Homeowners Guide To Secure Front Doors

Safeguarding your property starts at the front door. Here are four suggestions for making your front door safer.

Change the locks on your front door

Rekeying your lock is a smart option if you’ve given out your key to numerous people or if you have just moved into a new home. It assures that you can control who has access your property, reducing the chances of prior owners gaining entry with an spare key they kept.

Changing the lock’s cylinder entails removing it and replacing it with a new one. The new cylinder will feature different pins, ensuring no access through the door without a fresh set of keys.

If the existing lock is not damaged, it’s still a good idea to switch it out. Changing the locks assures that the door is safe and secure rather than relying on an old and worn lock to keep you safe and secure.

If you’re unsure whether to re-key or replace your locks, consider the advantages and benefits of both procedures before making a decision.

You can search for key cutting near me and speak to an expert about the best options for you.

Add a wide-angle peephole to the door

Installing a wide-angle peephole in your door may enhance your sense of security at home. A peephole allows a view at who is approaching your property. You will also get an overview of the area outside your house. So you can be aware of a potential hazard at the door.

Peepholes are simple to put in yourself and may be used on doors up to 2 inches thick. They’re also inconspicuous.

Installing a High-Security Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks have a bolt that must have a key or a thumb turn to operate. Because it isn’t a spring-activated lock, the bolt cannot be forced open with a knife, credit card, or any other means utilized by thieves. These locks provide additional security to the door and are a cost-effective feature in the long run, given their long-term protection.

The single, double, and lockable thumb deadbolts are the three types of deadbolts. The lockable thumb deadbolt is a popular variant for convenience because it locks from the outside when you close the door but allows you access when you’re inside.

Replace the glass in the door.

The glazing of your door is often overlooked when it comes to security. But replacing it may make all the difference in ensuring that your front door is secure against intruders. Due to the material’s fragility and ability to shatter easily, single-glazed doors can be broken with ease by intruders. Replacing these is really important.

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