Midcentury modern plant stands – Adding plants as the living adornments can enliven your living room a lot. The green leaves provide relaxing and fresh ambience throughout the room. However, there is another thing that can take your decorative plants to the next level ── midcentury modern plant stands.

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Check out these 20 cool plant stands that many homeowners are dying for.

1. Midcentury Modern Plant Stands Indoor

modern plant stand
Midcentury Modern Plant Stands Indoor by pinterest

No matter what plants you are putting to adorn your living room, from simple Mother In Law’s Tongue to Cast Iron Plants, choosing the right flower pot plays an important role in beautify the plants. Above all, a midcentury modern plant stand lifting the pot a few inches above the ground can create an impressive look.

This modern plant stand is available in any home improvement stores. However, it can cost an arm and a leg. To build a nest egg, you can make a DIY plant stand using wooden dowels. Do not forget to stain the dowels so that they complement the wooden floors very well.

2. Modern Plant Stands

Modern Plant Stands
Mid century modern plant stands by Pinterest

Modern plant stands are made of a wide array of materials such as woods, plastics, or even wires. Wire midcentury modern plant stands are very versatile. They can be shaped into anything you want. Since we are talking about minimalist look, the design of the plant stand has to be simple yet elegant.

These wire plant stands cost about $90. The good news is you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get an impressive wire plant stand. You can visit a thrift store near you and get lampshades completed with wire as the connector of the top and bottom part. Repurpose those lampshades and turn them into stylish plant stands.

3. Small Plant Stand

Small Plant Stand
Small Plant Stand by pinterest

Having a pretty little thing in your living room such as Panda Plant, Cactus, or tiny Mother In Law’s Tongue can spruce up the room a bit. Unfortunately, placing it in an appropriate place to make it conspicuous is a bit tricky. If you put it on the floor, it will not be noticeable due to the tiny size. Therefore, you can put it on a table along with the plant stand.

A small midcentury modern plant stand can create a dramatic nuance. It highlights the concrete flower pot and the plant as well. Although it is a small plant stand, you still need to consider the color of it so that it can get along well with the other colors available in that room.

4. Pedestal Plant Stand

 Pedestal Plant Stand
Pedestal Plant Stand by agaclar.net

Looking at the Dumb Cane and vine plants arranged vertically on a metal pedestal plant stand provides a soothing effect. The distinctive patterns of the midcentury modern plant stand accentuate the plants and their pots very well. Despite the exquisite things given by the plants and the plant stand, there is two significant drawbacks of it:

  • The plant stand can be pricey because it is made of metal and has unique patterns.
  • There is no way to do DIY if you are a professional because it entails shaping the metal into detail patterns. It means you will not be able to salt away your money.

5. Wooden Plant Stands Indoor

mid century modern plant stand
Wooden Plant Stands Indoor by youtube

Creating a midcentury modern look at home does not have to make you broke. Just add a midcentury modern plant stand to the room and experience a different atmosphere there. But, wait! You do not have to spend a lot of money to purchase a plant stand. You can use some leftover to make wooden plant stands indoor.

There are some advantages that you can get from these plant stands:

  • They are affordable since they are made of leftover.
  • Although they are leftover, they can still make a pretty cute plant stands.
  • The unfinished wooden plant stands provide a vintage look to the room.

6. Plant Shelf Ideas

Plant Shelf Ideas
Plant Shelf Ideas by pinterest

Keeping a breadth of decorative plants? Why not?

If you are keen on collecting various kinds of plants, but you do not have enough space to put all those plants on plant shelves. There are many benefits you can get from plant shelves:

  • They enable you to put various kinds of plants at the same place. You can even put cactus, Kentia Palm plant, Maidenhair Fern, and any plants of your choice on the same shelf.
  • The shelves are affordable because you can make them by yourself without breaking a

7. Outside Plant Stands

Midcentury Modern Plant Stands
Outside Plant Stands by pinterest

Refurbishing the house by adding plants is not only done indoor, but it is also done outdoor. In addition to the plants that grow in your garden, some decorative plants such as Swiss Cheese Plants can be put on your patio or deck. To make the plants look more awesome, putting them on midcentury modern plant stands can be your best bet.

Plant stands that you can use outdoors are varied. But these wire plant stands just look so cool with white concrete pots. The triangular legs give a simple and modern look.

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8. Plant Stand Indoor

mid century modern planter
Plant Stand Indoor by pinterest

You can also do the same thing indoors. Having various kinds of decorative plants in your living room can impress everybody who sees them. The green cactus and the trailing plants like Dischidia and Ivy accentuate the dull room and make it more exhilarating. But one thing for sure, the plant stands are so amazing.

The square midcentury modern plant stands interact with the cubic black pots and the black chairs very well, making the room look bold.

9. Plant Holders Outdoor

plant stand modern
Plant Holders Outdoor by pinterest

Invite your friends and colleagues to your deck while enjoying the spectacular landscape of your backyard. To kick it up a notch, adding some plant holders can be a wonderful idea.

Plant holders with geometric shapes inject a modern and bold look of your deck while adding some dim lights promote a romantic effect.

Do not forget to choose the appropriate colors for them. It will be better if you choose the color that is similar to the flooring or even darker to accentuate it. However, do not choose the color contrasting with the flooring.

