Repairing Damaged Wood with Threaded Inserts

Threaded inserts are hands down one of the most versatile types of fasteners. Inserts make it possible to place durable threads into material that is either too soft or too thin to accommodate repeated assembly and disassembly. Popular in the use of flat pack and kit furniture, threaded inserts are the perfect fastener for working with plywood or medium-density fibreboard (MDF). So, what exactly is a threaded insert?

Threaded Inserts: The Basics

Threaded inserts are small, thick tubes with screw threads on the inside and outside of the casing. Installing a threaded insert requires drilling a pilot hole, then screwing in the insert. It is that easy, and E-Z LOK’s threaded wood inserts are the best on the market.

Inserts are perfect for when you want to possibly remove a fastener at a later date or for applications that require a lot of assembly or disassembly. A threaded insert prevents thread erosion and possible splintering of wood through repeated screwing and unscrewing of fasteners.

It is possible to install inserts with a flathead screwdriver or Allen wrench. Although, most inserts recommend specialty drivers that prevent slippage.

E-Z LOK provides specialty drivers to use their inserts for their Hex Drive and Knife Thread. E-Z LOK offers their specialty drivers in easy-to-use kits that have all the tools necessary for installation

threaded inserts
threaded inserts

Types of Threaded Inserts for Wood

Soft Wood Inserts

Inserts for softwood come in two varieties: flanged and flush. Softwood inserts are hex threaded and come in many sizes to fit any application. The primary purpose of these inserts is to prevent erosion or stripping.

Ideal materials to use soft inserts in are pine lumber, composition board, plywood or MDF. Installation of these drivers is done with an Allen wrench or a specialty driver.

In addition to hex drive inserts, E-Z LOK also offers their E-Z Fin Thread Inserts for softwood and plastic applications.

Softwood inserts have a variety of uses for remodeling and repairing wood fixtures that include:

  • Refurbishing ready-to-assemble furniture
  • Mending broken drawer pulls and display case handles
  • Repairing or installing a medicine cabinet
  • Refurbishing or repairing bedside table knobs or pulls

Threaded Inserts for Hardwood

Threaded Inserts for Hardwood
Threaded Inserts for Hardwood

Perfect for use in maple, cherry and oak, E-Z LOK’s inserts come in brass and stainless steel. Brass inserts are great for use in furniture and cabinetry because they are nonmagnetic and mildly corrosion resistant. Stainless steel inserts are perfect for outdoor or water-related applications, like on a boat or in other scenarios where durability is paramount. Threaded inserts for hardwood are great for:

  • Revitalizing cabinetry
  • Customizing an office desk for easier disassembly
  • Replacing an old workbench top
  • Installing a beer tap handle

Start Threading Today

Threaded inserts for wood are the perfect way to repair, refurbish, replace or protect your wood from cracking, splintering or any other thread erosion issue. For your projects, go with the best. Go with E-Z LOK.

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