11 Best Trendy Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen is the arena where the fate of your health is decided. So, it is essential to invest sufficiently in the kitchen and stock useful appliances, which cook the food perfectly and not lose its vital nutrients. A modern kitchen must necessarily be well equipped with useful and smart devices that will make your everyday cooking stress-free and convenient.

Here are ten kitchen appliances that are a great mix of modernity and usefulness. The purchase of these appliances will make for a great addition to your kitchen.

1. Food processor

Food processor
Food processor : pixabay.com

This is the most important kitchen appliance that offers several features to meet your daily cooking needs. You can cut, chop, grate, blend, grate, knead, and slice using a food processor in a fraction of time than it would have taken otherwise. So, you must get an effective food processor to get your major cooking jobs done, without a worry. Check out the latest food processor options, which are way smarter devices and can be operated from your mobile devices as well.

2. Blender

blender : pixabay.com

Countertop or hand-held, this essential kitchen gadget is an indispensable item that makes the cooking of soup and curries an effortless task. You simply have to plug it, turn on the switch, and whiz the ingredients to your liking. To top it all, it doesn’t even take too much counter space for storage. In recent times, you can find blenders that connect to your mobile devices and can guide you to purchase healthy groceries so that you can have an unrestricted supply of healthy smoothie day-after-day.

3. Instant Pot

instant pot
Instant pot : mykitchen.co.za

This appliance is a great pick to speed up the cooking process in your kitchen. It can work as a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, food warmer, and a yogurt maker… phewww! So, keep it at an easily accessible kitchen space to meet so many of your cooking requirements. If you are planning to buy a new one, then you must invest in the latest version that is WiFi-enabled and connects to your mobile apps as well.

4. Coffee Maker

Coffee maker
Coffee maker : pixabay.com

Now, who doesn’t want a freshly brewed coffee pouring out right in front of you, first thing in the morning? You must invest in a well sought after coffee maker that is economical, ecofriendly, and gives the best brew that there is! For the technology freaks, invest in a smart coffee maker that can be controlled via voice commands, and you can have a hot cup of coffee ready for you to sip onto, even before stepping inside the kitchen.

5. Air fryer

Air fryer
Air Fryer : foxnews.com

This kitchen appliance is such a great pick, particularly if you are fond of crispy fries, fritters, and other crunchy snacks. Not only that, but the air fryer can also be used to bake cakes, pizzas, and cookies too. If this is still not enough for you, refer to the recipes guide, the one you get along with your gadget, to try out several interesting recipes from various cuisines. So, say goodbye to the oil dripping snacks and relish crispy air-fried foods (minus the grease) from now on. Pick a smart air fryer to get the trendiest appliance in your kitchen that needs minimal manual handling and can be managed using Alexa.

6. Pots and pans

Pots and pans
Pots and pans : pixabay.com

You just won’t find a kitchen without several pots and pans, in different shapes and sizes, to assist you in your daily cooking. These are, undoubtedly, the kitchen appliances that are used most frequently and actively affect the nutritional value of all our meals, which is why it is imperative to invest wisely in them. To find the right type of stainless steel cookware check this guide from The Daring Kitchen. Here, you can look out for the most authentic reviews and shopping guide to support your purchase decisions.

7. Refrigerator

Refrigerator : pixabay.com

From the time of its invention, refrigerators have been a great gadget to have in the kitchen. Or, to put it simply, refrigerators are an essential commodity for every kitchen to increase the shelf life of various perishable and non-perishable items. Not only that, but refrigerators have also always been much more than just a cold storage device.

Every family uses refrigerators as their in-house magnet boards, and this feature has played a significant role in binding us all as a family. With the latest technological advancement, you can find refrigerators with a (sort of) built-in tablet screens on its doors to give you a personalized experience, but in the unique 21st century way!

8. Microwave oven

Microwave oven
Microwave oven : pixabay.com

These ovens are capable of doing so much more than just be used to re-heat food. This multipurpose cooking gadget can help to thaw food (including meats), bake, roast, grill, broil, cook, and boil the food. Just be careful to select its correct cooking mode to meet your cooking requirements, and soon enough, you will be using it more than your good old pal gas stove. The latest range of microwave ovens even talks (using voice command) to assist and guide you in making perfect cooking decisions.

9. Convection oven

Convection oven
Convection oven : unsplash.com

These ovens are the best alternative to stove and lets you enjoy a flame-less cooking experience. You simply have to assemble the ingredients in an oven-proof or a heat-proof dish and then bake, roast, broil, or grill food preparations, as per your desire. The trendiest oven in today’s times is the one working on WiFi and connects/ talks to you over voice commands. There are several apps (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) that offer voice-command connectivity and make your cooking experience easy, comfortable, and truly enjoyable.

10. Toaster

toaster ; pixabay.com

In the long list of technologically advanced kitchen appliances, this one may be mentioned last, but the list definitely doesn’t end here. In the latest range of toasters, you will find the one that boasts of a touch screen feature to revolutionize the way you toast your slices of bread. This appliance works on the latest technology and can make your regular toaster seem historical and outdated. The newest range of toasters has cooking sensors that toast your slices of bread, muffins, bagels, waffles, and what not, to a perfectly crisp texture!

11. Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker

One of the best foods you can cook up at home is rice. With rice, you can cook and prepare it in a lot of ways. From simple fried rice to a more complicated paella, rice is one of the most flexible ingredients you can get. With that said, the most basic rice you can cook at home is just plain, steamed rice.

Depending on the type of rice you use, the rice grains puff up into a soft white grain that’s perfect to eat. You can pair plain steamed rice with almost every protein for the perfect meal. In most Asian households, people prepare steamed rice using the traditional way. However, since modern times call for modern solutions, it’s rare to see people still cooking rice in a pot over hot charcoals.

With rice cookers, all you need to do is wash and prepare the rice and put it in the rice cooker with the right amount of water. If you’re worried about getting a mushy consistency, then always follow the 1:1 rule, 1 cup of rice for 1 cup of water. After putting in the rice and water mixture, cover it and then press the cook button on the rice cooker and you’re done. Foodal has a good selection of rice cookers that you can choose from.

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