14 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bedroom wall decor – To some people, having a plain wall in the bedroom may feel okay. They do not have to fret about designing it with anything. If you feel the opposite, which is boring, then you might want to consider checking out some of the bedroom wall decor ideas. Oncce you find what you like, it is time to get creative in your bedroom.

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There are plenty of ideas regarding your bedroom wall decor. So, here are some of the examples that you may consider regarding your bedroom wall decor ideas.

1. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas : https://www.digsdigs.com/

Your grey wall in your bedroom looks rather dull at first because it is empty. Once you start hanging some of the pictures around one corner of the wall, it makes a difference. It is simple yet artistic at the same time.

To match the concept of your whole bedroom, make sure that the pictures are also in black and white. There, you get your monochromatic bedroom wall decor.

Pros: This is for you who are into art and monochromatic style. This bedroom wall decor is the answer.
Cons: After a while it gets rather tedious and dull if you are more into something colourful. This is also not a good idea for those easily depressed.

2. Bedroom Wall Decor DIY Canvas Art

Bedroom Wall Decor DIY
Bedroom Wall Decor DIY : https://www.shutterfly.com/

If you are into art but not really good in black and white photography, no worries. You do not even have to place the same stuff in your room like in the previous idea. In fact, this bedroom wall decor idea is much simpler.

How about a DIY canvas? You will get a retro-style, bedroom wall decor with this. For example: you choose a pair of striped canvases. Make sure that the walls stay clean and the stripes and colour-combination matches the furniture in your bedroom.

Besides stripes, you can also use other patterns if there are any. For example: plaid or checked.

Pros: This idea is really simple and easy to apply.
Cons: It is not easy to find ready-made patterned canvases. They might be rather expensive too.

3. Images of Bedroom Wall Decor

Images of Bedroom Wall Decor
Images of Bedroom Wall Decor : https://www.digsdigs.com/

This bedroom wall decor will make your bedroom look classic but not old-fashioned. You can combine the artistic black and white photos with posters from magazines or the pictures you can find from the internet. Make sure that the sizes are suitable with the picture frames that you own.

Pros: The bedroom look classic.
Cons: Hanging so many picture frames on the wall above your bed may not be a good idea if you live in an earthquake-prone area.

4. Floral Decor Bedroom Wall Art

Bedroom Wall Art Decor
Bedroom Wall Art Decor : https://www.shutterfly.com/

If you prefer something more feminine for your bedroom wall decor, this style is the solution. Let the bedroom walls stay white and clean or be painted soft pastel colours or pink. If you know how to create paper flowers, you can start from there. You can either make one big paper flower or a couple or so small ones.

Other materials to make your bedroom look more in tune with the floral-theme include floral canvas or vase of fresh, blooming flowers. That will make a perfect design for your bedroom wall decor.

Pros: The décor suit well for those who want a feminine style for their room.
Cons: Boys may never want this bedroom and some people may be allergic to flowers.

5. The Woodland Pictures of Bedroom Wall Decor

pictures of bedroom wall decor
pictures of bedroom wall decor : https://www.digsdigs.com/

Some people would prefer having a bedroom that makes them feel close to earth. This bedroom wall decor is one of the ideas. If you are into nature, you would love this one. With the brown wall, white ceiling, and a unique lamp made of metal artwork, you can add more with a pillow with a picture of an antelope on it.

Another idea includes hanging some pictures on the wall, right above your bed. To fit the theme, the can be photos of trees, logs, and the forest you might often visit. Let’s see if other guys have the same bedroom wall decor idea in their rooms.

Pros: Natural and calming room décor will help you to rest.
Cons: Hanging the picture frames that too close together above your bed might be dangerous, especially if you live in an earthquake-prone area. You might want to reduce the number to avoid getting hit in the head while you sleep.

6. Bedroom Wall Decor Accessories

bedroom wall decor accessories
bedroom wall decor accessories : https://www.shutterfly.com/

Some women keep their jewelry collection in a special box. Others hang them in a special spot inside their drawer. The problem is when they are in a hurry to fetch a necklace or a bracelet. That will not have to happen with this bedroom wall decor.

You will get two things in one with this bedroom wall decor idea: a collection show and a jewelry organiser. Since this is placed in plain sight, this helps you to fetch any piece of jewelry before leaving your bedroom. A necklace or a ring? Just choose.

An additional idea for this bedroom wall decor: you can also do this with your keys. With men, they can also use this idea for their collectible items as a memorabilia.

Pros: Your bedroom wall décor have a multi-function. Not only the decor will make your room beautiful, it will also help you to organize your jewel.
Cons: Be careful when you invite kids into your room. Their curiousity and idle hands may cause the loss of your items on display.

7. Empty Frames In-Between: Pics of Bedroom Wall Decor

pics of bedroom wall decor
pics of bedroom wall decor : https://www.digsdigs.com/

Still with using frames hanging on the wall, here is another combination for this bedroom wall decor: some empty frames in-between. The rest can be filled with pictures, whether they are paintings or photos.

If you are still into monochromatic style, then you can use the black-and-white pictures. However, if your wall has a more striking colour (for example: dark green), then you need to adjust with the decoration. Your pictures and photos can be colourful too, not just black and white.

Pros: You got to admit, it is a simple bedroom wall décor that need small efforts to make.
Cons: Having too many picture frames hanging on the wall means inviting more dust, especially in the summer. Unless you are into cleaning so much, you might want to reconsider this bedroom wall decor idea.

