22 Kitchen Cupboard Paint Ideas for Your Stylish Kitchen

Refurbishing a room in your home to improve its look does not have to be arduous. Repainting the fixtures can be in a pinch. The same thing works on your kitchen such as changing the kitchen cabinet’s color to add a nuance or even alter the mood. Here are 22 kitchen cupboard paint ideas to turn your dull kitchen into a stylish one.

[su_heading size=”27″]22 kitchen cupboard paint ideas[/su_heading]

1. Kitchen Cupboard Paint Duck Egg Blue

kitchen cupboard paint
kitchen cupboard paint: hgtv.com

Light blue such as the blue of duck egg denotes tranquility and calmness. It is also beieved as the symbol of intelligence. Applying light blue theme for kitchen cupboard paint in a vintage kitchen is such a great idea since vintage style is usually synonymous with soft colors such as teal and light blue.

Choosing a color for your kitchen cabinet is not merely about changing it with the new one. The color has to interact with everything else in the kitchen. And so does this light blue that complements the flooring and the backsplash nicely.

2. Kitchen Cupboard Paint Blue

kitchen cupboard paint ideas
kitchen cupboard paint: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

It seems that vintage style has been many homeowners' favorite lately. Thus, adding a touch of vintage style in your kitchen is really worth trying.

Vintage style is all about mixing strong colors such as intense red, blue, green, yellow, aquamarine, and orange. The golden mosaic backsplash looks like a sparkling disco ball to me. To jazz it up, painting the kitchen cabinets blue is a great idea because you are going to need a color that contrasts it a lot so that both the backsplash and the cabinets look edgy.

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3. Kitchen Cupboard Paint Ideas Yellow

kitchen cabinet paint
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Bucking your family up a bit by applying yellow kitchen cupboard paint. Yellow has always been synonymous with joy and freshness. Many homeowners deliberately add yellow things in a room to evoke cheerful feelings. Why don’t you do the same thing with your kitchen?

The yellow cabinets look extremely good with the rosewood backsplash and the stainless steel stove and countertop. Vibrant yellow also gets along well with the shining lamps inside the clear glass jars hanging above the countertop. What a romantic view!

4. Grey and Yellow Kitchen

Grey and Yellow Kitchen
Grey and Yellow Kitchen : Falconersyellowpages

Using intense yellow throughout the kitchen can turn its pleasant nuance into the tedious one because it is too bright and too strong. You will need a color that can diminish its vibrancy ── gray.

Gray is one of the most neutral colors, thus it can be combined with any vibrant colors such as intense yellow to make it less strong and more pleasant. This kitchen cupboard paint idea is usually implemented in houses with modern look that are synonymous with bold and edgy colors and shapes.

5. Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint Colors

kitchen cabinet paint colors
kitchen cupboard paint: hgtv.com

Khaki never fails to inject a touch of elegance and warmth in your kitchen. It complements dark brown, the color of the flooring, very well. The combination between khaki and dark brown will turn your simple kitchen into an elegant one.

This kitchen cupboard paint tries to combine a darker color with a lighter one to lessen the boldness. The khaki kitchen cabinets look perfect with the silver stove and backsplash.

6. Grey Kitchen Cupboard Paint

kitchen cupboard paint grey
kitchen cupboard paint: hgtv.com

Sometimes, the most difficult part of repainting kitchen cupboards is picking the appropriate colors that get along well with everything else in the kitchen. One of the colors that you can take into your consideration is gray.

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] The gray kitchen cabinets complement the ivory wallpaper and countertops.
 It is not too over-the- top.
 Gray cabinets are neutral. They enable you to put up new wallpaper with a new color without compromising the harmony. [/su_note]

7. Paint Cupboard Doors Kitchen

painting cabinet doors
kitchen cupboard paint: hgtv.com

The most convenient way to change the mood of your kitchen is by repainting the doors of kitchen cupboards. However, you still need to pay attention to the colors of your kitchen. The cupboards of this kitchen was painted denim which entails some drawbacks :

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] The pale denim makes the cupboards look obsolete.
 It does not suit the flooring and the drawers that use dark brown.[/su_note]

8. Purple Kitchen Cabinets

Purple Kitchen Cabinets
Purple Kitchen Cabinets by pinterest

Although purple is the color of mystery, it does not mean you can exclude it from your kitchen improvement. In fact, purple kitchen cupboard paint can be exquisite in that it denotes feminine and romantic.

