The Best Presentable Display Cases Ideas to Showcase your Collectables

Display cases are mostly found in a museum, retail store, exhibition, and house. They are used to showcase products or valuable things. Those storages may have different forms and functions. These are our compilation of display storage ideas to inspire you.

[su_heading size=”24″]DIY Display Cases Ideas[/su_heading]

1. Do It Yourself Task: Acrylic Show Instance

display cases
display cases Acrylic Show Instance by pinterest

Boys do love toy cars, so they cannot just have one. Thus, display cases are significantly needed to store your son’s toy car collections. This acrylic show box is  a perfect display case for toy cars. Since it is fabricated from high quality clear plastic, it will make a great presentation in every corner of your house.

The shelves display box is made from acrylic. This material enables you to choose your own custom sized box. Any size box ban be created depending on your specific needs. As you see on the picture, this acrylic box with shelves fits for the toy cars. Despite the custom size and simple construction, it will be a great idea for your own DIY display cases.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It is versatile.
2. It is easy to construc.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
1. It much more easily scratches.
2. It is not the most durable material.[/su_note]

2. Diy Display Cases

Diy Display Cases
Diy Display Cases by pinterest

The best way to display your action figure collection is storing them on a wall mount display case. This glass display case is designed with solid hardwood base. The wooden style with white back is added by some spotlights. The lighting can dramatically affect the appearance of your action figures.

Also, the wall mounted display case presents your collectibles at eye level securely. It allows viewers to see your action figures well. Let the wall tell the story as if you have a museum of living things in your home.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It saves a critical floor space.
2. It gives a luxury look.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
It costs more expensive.[/su_note]

3. Diy Jersey Display Cases

Diy Jersey Display Cases
Diy Jersey Display Cases by pinterest

Sport display cases for memorabilia work well in sporting good display from baseballs to jersey. This jersey display case is designed with brown wooden frame and a red back. Its hardwood base keeps your jersey centered.

This shadowbox memorabilia case allows you to display other sport stuffs at the top part or the frame.  Moreover, a good jersey storage in a deep photo frame looks more eye catching to your room.

4. Diy Cars and Truck Toys for Toddlers

Diy Cars and Truck Toys for Toddlers
Diy Cars and Truck Toys for Toddlers by pinterest

Oversized cars and truck toys often mess around the playroom. Toys storages are needed to make things look neat. These DIY display cases will be useful to be put in toddlers’ playroom if you have no extra storage room. DIY wooden crate storages are suitable for keeping bigger size toys in the playroom.

Just simply paint the wooden crates to get colourful toys display cases. Put them together by arranging two or more crates. Arrange them horizontally and vertically to suit the size of the toys. You may divide the crate into half by using wooden board to store smaller toys. Thus, your toddlers can easily take the toys and put them back after playing.

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5. Diy PVC Display for Toys

Diy PVC Display for Toys
Diy PVC Display for Toys by pinterest

PVC pipe is a great material to make DIY display cases for hotweels. Cut the pvc pipe and paint it blue, or any colour you desired. Make an artsy design on the wall by sticking the painted pvc pipes. Then, fill up with hotweels or whatever needs to be kept at bay.

The chaos and disorganization can be solved by PVC display for toys.This simple and easy storage can keep the mess at bay. In fact, it acts not only as storages, but also some stylish textures.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It has easy and simple procedures to make.
2. It spend less money than buy a new one.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
1. It spends more time to create the display case.
2. It uses disposable and leftover materials.[/su_note]

6. Acrylic Calendar Display Cases

Acrylic Calendar Display Cases
Acrylic Calendar Display Cases by pinterest

Acrylic calendar display cases can organize and display calendars elegantly. It is made of thick cast acrylic with pink silk screen print placed at the back of the acrylic. This extra large floating acrylic calendar will create a modern and sleek design.

