the grey marble countertop to form an elegant monochromatic nuance.

15. Calacatta Marble Mosaic Kitchen Splashback Ideas

mosaic backsplash
mosaic backsplash : renoguide.com.au

Add the touch of luxury in your kitchen with Calacatta marble mosaic. The combination of bold wavy strips and grayish vein looks great with the white countertop and kitchen cabinets. The yellowish lightings adorn the Calcatta marble nicely, making it look more lavish.

16. Bold Monochrome Pattern Splashback

kitchen backsplash designs
kitchen backsplash designs : www.idealhome.co.uk

Monochrome patterns are not always dull and old-fashioned. In fact, it can be a nice adornment for your kitchen since it is simple yet impressive. Being impressive does not have to be exaggerating, does it? The arrangement of the black tiles provides a bold look, one of the significant features of modern interior design.

17. White Tiles With Black Grout Kitchen

kitchen backsplash ideas
kitchen backsplash ideas : renoguide.com.au

Using white tiles for backsplash is one of the most ubiquitous ideas. However, you can still use white tiles and create an impeccable look in your kitchen.

Instead of arranging the tiles horizontally or vertically, try arranging them diagonally. It will be better if you arrange the first row in the different direction from the second row.

Not only does the arrangement play an important role in creating an impressive look, but also the grout. Make the grout black and thicker to provide a bold

18. The Patchwork Kitchen Splashback Ideas

backsplash for kitchen
backsplash for kitchen : renoguide.com.au

Wanna try something different to beautify your kitchen? Even odds and ends can make an exhilarating look.

This splashback idea is derived from patchworks that are usually found in crafts. It turns out patchwork also works on your kitchen. Look at the wide array of patterns provided by the tiles. You can team them up to form an eclectic beauty ── aesthetic in diversity..”

19. Wood & Tile Combination Kitchen Splashback Ideas Cheap

subway tile backsplash
subway tile backsplash : renoguide.com.au

Who says wood planks can only be used for fences? You can even install them as your backsplash kitchen ideas. Try combining the planks with some tiles that share the same and have unique patterns. The combination of wood planks and tiles provides classic to your kitchen.

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20. Printed Acrylic Kitchen Splashback Ideas

splashbacks for kitchens

Black and white patterns are so versatile that they can be applied in any interior designs including in your kitchen. No matter what style your house is using ── Victorian, modern, vintage, you name it! ── this printed acrylic kitchen splashback idea will never fail to beautify your house.

21. Shades of Hexagonal Grey Tiled Splashback

cooker splashback

Kitchen is one of the rooms in the house in which you usually buzz around to prepare meals for your family. Therefore, you deserve an extravagant kitchen.

Try applying hexagonal grey tiles with various shades that creates a luxurious look in your kitchen. It also looks like a bee hive.

22. Cobblestone Kitchen Splashback Ideas

stone backsplash

Putting up wallpapers, tiles, or mirrors as your splashback kitchen ideas is prevalent. Let’s try to use a unique material for you splashback such as cobblestones.

Yep! Cobblestones are usually used for pathways and landscaping, but it does not mean you cannot tweak them to take your splashback to the next level.

23. Marble Kitchen Splashback Ideas

splashback kitchen

Kitchen is a place where you can explore your creativity, thus you deserve a lush splashback like what you usually find in a five-star hotel.

Marble has always been used to refurbish a room and make it look extravagant. You can harness the luxury of marble to create a lavish splashback kitchen. Combining it with a golden cabinet will make your kitchen look splendid.

24. Stainless Steel Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

kitchen glass splashbacks

Stainless steel for splashback kitchen ideas? Why not? There even some benefits you can get from it:

 Stainless steel is well-known for its durability
 It is also easy to clean
 The silver tones sparkle beautifully

25. Raised Kitchen Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback tiles ideas

An impeccable combination of colors and textures is the main feature of this raised kitchen splashback idea. The raised stones usually used for patio looks very great in your kitchen as the splashback.

