5 Situations Where a home security system could have changed the outcome

Home security systems are crucial when you want to ensure the safety of your property and your family. Today’s time is undoubtedly getting rough, and it drives certain people to do bad things that can harm others. Thieves can quickly enter a house if it doesn’t have a proper surveillance system.

Once inside, you’ll be sure that these thieves will help themselves to everything you have that of value. And sadly, any family members that are present during the robbery can face a real risk of violent acts from these criminals. Every 13 seconds, a burglary is happening somewhere. Don’t risk your property and your family’s safety. Get a reliable security system and invest in best home security cameras.

Here are some situations or scenarios where a security system can positively affect the outcome of something tragic:


Every 40 seconds, a child can go missing in the United States. This statistic is an alarming situation which can be prevented through proper measures. For one, always ensure the whereabouts of your children. Always know who they’re with, what they’re doing, and where they’re going. As a responsible parent or guardian, your children’s safety is of utmost priority.

In cases where children are abducted from their homes, an active surveillance system could have acted as a deterrent for kidnappers. Most security systems nowadays have HD cameras that offer exceptional quality in identifying a criminal. Car plates and other usually far away objects are easily spotted once you have a working security system.


Most experienced burglars know how to pinpoint a house that doesn’t have a lot of people in it. It’s also a check on their list if that property or home doesn’t have a security system. These thieves are experts in their crafts and will use anything to their advantage.

Make sure that your doors are locked properly. Ask help from neighbors or relatives to look around your house if you plan to be gone for a long time. An even better alternative is by getting a reliable security system. Again, the mere presence of surveillance cameras in your property can discourage even the most hardened thieves.

With constant improvement in technology, most security systems allow their owners to monitor a property from considerably long distances. Just by using a smartphone that’s integrated with your system enables you to see your property, even if you’re thousands of miles away on vacation.


According to U.S. fire statistics, 16.7% of residential fires are caused unintentionally. This means that a fire can happen inside homes even when there’s nobody around. A fire can quickly burn uncontrollably and will spread to other properties if left unchecked. The damage that a fire can do is determined by how fast a fire department can arrive on the scene.

A reliable and robust security system won’t be easily damaged by smoke or fire. If a system does suffer damage, the system has already done its job by contacting emergency services. The sooner the system sends the signal; the earlier responders can get to the scene.

Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies can happen in an instant. There’s no predicting a sudden heart attack or a sudden seizure. There have been cases where a family member dies because no one sees what happens to them. Heart attacks and Aneurysms, in particular, are very dangerous as they can occur anywhere in your home. Most of the people inside a household will not even know what’s happening and will spot it too late.

With a system that’s hooked to emergency services, it dramatically shortens the time that EMTs arrive on the scene. Just mere seconds are all it takes to help a family member from dying because of the severe conditions mentioned above can.

Safety for Elderly and Children

A lot of security system variants can provide you with smart features. These features can help you monitor aging family members and children. If an accident should ever happen, cameras will inform people who are on standby to call emergency services immediately.

With people who have dementia, getting out of the property is a very high risk for their safety. There have been lots of cases where older adults get into dangerous situations because they get out of a property, unsupervised. Most of these stories end up tragically. To prevent these events from happening, a security system can lock doors and other possible exit points.

Gas leaks

Gas leaks often happen and can lead to severe injuries or even death. Most gas leaks can be avoided because of their odor. However, some gases can freely build up in a home without a person even knowing. Carbon monoxide is an example of these gasses.

Possible sources of carbon monoxide inside a typical home can come from Cloth Dryers, Gas stoves, Generators, Power tools, etc. When the gas builds up, it can cause a severe condition known as Carbon Monoxide poisoning. People who suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning can experience nausea, headaches, dizziness, and stomach aches. Some can even fall unconscious.

Before gas can even build-up, an advanced security system can detect subtle amounts of it in the air inside a home. It then fires off an alarm to notify owners of the impending build-up. Since it’s also connected to emergency services, it’ll send them a notification to send medical services to make sure.


Having a good security system in your home can significantly change the outcomes of dire situations such as those mentioned above. The mere presence of cameras on your property can ward off potential criminals who would love to harm you and your property.

Not only that, advanced security systems have tie-ins with emergency services and contact them at the slightest moment. Reducing the gap between the possible victim and the rescuer is crucial for survival and recovery. Get a reliable security system, and you’ll never be worried about your family and valuables.

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