The combination of dark magenta and dark violet is epic and can create a romantic ambience. They are vibrant, yet complementing the wall and flooring very well. The matte finish is really suitable for vintage kitchen style.

9. Purple Color Kitchen Cupboard Paint

cupboard paint
kitchen cupboard paint: hgtv.com

This kitchen denotes minimalist and modern look due to the use of edgy furniture and bold colors. One of the most conspicuous things except the sculpture holding a clock is the color of this kitchen. It is purple ── a strong and eye-catching color.

To make your kitchen looks awesome, you do not need to paint thw kitchen cupboards in a vibrant color as you have purple already. Just paint them white to spruce your kitchen up. Furthermore, the white kitchen cupboards complement the backsplash nicely.

10. White Gloss Kitchen Cupboard Paint

painting kitchen cabinets white
kitchen cupboard paint: hgtv.com

Let’s spruce your kitchen up by painting the cabinets white. White is the symbol of cleanliness, purity, and goodness. Applying white color as your kitchen cupboard paint idea avails you many things:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] White is the most versatile color. It can be combined with any colors and suits any kitchen style very much. Therefore, white color can be your best bet.
 Painting the cupboards white makes the room look clean, neat, and spacious.
 If you are bored and feel like repainting the kitchen cabinets, you can apply any colors over the white color.[/su_note]

11. White Knight Kitchen Cupboard Paint

painting cabinets white
kitchen cupboard paint: solutions4kitchens.com

Whether the wall in your kitchen was painted soft or even bold, white kitchen cabinets can always blend with the other colors and provide an impeccable look. Just take a look at how these white kitchen cabinets complement the wooden floor and countertop.

Although the wall was painted pale green, it does not make white color lose its power to adorn the kitchen. Harness the versatility of white and prepare yourself to be impressed by what it can do to your kitchen.

12. Off-White Kitchen Cabinets

Off-White Kitchen Cabinets
Off-White Kitchen Cabinets by pinterest

Another good thing of white is it has a breadth of shades that you can try. However, different shades of white can suit different kitchen style.

While glossy white is suitable for modern and minimalist kitchen, ivory tends to look good when applied in a classic and vintage kitchen that usually implement soft colors. This kitchen cupboard paint idea is attempting to complement the smooth marble countertop. Even the cupboards use the same color as the door.

13. Cream Kitchen Cabinets

cream kitchen cabinets
cream kitchen cabinets what colour walls

Cream denotes calmness, thus it injects the touch of calmness in this kitchen, creating soothing and relaxed ambience. Just like white, it makes your kitchen look clean and neat. It also complements the yellow wall very well. They are such a perfect combination.

Unfortunately, cream kitchen cupboard can only be used for classic kitchen style. It will not look good when using in a modern house.

14. Green Kitchen Cupboard Paint

Green Kitchen Cupboard Paint
Green Kitchen Cupboard Paint by pinterest

Freshen up your kitchen and add the touch of nature in your kitchen with green kitchen cupboard paint. Green is the color symbolizing nature and freshness. The vibrant of green complements the yellow wall and gets along well with the stainless steel countertop and kitchen sink.

Repainting your kitchen cupboards green can be a nice idea since strong colors can change the nuance in a blink. It will be better if you use oil-based paint for a long-lasting look so that you will not have to repaint it in short period of time.

15. Color Ideas For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

best cabinet paint
kitchen cupboard paint: http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com

This kitchen really looks adorable and feminine with the aquamarine kitchen cupboard paint. Aquamarine is usually associated with feminine and calmness. It works very well with the backsplash that also has the same color. Here are some other advantages that you can get when repainting your cupboard aquamarine:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] The simple design of the cupboards makes it easy to repaint in that you will not have work with the details.
 Aquamarine is a soft color that suits white and soft gray very much. Any soft colors will do, though.[/su_note]

16. Red Kitchen Cabinets

Red Kitchen Cabinets
Red Kitchen Cabinets by pinterest

Let’s paint the cupboard red!

