8 Ideas to Renovate Your Living Room

For many homeowners, the living room is the most important area of their house. This is where the whole family can gather and where your guests can relax and admire your place. In other words, this is the earth of your home.

In many cases, families end up having their meals in the living room, so that they can watch TV or be ready to go back to their everyday activities when their bellies are full. Most importantly, the living room is often the area where people tend to install their home security system hub.

With these premises, it does not surprise that you may be thinking about renovating and improving your living room. You should find the perfect balance between aesthetics, interior design, functionality and architectural features, all without sacrificing your comfort.

Even though this sounds like a mission impossible, you shouldn’t worry! Here you can find the 10 best and easiest ideas to make your living room look better and accommodate your family’s needs.

1. Play With Colours

Even the most classical living room should not be afraid to show some colours. Try to play with bright walls or some zebra-striped sofa covers. Achieving an industrial-inspired look for your living room without investing a fortune requires less effort than you think.

2. Try Different Heights…

If you wish to make your living room look taller, you can try to renovate the ceiling and play with different heights. Although this is not really a DIY project, and you may need to hire a professional to plan the renovation work, you will be surprised by the final effect.

3. …but Stay With Your Feet on the Ground

If your living room is too dark, but you cannot add any other source of natural light, you can still achieve a good result by creating a polished concrete floor. While the glossy finish will make the room immediately look brighter, the cracks and imperfections of the concrete will create a bold, contemporary effect.

the idea of renovating the living room
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4. Decorate Your Walls

We all have paintings on our walls, but what about creating a “picture frame” window? This is particularly useful if you don’t want to incorporate your kitchen into your living room, but you still wish to let both areas to have a way to communicate. You can also build some pocket doors that can be closed off when needed and will create a nice snug flow through from your living room and the hallway.

5. Functionality Over Aesthetics?

You are most likely going to spend the majority of your time in your living room. This area is used to relax, watch TV, play video games, spend time with guests, and sometimes even to have meals. For this reason, you must always try to improve your living room’s functionality, but without sacrificing style.

The first thing you should do is adding some shelving to store your books, ornaments, and even your children’s toys. If you are looking for new ideas, then you should try recessed shelving, built into your walls. This is definitely an unobtrusive storage solution that will make your house look tidier and more modern.

6. Open up Your Spaces

Planning an open area between your living room and the kitchen or the hallway, will automatically make your house look bigger. In addition, this will create more space to enjoy your flat with your family and friends. On the other hand, the new area doesn’t risk to look too cavernous, even if you don’t have additional pieces of furniture to add.

7. Enjoy More Natural Light

According to many interior designers, the key to a perfect living room is natural light. You don’t need to live by the sea or in the countryside to benefit from the sun’s light. In fact, there are many ways to catch all the natural light your living room needs.

For example, you can add a parallel bi-folding door to your balcony, or even include several glazing to your walls to maximise the amount of natural light that is going to flood in your renovated living room.

Speaking of windows, one of the latest trends in home renovation, is having a fully glazed living room. Of course, this will let you take full advantage of natural light, even if you live in a gloomy and rainy city.

8. Make Your Living Room Smart

When remodelling your living room, you must not forget to implement a new smart system, that will help you manage not only that area but your entire apartment from one single hub. You should also integrate your new smart assistant to a good, burglar-proof home security system, that will let you enjoy your new living room without worrying about intruders. This will definitely make your living room smarter and your life easier.

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