The wall calendar also has enough space to place all your notes. The notes part helps you to organized your information.Use dry or wet erase marker to write down your daily notes. Therefore, it is perfectly added to your home or office.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It offers best quality.
2. It does not require more space.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
It is for the budget consciuos buyers.[/su_note]

It needs a polish to fix the scratches

7. Tire Hotwheels DIY Display Cases

Tire Hotwheels DIY Display Cases
Tire Hotwheels DIY Display Cases by pinterest

Using a recycled tire for DIY display cases is such an eco-friendly idea. You don’t need to spend more budget because you can make your own toy storages. Tire hotweels display cases will keep the toys organized well.

Put three wooden boards in the middle of the tire as the shelves.Spray white paint to the boards before assembling. Hue the tire to be more adorable with blue spray paint. This toy shelving from a used tire is perfect for the backyard.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It needs low cost budget to make.
2. It has a unique appearance.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
1. It requires more time to make.
2. It is not suitable for indoor storages.[/su_note]

8. Shopkins Display Case Do It Yourself

Shopkins Display Case Do It Yourself
Shopkins Display Case Do It Yourself by pinterest

Tiny and collectable toys named shopkins need good storages to keep them well organized. You may create your DIY display cases for shopkins to avoid blowing up your budget. Colourful ice cube trays are used to make this shopkins display case.

Prepare at least ten ice cube trays to be arranged on a board. Use various colours to get a rainbow look for your storages. Hang it on the wall and fill up with the full seasons of shopkins. It is really the right place for all those tiny toys.

9. Diy Lego Minifigure Display Case Ideas

Diy Lego Minifigure Display Case Ideas
Diy Lego Minifigure Display Case Ideas by pinterest

Shadowbox is such a screen case that can be used to keep your lego collection. Thisminifigure display case has satin white wooden frame and a blue sky with white clouds back. It is not only an alternative to storing the minifigures, but also as a superb art work.

This minifigure display case has a unique title tile placed in the center for the style and frame purpose. Aside from being a personal collection, it also can be a lovable gift.

10. DIY Plexiglass Display Cases

DIY Plexiglass Display Cases
DIY Plexiglass Display Cases by pinterest

These plexiglass display boxes are used to keep your valuable things safely stored.They have wooden black and brown base styles. The wooden back is also designed to hang the display boxes on the wall.

The plexiglass display cases will give a fantastic look for your wall. To ensure your precious collections stay clean and dust free, the plexiglass boxes are the best choice.

11. Warm Wheels Display Case DIY

Warm Wheels Display Case DIY
Warm Wheels Display Case DIY by pinterest

This warm wheels display case uses a wooden lighted floor standing display case with hinged doors. The top and bottom are finished with polished cove molding. The features of hinged doors include built-in locks and tempered glass. Those are to ensure the things are displayed securely.

This type of display case is used by retailers to showcase their products. This free standing display with multiple shelves allow customers to circle the display. It has up to nine adjustable shelves that provide more storage spaces.

12. Diy Bakery Display Cases

Diy Bakery Display Cases
Diy Bakery Display Cases by pinterest

To get your bakery products noticed, use this solid hardwood construction display case. All parts are stained wood with additional mirrored back. Horizontal paneling also becomes the standard feature of this bakery display case.

This dry non-refrigerated bakery display case is designed without any lighting. Its simple design doesn’t require both curved and straight glass surfaces. Thus, it is accessible through the front so that customers can serve themselves.

13. Do It Yourself Gun Display Case

Do It Yourself Gun Display Case
Do It Yourself Gun Display Case by pinterest

Hand build solid wood cabinets seem to be safe and decorative storages for a large number of rifles. This gun storage features lightning system as well as ten felt lined slots. A multi-step hand rubbing process finishes the inside and outside of the cabinet.

Two tempered glass locking doors are provided by this cabinet for a secure display area. Locking felt lined drawers are designed at the bottom for accessories storages. The drawers with full extension tracks are designed to be easily used. This gun display case will fit your gun collection.

