10 Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Newlyweds

Romantic bedroom ideas “Love is in the air.” Having met your partner and getting married to them is a dream of everyone. You would definitely want to make sure that your marriage goes successful, no matter what ups and downs come in between. Anyone who invests in marriage tends to uphold their end while compromising for their partners in order to ensure that they live happily. That is what true love is!

Apart from the efforts that couples make, there are some things that give a lasting impression such as romantic bedroom ideas that will enrich your love life.

Here are 10 romantic bedroom ideas that newlyweds can choose to create a lovely ambiance:

1. Bed Style & Designs

One of the most comfortable spots for anyone, particularly for newlyweds, beds design and styles can easily be made romantic to add a dreamy feel in the room. The foremost things to do is to choose good quality bed furniture so that you can remain comfortable. There are numerous furniture companies that bring a blend of exoticness and contemporary feel with their bed designs that you can easily choose from.

romantic bedroom
wedding bed with simple, floral or extra hot style

A little DIY addition such as flower headboard, ruffle pillow shams, etc. can help make you remember to love your partner. You can also choose to install canopies, cocoons or curtains to give you private time. In case you are not a bed fan, you can choose low to the ground beds too. Setting up lover’s gallery in the background of your bed, northern light themed hanging veil, hanging lanterns, etc. are some additional perks that you can choose to install.

2. Thematic Paint

Who would resist tempting interior paint that would spice up the atmosphere? Choosing the interior paint for your bedroom is highly important since you don’t want it to be shabby or extravagant too. Although you’ll probably be working out the paint colors on your own, still hiring a painting contractor will aid in choosing the best. There can be numerous options in thematic paint that you can select according to your taste and the ambiance you want. A blend of varying raspberry, red with accents, browns and cream blends or solid matte black and blue colors will give an appealing visual for your room.

romantic bedroom decoration
Modern bridal bedroom decoration with red color schemes

However, you must choose according to the size of your bedroom; that is chosen light colored with dark blends for small rooms and choose combinations of both blends accordingly for larger rooms. Exotic red, ravishing blue, mystic black, purple passion and burnt orange are some of the tempting colors that you can blend with.

3. Walls and Window Décor

Choosing what goes in your bedroom, especially for newlyweds is important because you want everything to be perfect so that you and your partner can feel a sense of comfort, love, ease, happiness without being overwhelmed by items. When decorating your walls, windows, shelves, etc. there are different ideas that you can opt for. Paintings, portraits made by you or your partner are one of the many items that you can opt for. Even if none of you is an artist, still, making something on your own just for your loved one will be art itself and you’d want it to be around you all the time.

romantic bedroom ideas for him
Romantic Painting Worthy For Newlywed

Designer items are not necessarily the option, you can even choose elegantly made low cost items that would fit best in the room, particularly if you have low space or don’t want the room to become overcrowded. For the windows, you can choose light blended blinds with the opacity level of your choice. Hanging chandeliers, swing sets near the window glass are also an option.

4. Lighting

One of the most essential elements for a bedroom, especially for the newlyweds is the lighting. The reason; lighting can play an important part in creating a romantic ambiance as well as giving a comfortable environment for you to spend time with your partner. Choosing dim lights with a central chandelier can bring out an exotic appeal for your special days.

romantic bedroom lighting
Newlywed bedroom lighting

In addition, installing elegantly made side lamps or hanging lights with dim yellow or burnt orange color will provide you a cozy atmosphere that will be a perfect companion for a night of sound sleep, together.

5. Furniture

Always remember, your bedroom is your private place, not a dining place where everyone must be present. Hence choose furniture that would only provide maximum utility for you and your partner. You can choose to be creative by installing elegant sofa settee, two person sofas for visitors, a couple of side chairs near your window that would create a perfect sitting place for both lovebirds, having a meaningful conversation while relaxing with hot cocoa.

romantic bedroom ideas for married couples
Romantic touch with bed and sofa

In addition, you can choose comfy bean bags, big enough to accommodate two persons so that you and your partner can relax while reading a book.

6. Attractive Storage

Storage is another element that is important to consider when it comes to designing the best for newlyweds. Since both of you will be having quite a luggage and items to store, there should be enough space for both. Choose to install combined cupboards for his & her stuff that would elegantly match your interior design. Woodwork would really be nice especially with central lighting. Maximize the closet using under closet drawers, built in or rotating closets can prove space saving.

2 bedroom cabins in pigeon forge
Cupboard Design For Romantic Bedroom

Create an appealing sense by installing a carpet lined towards your restroom and closets, install initials of his/her, mine/his, by names, pictures of your special time together, hanging lights, etc. Addition of spacious mirrors will also give you enough space to get ready together for any date night or any event. You should also have a separate cabin for her clothing, shoes, and accessories are recommended since females tend to have more items than men. However, you are well aware of the results too!

7. Accessories

Getting creative with accessories is another appealing way of making your room romantic. One of the most common accessories that you can choose to play with is your bedsheet and pillows. There are numerous custom made bed sheets, pillows, and cushions that are available for couples that you can choose to brighten your love life.

romantic bedroom ideas
romantic bedroom ideas

Lamps are another item that creates the perfect ambiance for your special time together. Lamps with different opacity levels, decorative filament lamps with dim and bright light options will jazz up the mood.

In addition, you can choose to place your photos in elegantly made frames at your side table or maybe hang them on your bed top to keep reminding yourself of how much you love each other.

8. Floor & Ceiling

Floors and ceilings don’t necessarily create a romantic appeal; however, when you are spending your time with your loved one, any place becomes romantic for you. For ceiling renovations, you can choose to get it matte dark painted with glow in the dark stickers or opt for color blended geometric patterns with romantic heart shaped false ceiling designs that would give both of you a perfect environment for rejuvenating your imaginations.

romantic bedroom sets
modern off white rugs for living room

For the floors, you can opt to install rugs and carpets with a fur soft enough that you can sit together with your companion and spend your time in leisure. Make sure you go with unisex items that would not illustrate masculine or feminine ambiance but keep a balance of both.

9. Personal Space

Although you and your partner are where your personal space lies, still, there are times when one or both of you need to spend your time in your own pleasure. Hence, having a place where one can sit and relax on their own would not create boundaries but help flourish love as you will be respecting the privacy of your companion.

romantic bedroom ideas for her
modern sofa set near window in living room

A sitting near the window, a comfy sofa near the bedside for book reading, a bean bag or settee are more than enough to give the personal space for your partner to relax. Trust it when giving personal space comes up as it is highly necessary to stimulate happy hormones for a successful marriage.

10. Additional Perks

Although you can choose to decorate your bedroom on your own. However, there are some ideas that you can still adopt to bring a romantic appeal to your bedroom. Choosing flavored candles especially when both of you are relaxing can be exotic too. Adding small and non-allergic floral enhancements can also increase the love between the partners since you both will try to bring floral gifts for each other every now and then.

romantic bedroom colors
romantic bedroom candle ideas for newlywed

In addition, choose a bed position that will give the best view to your TV screen for the perfect movie night experience. In case you want an exhilarating effect, you can invest in light automation that you can adjust according to your moods. Lava lamps are an exceptional addition that will give you the perfect dim light and privacy you need.
Refreshing your love life is all based on mutual contribution, compromises, trust, and sacrifices. You and your partner have withstood so much and having a personalized bedroom will make you remember of the times you had that will make your bond stronger.

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