10. Outdoor Plant Rack Stands for Multiple Plants

Outdoor Plant Rack Stands for Multiple Plants
Outdoor Plant Rack Stands for Multiple Plants by pinterest

Growing many kinds of plants on the terrace can be tricky since simply putting them on the floor will make the room look messy. You can harness the chic of a midcentury modern plant stand to hold all the plants you like while keeping them tidy and neat.

Using an outdoor plant rack stand can be a great choice. This rack is like a stair arranged differently. The color of the rack complements the flooring and wall.

11. Plant Table Stand

plant stand
Plant Table Stand by pinterest

It is obvious that midcentury modern look is all about minimalist, bold, and edgy things. But it will be better if you also put another style such as these plant stands that are usually found in vintage style.

These midcentury modern plant stands are very simple yet unique. They are just like small tables. The bronze color of the plant stands provides the touch of vintage style in the room. Arranging the plants in different height will make them look prettier.

12. Tiered Plant Stand Outdoor

outdoor plant stands
Tiered Plant Stand Outdoor by huissell.info

This tiered plant stand is super cool, thus it is the most convenient way to make your garden conspicuously awesome. In addition to being awesome, there are also some benefits of adorning your garden using this midcentury modern plant stand:

  • This plant stand is affordable. You can find an old bicycle in the nearest thrift store. Then, remove saddle and pedals. Add some more baskets to hold more flower pots. It will do in a pinch.
  • It enables you to put multiple plants in the same place with different levels.

13. Corner Plant Stand

corner plant stand
Corner Plant Stand by Xboxhut

Adding a decorative plant at the corner of a room can be great because it can improve the appearance of the room. However, only putting the plant and its pot will not work much. You had better put the plant on a midcentury modern plant stand.

This triangular plant stand fits the corner very well and leaves no space on the both walls. It has two racks which enable you to put another plant or simply a pretty little thing.

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14. Tall Plant Stands

tall plant stands
Tall Plant Stands by Gardener’s Supply

Putting some plants on various levels while arranging them based on their sizes can have subtle nuance of elegance.

This midcentury modern plant stand has an artistic look with the wider bottom part which gets narrower in the top part. There is also a little bird perching on the plant stand, making it look like a tall bird cage.

The arrangement of the plants, the bigger plants are on the bottom rack while the smaller ones are on the top rack, also creates subtle nuance.

15. Decorative Plant Stands

indoor plant stands
Decorative Plant Stands pinterest

This midcentury modern plant stand is decorative as well as functional. It enables you to put all the plants you like indoors without compromising the exquisite look.

This plant stand color interacts with the wooden floor although it is darker. It was painted dark brown to make it look bolder and distinguish it from the floor. It has four glass racks that you can use to put some plants and other decorative stuff such as photos and sculptures. I like the frames of the racks. They look like twigs.

16. Pot Plant Stand

plant stands outdoor
Pot Plant Stand by Rust-Oleum

Save big bucks with this DIY wooden plant stand. This midcentury modern plant stand is easy to use and it will not make a hole in your pocket in that you can make it from some leftover. All you need to do is just getting some nails, a hammer, and some wood.

Cut the wood as you like for the base where you put your plant on. You can shape it into a circle, rectangle, hexagon, or whatever you like. Place some wood sticks around it and nail them down to make them stick to the base firmly.

17. Wire Plant Stand

Wire Plant Stand
Wire Plant Stand by modcraft australia

Midcentury modern plant stands are available in a breadth of materials, shapes, and colors. This plant stand is made of wire that has been shaped into triangles. It proves that being awesome, elegant, and modern does not have to be complicated. A simple plant stand can inject a modern touch in your living room.

In spite of the modern look made by these two wire plant stands, a significant drawback can also be found here:

  • Blue wire plant stand does not suit the color of the drawer and floor very much.
    Decorating 101, the furniture has to get along well with each other in the term of shapes
    and colors.

18. Large Plant Stands

Large Plant Stands
Large Plant Stands by Pinterest

Add a classic look at the corner of your deck or patio with this large plant stand. It has impressive artistic details that will never fail to adorn the rooms of your house, no matter where you put it. The rosewood color injects a touch of elegance which is not too over-the- top.

This plant stand has multiple racks for multiple plants. Go get your favorite plants and arrange them on it. However, it can be quite pricey as it is not made of wood.

19. Flower Pot Stand

Flower Pot Stand
Flower Pot Stand by Remodelaholic

This will be your next DIY project. This plant stand is so simple that making it will be as easy as ABC. You will need some square wooden dowels and super glue to make the dowels stay in their exact position.

First of all, you are going to need to know the diameter of the flower pot so that it can fit the plant stand perfectly. Then, cut the wooden dowels for about 12 inches for the legs. Glue all the parts together and let the glue dry for about 25 minutes.

For the finishing touch, you can stain the stand plant or simply leave as it is for a more natural look.

20. Ladder Plant Stand

Ladder Plant Stand
Ladder Plant Stand byThe Merrythought

Keeping your decorative plants neat is not that hard in that ladder plant stand has always been many homeowners’ best bet when dealing with limited space. A ladder plant stand enables you to put many decorative plants in one place.

Now, limited space and cramped living room are not the reason of not being impressive. Just put a ladder plant stand at the corner of your living room, then add cactus, Lily, and any other beautiful plants to kick your living room up a notch.

The plant stand is also eminently simple yet adorable. You can even make it by yourself so that you can save more bucks.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]Those are 20 creative midcentury modern plant stands that many homeowners are dying for. You can get them in the nearest home improvement store or you can make them by yourself for your next DIY project. It will be so much fun. Happy trying![/su_box]

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