Key Reasons You Need a Storage Unit: How to Find One?

A storage unit is an excellent option when you need to store large objects that don’t fit in your home, but you can’t afford to give up the space in your garage or shed. There are many benefits to choosing self-storage for your different seasonal and long-term storage needs.

For example, consider renting a unit if:

  1. You have a lot of stuff and not much time to clean out a traditional storage facility or hire an expensive moving company.
  2. You’ve inherited items from family members who have passed away and need help storing these precious possessions.
  3. Your move is primarily local, but you will need temporary offsite storage during renovations or repairs on your new home.
  4. You’re downsizing into a smaller home but need to keep your more oversized furniture items for a few months until you can sell them.
  5. You want to hide valuables, important documents, or family heirlooms in a safe location during times of natural disaster or other emergencies.

Use this storage unit size guide to find the perfect unit.

Key Benefits

1. Extra Space for Seasonal Items

Many people find that their homes become too full of decorations, holiday knick-knacks, and other seasonal items during the holiday season. A storage unit lets you use the space year-round whenever needed.

2. Safe Place to Store Valuable Items

Rent a unit instead of keeping your expensive tools or essential paperwork in a damp basement, where water leaks from poor weather conditions can easily damage them.

3. Eliminates the Need for Costly Moving Services

Suppose you’re downsizing into a smaller home but have large furniture items that won’t fit in your new residence, rent a unit to keep them safe during renovations or repairs at your old house. Professional movers can cost as much as $120 per hour if you don’t purchase additional services like packing and unpacking.

4. A Place to Store Bigger Items Such as a Snowmobile, Boat, or ATV

If you want to use your garage for parking during the winter months, rent a unit so you still have extra storage space for your most prized possessions or more oversized seasonal items.

5. Protect Valuables from Theft and Damage

Many people choose self-storage units as temporary hiding places for their expensive jewelry and collectibles when they’re having work done at home, traveling out of town on vacation, or going away to college.

There’s no need to worry about these valuable objects being damaged or stolen if they’re in storage instead of directly inside your family’s new residence or old house.

6. Save Money

If you’re shifting to a smaller apartment or house, renting a unit for your excess furniture and other items is less costly than buying all new things to fill the space in an expensive rental. Many storage facilities even offer special deals on two-month and three-month rentals, making it affordable to use the extra space while you look for an open position or settle into your new home. However, use a storage unit size guide to find the right size.

7. Keep Your Property Safe from Damage During Renovations

From flooring to plumbing updates, many homeowners find that they need their valuable belongings stored away during renovations of their primary residence.

A self-storage facility keeps these items out of harm’s way until the owner finds somewhere else to live or finds time to move everything back into place. It is best to do your research to find out how easy it is to rent a self-storage unit near your home.

8. Safely Store Important Documents and Valuables During Emergencies

With these places, you can store items while you relocate, make repairs or otherwise prepare for a family emergency; renting space in a self-storage facility is less costly than keeping the things in storage at your old house, where weather conditions or intruders might damage them.

9. Keep Belongings Offsite but Close Enough that You can Access Them When Needed

With some moving companies charging as much as 50% extra if you require storage during their services, renting a unit is often the better value than paying more for less convenience and safety.

10) Buy Many Items During Store Sales or Online, but Don’t Have the Space to Keep Them

If you’ve ever bought seasonal items in bulk for your business, collected heirlooms that aren’t used often enough to warrant their shelf, or found boxes of leftover party favors that no one wants to take home with them after the event is over, renting self-storage space is a safer and easier way to keep all these items safe until you need them later.

Final Thoughts

Many people also rent storage units before moving into a new home so they can leave all their extra furniture pieces safely tucked away at their old house until they’re sure the new place will work for them.

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