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26. Brushed Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashback

glass kitchen splashbacks

Another industrial look that will never fail to impress anybody who sees it, brushed stainless steel kitchen splashback.

The brushed fininsh make the stainless steel have a matte look and provide an industrial style.

27. Chalkboard Splashback

splashbacks for cookers

Many people think creating a cozy kitchen entails spending much money. Well, not really. Using chalkboard splashback is not that exorbitant. One thing that is good from this material is you can write anything on it such as recipes, memos, or even doodles.

28. Nordic Kitchen Splashbacks Ideas

cooker splashback ideas

The calm of light brown and the subtle vein of the woods create a relaxing ambience. You will get an ultimate comfort when cooking and preparing meals in this kitchen.

29. Black Minimalist Kitchen Splashbacks Ideas

easy backsplash

Minimalist look has always been synonymous with the use of bold or monochromatic colors. Despite being monochromatic, this kitchen does not look tedious at all. Thanks to the black tiles for splashback idea that perfects the look of this kitchen.

30. Exposed Brick Wall Kitchen Ideas

backsplash ideas for kitchen

Inject a touch of classic style by using unfinished wall. Let the bricks be exposed and show their natural maroon color and the whitish grout. It is such a simple way to look fabulous.

31. Blue Tile Backsplash Kitchen

kitchen backsplash tile ideas

Vintage style lovers are going to love this ── blue tiles backsplash kitchen ideas. The bright color of light blue will look great in a vintage style kitchen since it will complement the teal cabinet.

32. Octagonal Tile Splashback Ideas

mosaic tile backsplash

Fine octagonal patterns are suitable for minimalist and modern kitchen. This splashback idea creates a clean and tidy look in any kitchens.

33. Stainless Steel Metal Pattern Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

metal backsplash

The stainless steel metal pattern interacts with the lightings very well to create unique color tones which provides a glamorous look.

34. Patterned Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens

glass kitchen splashbacks

Using glasses for splashback kitchen ideas is always great because:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] They are easy to clean.
 Clear glasses make the kitchen look more spacious and brighter.
 It is a convenient way to add an extravagant nuance in your kitchen.[/su_note]

35. Large Stone Tile Kitchen Splashback Ideas

backsplash kitchen ideas

Save your time, save your energy. Creating backsplash kitchen does not have to be arduous. Use large stone tiles instead of the smaller ones to have a bold look. Besides, installing it needs less time than the smaller ones.

36. Stacked Wooden Kitchen Splashback Ideas

modern kitchen backsplash

Various shades of brown are arranged very well to create a feminine and relaxing look. Now, you have a reason to try out some new recipes and cook in a relaxing atmosphere..

37. Fireclay Splashback – Kitchen Splashback Ideas Cheap

cheap backsplash ideas
kitchen splashback ideas image: renoguide.com.au

Black matte finish always looks good in any kitchen. This splashback idea gives a bold and masculine touch to your kitchen.

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38. Ceramic Tile Wall Decals Splashback

kitchen splashbacks glass

Being fabulous does not have to stick to only one style and pattern. You can still a fabulous kitchen by adorning the backsplash using eclectic stuff just like this one.

The ceramic tiles have various patterns and colors making your kitchen colorful, bright, and cheerful.

39. Clear Glass over Timber Veneer Kitchens

white glass splashback

A kitchen with edgy shapes and white fixtures tends to look more spacious. Adding a large clear glass for its splashback can be a terrific idea to create an ultimate comfort and luxury.

40. White Kitchen Charcoal Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback panels

The charcoal splashback contrasts and, at the same time, complements the white kitchen cabinets nicely, making it a perfect adornment for any modern kitchens.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]Those are 40 kitchen backsplash ideas that provide fabulous look to your kitchen. Maybe, you are overwhelmed by a breadth of fantastic backsplash ideas. You do not have to stick to one idea. You can even combine two or three of those ideas to meet your taste well. Don’t be afraid to try out new things including these backsplash ideas.[/su_box]

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