11 Amazing Renovating Bedroom Ideas for Teenagers

The Quest for The Perfect Bedroom Starts Here!

Walking into a teenager’s bedroom is like entering a new dimension. It is a realm that they have conquered and rightly so call it their own, an empire where they do their bidding. With time teenagers’ bedrooms have changed, from a simple confine we have moved to new elements that include aspects of both study and play. You will find all sorts of stuff they have collected over the years, and indeed every inch and corner of it speaks about them loud and clear. But the question arises, what and how can you make a room perfect? Well, to answer that question, let’s look at some of the best ideas that can give your room a facelift it deserves.

Tips for Renovating Your Bedroom

• A Multi-Purpose Room

A Multi-Purpose Room
A Multi-Purpose Room

For the first case of our analogy, we take into consideration a room that serves a variety of purposes. After all, teenagers are the most diverse set of people, and you will find them to vary a lot from each other. Some like sport, others like indulging in their books, all of them are on social media, and things can get pretty weird at times. For a multi-purpose room, we are not simply looking for a bed to rest. There has to be a study table for some. Others might prefer a mini-golf, a darts boards, a hoop to practice their three-pointers, heck some would even go for a laboratory of sorts. Many of them are also into music so a place to sit and play would be nice too.

• Ceiling (the Fifth Wall)

Ceiling (the Fifth Wall)
Ceiling (the Fifth Wall)

When it comes to renovating rooms, many forget what a ceiling can do for the place. It’s like every third person would have a point of view about the walls and the flooring, but rarely does anybody mentions the ceiling. We believe otherwise, and that empty space on top of your heads can do wonders for the place. A lot can be done, you can place graffiti or any other art form to capture attention, and some would even consider printed vinyl and wallpapers. On the other hand, you can have inanimate objects hanging from them just to spice things up. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

• Friendly & Light-Hearted

Friendly & Light-Hearted
Friendly & Light-Hearted

There is a thing about rooms where you can make the person instantly feel cozy. The comfort and that sense of calm that can instantly pour into your soul, a friendly room can make you take off your shoes and just lie down for a bit. Some rooms can be intimidating by being too bold, while others can offer a familiar charm even for guests that feel as if they have lived with you forever. The air and the light definitely add to the touch. Then the décor is quite soothing as well, nothing too fancy, just agreeable where you go, yup this is the room I want to be in.

• Going With The Themes

Going With The Themes
Going With The Themes

With the Marvel & DC Universe exploding with cinematic content, we have themes that teenagers would be interested in that bring in a lot of pop culture references. There is the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, a multiverse of anime, a never-ending list of video games, and so much more to pick from. Some teens are diehard fans of certain genres of music, plus who can forget Star Wars and Star Trek references. There are a lot of themes to play with, and each brings in their own vibes with them. Some are light, while some can be quite dark in nature.

• Hang-Out Spot vs Workspace

In some cases, you can work out some sections of the room to fill the desired purpose. Teenagers love to socialize, but they also like to spend quality time with a close friend. To cherish such moments, how about introducing a small lounge to the room where everyone can sit on bean bags and have a discussion. On the other hand, there are many studious ones out there that not like to be disturbed when they are in the heat of the moment. For such kinds, a workplace would be an ideal spot in the room, where they can get their thoughts together and get things done.

• Intuitive Designs & Fixtures

Sometimes all you need is an out of the box approach that can truly fascinate one’s imagination. You can find a lot of intuitively designed furniture and fixtures out there that can truly add a marvelous touch to your room. Some have appealing designs, and the outlook itself can be quite invigorating to behold. Cabinets, tables, wall hanging equipment, there is a whole market out there that is dishing out items that can make even a sane person go bonkers. A range of features are added into each one of them, they can transform into various things, and all of them operate with a simple action.

• Larger Than Life Wall Decors

At times all you need is a power statement to make a solid impression. A room can have a highlight area, where the eyes immediately fall and get captivated. For a second or two, you can’t help but feel mesmerized. At that moment, you feel touched, inspired, and all range of feelings plus emotions empower. A wall décor that is larger than life can have such an effect on you. However, choosing the right décor matters as you would like it to stay there without causing too much cognitive dissonance. It has to be a decision rooted in foresight. Think of the long run.

• Minimalism

A clutter-free environment is perhaps what gives you the most room within a room. You can easily move about, and there are fewer things to bump in. Minimalism is a great approach to let teens know about how to keep their things organized and keep the environment less occupied with useless stuff. It also makes them look at the practicality of things before deciding what stays in their room and what must absolutely go out. Hence they are already making their rooms and life in general fuss-free, along with promoting a streamlined look and appeal to their lifestyles that are quite elegant.

• Playful Accessories & Elements

The sky is the limit when it comes to adding a fun aspect to your room. A disco ball hanging from the ceiling, a hanging chair, or a small slide that takes you from your bed to the rug on the floor, the ideas are inexhaustible. All you need to decide is what speaks your language the most. It has to go with you as it is your room we are talking about. The closer that playful element hits home, the better it will be for you to stick with it for years to come. So if you end up choosing for hammock then make sure its life isn’t a short one.

• Shelving & More of It

Teenagers have a habit of collecting things. If I speak the truth about myself, there is a lot of time and effort that went into compiling my own library of favorite animes. Some like to collect books. Others like to stack on game titles and whatnot. In the end, it is all about shelves. The more shelves you have, the more you can prove to the world how great a collector you are. Those shelves can be used to display all of your prized possessions such as novels, Blue Ray movie collection, action figures, sports trophies, academic certificates, and all that jazz. You can also stack all your reports that have submitted to academia along with other documents acquired from a student essay.

• The Bold Color Combos

Finally, if you still cannot make up your mind than just playing around with bold colors can also give your bedroom a makeover that you have been looking for. You do not have to go for anything too fancy. Just repaint with bold colors, splash them here and there, and voila! Your room will definitely look new, feel different, and will also help you to relay the ambiances and energies you want to circulate within that particular area. Do not underestimate the power of colors as each represents a lot more than what might others generally believe.


A teenager’s bedroom is more than just a closed quarter, a space trapped by four walls; in fact, many lifelong ideologies, strategies, and notions dwell and develop there. It is a place that they can call their own. As such, these rooms are not only a place where they relax and wind off after a hard day at school. They also get to enjoy a lot of freedom for their own sake. Some even like others to follow the rules when entering or seeking permission to enter into their rooms. It is an age of transitions, so there are no limits or boundaries. There is no reason to set them either as they will eventually breach all of that in the next moment or two.

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