How to Choose Air Purifiers for Allergies

Are you or your family members allergic to ultrafine dust particles? Do you want to know the features to look for when buying air purifiers for allergies?

As homeowners, you are responsible for the health of everyone inside your home. Dust can cause allergies, and therefore, it is necessary to make your home free from dirt to prevent your children from getting sick. You should know what features you should need in an air purifier.

The removal of dust from your home is a continuous ordeal. Dust will always come back no matter how much you regularly clean or vacuum your home. It is even worse if you or a family member has dust allergies. Fortunately, there are air purifiers for allergies that can significantly reduce the amount of dust that accumulates in your home, giving your home clean, breathable air.

Air purifiers keep the air clean by trapping dust particles in the filter while allowing the fresh air to pass through. However, dust particles come in different sizes, and not all air purifiers are designed to filter ultrafine dust particles that can cause allergic reactions. When you are out shopping for air purifiers for allergies, here are the features that you should look for.

True HEPA Filter

This is the most important feature that you should consider when choosing air purifiers for allergies. A True HEPA filter can trap 99.97 per cent of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.

When shopping for air purifiers, you should be aware of brands with terms such as HEPA type, HEPA like, or just plain HEPA filter. Remember that if it does not say True HEPA, then these air purifiers are not certified to capture ultra-fine dust particles.

Full Room Coverage

Another feature to look for when choosing air purifiers for allergies is their ability to cover the entire room. It makes no sense to purchase an air purifier that can only clean the air in its immediate surroundings. A high-quality air purifier should be powerful enough to allow the circulation of the air throughout the entire room so that you can fully enjoy the clean air.

Silent Operation

It would help if you also chose an air purifier that operates silently. You can check the noise level that it generates when you have the air purifier tested. Your selection of air purifier will depend on whether or not you can stand the noise that it makes.

Easy Filter Maintenance

High-quality air purifiers will be useful in trapping dust particles inside your home. This means that they will filter out large amounts of debris in the air causing their filter to be saturated with dust. When choosing air purifiers for allergies, choose one that has the capability of replacing the filter quickly without the need for proprietary tools.

Smart Connectivity

Although not entirely a necessity, air purifiers for allergies that can be connected to smart devices will give you more convenience, especially when you can turn the air purifiers on and off remotely with your smartphone. It will be a lot convenient for you if you can already turn your air purifier on in your home even when you are still driving from your office.

Remember that if you or your family members have allergic reactions due to ultrafine dust particles, you should always look for air purifiers for allergies that are capable of trapping even the finest dust particles around.

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