8. Your Inspirational Phrases: Bedroom Wall Decor Design

bedroom wall decor design
bedroom wall decor design : https://www.shutterfly.com/

Whether you are health-conscious or a scholar, this bedroom decor wall idea is perfect for you. You can either hang the frames on one side of the wall or have some built-in shelves attached to the wall to prop them up.

For example: if you are health-conscious, you can inspiring pictures of people working out with inspiring taglines under them. “My body is my temple” is just one you may think of. If you are a scholar, you can choose inspiring phrases like: “Everyday is a new day” or “Look on the bright side”.

Pros: Not only looks good, but the bedroom wall décor will help you to motivate yourself every day.
Cons: You have to be really into quotes to do this. To some people, having too many quotes on display like this might be a distraction for a bedroom decor wall. You may have trouble sleeping.

9. Bedroom Wall Decor Above Bed

bedroom wall decor above bed
bedroom wall decor above bed : https://www.digsdigs.com/

You are not the kind to fuss too much about your bedroom wall decor. However, you also do not wish to have your walls empty. That will look as if your bedroom has no characteristics, like a hotel room no one stays permanently.

The solutions? Besides the unusual paint colour on one part of the wall, you only need one oversized and modern wall art. For example: you paint one part of the wall black and then hang one giant frame there. Not only that, the giant frame can also consist a monochromatic painting or a statement and inspiring phrase.

Pros: Simple and easy to maintain. This bedroom wall décor is also affordable.
Cons: This large painting frame above your bed might fall and hit you in the head if not properly hung.

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10. The Beach Painting: Bedroom Wall Design Ideas with Paint

bedroom wall design ideas with paint
bedroom wall design ideas with paint : https://www.shutterfly.com/

This type of bedroom wall decor can often be found in houses and hotel rooms by the sea. If you are into water sports and hanging out by the beach, you might also want to put this in your bedroom.

There are two choices regarding this bedroom wall decor idea. You can hang a beach-themed painting on a frame or a picture of the real beach somewhere. Either it is just the ocean or the quite, lonely beach, no difference. It depends on what you like better.

Pros: Fresh look and neutral. This bedroom wall décor will match most of wall color.
Cons: If the frame is small and the rest of the wall stays empty, the picture may not do much to your room decoration.

11. Bedroom Wall Decor Frames

bedroom wall decor frames
bedroom wall decor frames : https://www.digsdigs.com/

A mix of monochromatic style (from the bed, the furniture, and the dark lower part of the wall) and an urban style (the brick wall above) will make your bedroom look unique.

How about the frames hanging on the brick wall above your bed? The choices may vary. Some might prefer the usual black-and-white photographs, while others focus on pictures related to their hobbies. (For example: pictures of men playing football or collecting logs from the forest.)

Pros: Made your bedroom look unique and masculine at the same time.
Cons: The work on the brick wall might take a wall and cost more. It is also not that easy to hang pictures on that part of the wall, since the surface is uneven.

12. Washi Tape Art: Bedroom Wall Art Decor

bedroom wall art decor
bedroom wall art decor : https://www.shutterfly.com/

Your bedroom might be monochromatic and you do not feel like redecorating it anytime soon. That is okay. However, after a while, you start feeling bored. You would like to make just a slight change.

The answer is: colourful washi tapes. There are ways to work on this. You can have a board and start sticking colourful washi tapes on it. Do the pattern that you like the most, whether it is plaid, stripes, or checkered. Your bedroom decor wall will look much brighter than before.

Pros: You can make this decoration by yourself. The washi tape is also quite easy to find.
Cons: Working on washi tape requires patience. If you make a mistake, you have to redo the process with new tapes, which may cost a lot.

13. The Rustic, Boho Style: Bedroom Wall Decor Furniture

bedroom wall decor furniture
bedroom wall decor furniture : https://www.digsdigs.com/

Let’s go boho with this rustic, bedroom wall decor idea. If you are tired of using the same old ideas (for example: picture frames), let’s try this one. Collect some rattan baskets you no longer use for anything else at home. If they are still in good condition, you can stick them on the wall in your bedroom.

With these good, old rattan baskets, you get your bedroom wall decor not many might think of. Separate the lids with the bottoms for varieties before you hang them all on the wall.

Pros: Cheap and simple, yet modern and suit either for a man or women bedroom.
Cons: The rattan baskets might tear off at the edges after a while, which will not look so good anymore.

14. The Canvas Prints: Bedroom Wall Decor Canvas

bedroom wall decor canvas
bedroom wall decor canvas: https://www.shutterfly.com/

You would like to have an artistic bedroom wall decor in your monochromatic bedroom. The problem? You are not talented enough to be a photographer or a painter. Although you may ask some friends’ help in this matter, you are not even sure about your own artistic taste.

If you are bored with black-and-white canvas prints, you can use colour photos instead for this bedroom wall decor. It makes no difference and can still be as nice-looking in your bedroom. Quite creative, eh?

Pros: For people with small budget, this bedroom wall décor surely a right option.
Cons: To some people, this bedroom wall decor idea might look a bit creepy. It reminds you of a villain’s bedroom in a thriller movie.

So, here are the 14 bedroom wall decor ideas for your bedroom. There are still many others that you can come up with. In fact, why not be creative and make your own ideas? You can even make a business out of this. Imagine how many people would like to have their bedroom walls decorated with your creativity.

Which one is your bedroom wall decor choice? Hopefully, whatever you pick will last long and you will not get bored by it. Well, even if you do, you can still change the wall decoration in your bedroom.

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