Intense red is such a vibrant color that embodies vigour, affection, and power. It has very high visibility, thus it can grab everyone's attention perfectly. But, does the red cupboard only have benefits?

Here are a drawback of repainting your cupboard red:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] It is obvious that when choosing the color for the new look of your kitchen cupboards, you need to consider the other colors available in the kitchen. The bright red suits the black backsplash and gray marble countertop well, but it does not suit the aquamarine wall. A softer color such as coral and peach will be fine.[/su_note]

17. Red Cupboard Paint

Red Cupboard Paint
Red Cupboard Paint by pinterest

No matter what shades of red you are using, they are always conspicuous and vigorous. It is such a great idea to change your kitchen cupboard color into red to promote a more lively kitchen. But, again, youneed to pay attention to the surrounding. You do not want to refurbish the cupboards but have to compromise the harmony, do you?

Repainting your kitchen cupboards carmine accentuates the vintage look of your kitchen. The unfinished painting provides the obsolete look that can be suitable for a classic kitchen style. Combined with wooden flooring, wall, and white marble countertop, these carmine cupboards are such an impeccable adornment.

18. Black Cupboard Paint

Black Cupboard Paint
Black Cupboard Paint by pinterest

Repainting your kitchen cupboards black does not mean that you are in grief. Black is the color of masculinity and elegance. Here are some benefits that you can get from black kitchen cupboards:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] Black is one of the most versatile colors meaning it can be applied in any kitchen style and gets along well with any colors.
 The matte finish injects the touch of boldness in your kitchen, making the cupboard look great with the vases and hanging lamp.[/su_note]

19. Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Kitchen Cabinets
Black Kitchen Cabinets by pinterest

It is such a unique kitchen with black kitchen cabinets that play an important role in the harmony of colors. Black kitchen cupboard paint can do you a favor in blending contrastive colors. The upper wall of this kitchen is yellow while the countertop is teal. To blend those colors well, black matte cabinets are between them.

In addition to helping to blend the contrastive colors very well, repainting your kitchen cabinets black accentuates the edgy shapes and make your kitchen look bold and elegant. Now, you do not have to purchase expensive things to make your kitchen look more elegant.

20. Black and White Kitchen

Black and White Kitchen
Black and White Kitchen by pinterest

Monochrome will always be everyone’s favorite. Although it merely comprises of black and white, it never looks dull. In fact, it looks elegant yet simple. The combination of two versatile colors enables it to be applied in any kitchen styles such as modern, victorian, vintage, classic, you name it!

White and black kitchen cupboard paint creates the idea of cleanliness and boldness at the same time. The white cabinets freshens up the kitchen as well as making it look more spacious while the black cabinets provide an elegant touch.

21. Orange Kitchen Cabinets

Orange Kitchen Cabinets
Orange Kitchen Cabinets by pinterest

Orange is the concoction of red and yellow meaning its characteristics are derived from both colors. Like yellow, it symbolizes joy and warmth. Therefore, repainting your kitchen cabinets orange can be a great idea in that it promotes creativity and joy at the same time.

These orange kitchen cabinets also work very well with the red wall to create a more vibrant look. However, the combination of red and orange can be too tedious since both of them are vibrant and strong colors.

22. Burnt Orange Kitchen

Burnt Orange Kitchen
Burnt Orange Kitchen by pinterest

As we know that orange is the color of sunshine. It promotes happiness as well as the feeling of heat. We all agree that repainting kitchen cabinets entails considering other aspects including the colors of the other things and lightings. And orange kitchen cupboard paint in this kitchen has a drawback:

[su_note note_color=”#faf8a0″] The vibrant orange color and the lighting make the kitchen look dim. Therefore, it can give a bad impact to the eyesight, making it a bad place to linger over a romance novel or a fairytale that your kids like to read.[/su_note]

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]Repainting kitchen cabinets is solely a breeze. What really matters is choosing the right colors that can interact with the countertops, backsplashes, and floorings. I hope these 22 kitchen cupboard paint ideas can help you make up your mind. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, neutral colors such as white, black, and gray can be your best bet.[/su_box]

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