14.DIY Knife Display Case

DIY Knife Display Case
DIY Knife Display Case by pinterest

When you have a lot of passion of knife collection, it is better to showcase your knives instead of keeping them hidden away. For a safe keeping, use knife display case with wall mounted design. It is also added  a tempered locking door for storing safely.

Crafted hardwood is applied to all parts of the case. The reddish brown colour comes from the natural colour of the wood. Natural oils finish the wood to bring out the depth of the grainy texture. The wood is also topped with a high quality finish to protect the wood. Importantly, this display case is easy to clean.

As protection details, every knife will be cradled across wooden pegs. This case holds ten knives behind the glass surface.

15. Do It Yourself Medal Display Cases

Do It Yourself Medal Display Cases
Do It Yourself Medal Display Cases by pinterest

Keep all your valuable medals in medal display case. This medal display box is painted with satin black. It has a slide out plexiglass surface. Plexiglass material is needed for safety purposes. You can use glass cleaner to clean the dust.

This is a deeper box which has three hanging dowels. On the top, there are slide out wooden dowels to hang a lot of running medals. The dowels can slide out and back so that you can add new medals easily.

16. Diy Display Case Animals

Diy Display Case Animals
Diy Display Case Animals by pinterest

Display case is a good choice to keep your precious art products. This display case for animal figures is designed from a shadow box. It has brown wooden frame and white back.

There are five shelves for storing small figures of animals. The front is made of clear acrylic case that is easy to open and close. Animal figures storage with a deep display frame is properly hung on the wall.

17. Candy Display Container Case

Candy Display Container Case
Candy Display Container Case by pinterest

Designing a proper candy storages is crucial for sweet shops. Glass fronts and curved counters have already required more floor spaces in your shop. The retail floor plan is needed to maximize the candy storages in critical floor space.

Therefore, you need some simple wooden boards hanging on the wall to place lots of glass candy jars. A good combination of wall shelves and curved candy display case will create a totally delightful experience for customers.

18. Display Case Lighting Ideas

Display Case Lighting Ideas
Display Case Lighting Ideas by pinterest

Some display cases offer lighting system to emphasize featured products. An economical way to illuminate your commercial space is by using LED retail lighting. This following action figures display case uses top lighting to create a unique visual interest.

Applying a display case lighting idea to your storage can be convenient. One of the easy way is installing LED strips lights. They can be mounted everywhere including the top, along the edges an even under the shelves. You can customize the lights depending on your needs.

19. Diy Display Case Coffee Table

Diy Display Case Coffee Table
Diy Display Case Coffee Table by pinterest

Wood crates are simple materials that can be created into many DIY display cases. You can make your own coffee table by arranging four wood crates. Display case coffee table will have large spaces for storing magazines, newspaper, and some decorative things.

Start to remove the slates from one side of each crate. Cut down the slats to fit the end of the crate. Assemble the crates by twisting each side to make a rectangular shaped table. The best tips for making your own coffee tables are measure twice, cut once, and assemble the table  on a hard flat surface.

20. Diy Display Case Locks

Diy Display Case Locks
Diy Display Case Locks by pinterest

Display case locks help you to collect your antique keys instead of tossing them on a rack. Use three wooden screen cabinets and attach them on the wall. Place some extra racks inside the cabinets. Arrange the locks and keys into racks. Make sure that the position of the keys fit into the framework. Now, your antique locks have been well organized in the display case.

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21. Diy T-shirt Display Cases

Diy T-shirt Display Cases
Diy T-shirt Display Cases by pinterest

This t-shirt display cases offer not only to keep the clothes neat but also give a visual art to your room. We usually see these T-shirt display cases in the clothes shops, but you can have your own at home.

Creating DIY T-shirt display cases can use some wooden boards. Choose the right staining to highlight the natural top quality of the wood. Place some wooden pegs to hang your clothes.

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