How Does a Solar Water Heater Work

When it comes to choosing a water heater, people often look for something exclusive, good-looking, space-saving, and at the same time, cheap. While some of the mentioned qualities are not related to cheapness, one unit may comfort you and your pocket together, a solar hot water heater. This is not just an alternative to classic units but a great way to go green. Finding a contractor to deal with it may provide you with qualitative installation and additional consultation on why a solar water heater is the best idea in 2020/2021.

What Is a Solar Powered Water Heater?

Solar water heater compared to traditional heaters does not take power from household grid energy but extracts it directly from the sun. It is primarily made of a container or tank and solar collector. Such units are not complex, so installation is possible by finding a contractor or without its help. Nowadays, the market offers two different types of units such as active and passive ones, and finding a contractor will help you differentiate them better. Besides, there is a solar water heater for the pool if needed.

The active unit has condensing-water pumps as well as controls, while the passive is deprived of them. Let’s take closer to two variations.

Active Solar Hot Water Heater

This variation has a division as well which includes direct and indirect circulation systems. The first one works by pumping household water through a solar collector into your house. It fits best environments where there is always a hot climate, or where freezing weather is very rare. The second one works by pumping water through the collectors and a heat exchanger. Firstly, it heats the actual water, and only then directs it to the house. It, in turn, fits best all the climates.

Passive Solar Hot Water Heater

Such systems, unlike active ones, are much cheaper, however, they cannot boast the same efficiency. At the same time, they are chosen due to their reliability, and longevity of life, strange it may sound. The passive systems are divided into ICS passive systems, and thermosyphon systems. The first type works ideally in climates with no freezing and fits those families which have the tendency to require hot water mostly in the evening or at night. The second type requires the solar collector to be installed below the tank, so when needed, the water flows directly into the tank. It is quite a reliable system but it all depends on the type of roof you have. The tank is usually very heavy and in case of any unpredictable consequences, it may simply fall and harm one.

Finding a contractor for installation of both types is highly recommended, as you won’t be able to attach the system knowing all the details, and measurements. Beyond that, a technician will provide you with the guarantee of a firm fixation of the passive thermosyphon system, if chosen.

Besides, by finding a contractor, you will definitely know which type of solar powered water heaters ideally fit your household, and you won’t need to pay double afterward.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

When finding a contractor for the actual installation, you may get to know additional benefits of why solar water heaters are the best choice for going green and having your money saved. Here are some of the reasons for that:

  • You deal with free energy, – sun. Even if you live in areas where cloudy weather prevails, it does not mean the sun does not reach your house. The sun rays are just invisible to us but sufficient enough for your unit;
  • Such panels take less space and by finding a contractor you will understand it on spot. A technician will recommend the best spot for installation. A simple household requires about 2-3 panels maximum 2x1m each to provide you with enough water;
  • It is great in terms of efficacy. At least 80% of radiation will be converted into heat energy;
  • THEY ARE FOR GREAT SAVINGS. Compared to traditional PV or water heaters, they are worth it when it comes to money. Beyond that, unlike PV, you need only 2-3 panels as was said before.

Finally, savings do not mean only the price of installation and units themselves but it is all about fuel bills. 

Before finding a contractor, ensure you understand which unit you would like to have for your household. Since solar water heaters are usually attached to the roof, the material should be of the highest quality, especially if you live in areas exposed to natural disasters. Also, clearly estimate the capacity of the unit. In a word, understand how much water you will need. 

All in all, finding a contractor will help you to fix everything properly and fast rather than wasting time doing it on your own. Accordingly, you avoid unnecessary expenses after some time.

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