7 Types of Bed Frame Styles You can Choose for Your Bedroom

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, one of the first and foremost things you need to identify is the type of bed frame you are going to choose. From picking the right size to finding the perfect colors, materials, and style of the bed frame, there are a number of different things you need to look for.

However, one o0f the significant factor that you need to determine is what type of bed you are going to go for in order to decorate your bedroom perfectly.

If you have no idea about the variety of options, here are some of the types of bed frame styles that you can buy without any further delay.

1. Spindle Bed Frames

One of the classic and most favorite bed styles of many people are the spindle bed frames that are an excellent choice for you for so many great reasons. From its traditional style to its timeless look, it is a full description of versatility on its own.

As you can guess by the name, this bed frame has spindles arranged in a row to create the headboard and sometimes a footboard and are typically made from wood or metal.


  • These bd frames are lightweight and easy to move for people who like to often rearrange their place.
  • The gaps between the spindles give it an airy and open look.


  • Because of its headboard, it is not comfortable for reading or relaxing your back.
  • It is generally more of a style-specific bed frame.

2. Daybeds or Futons

Daybeds or futons are basically types of beds that can be easily used as multipurpose pieces of furniture. They can be folded into a sofa and can be used as a recliner for lounging or extra seating space, or they can also be used as a bed for sleeping.

The slight difference between daybeds and futons is that futons are just simple mattresses, while daybeds come with a complete frame.


  • These beds are perfect for small places to add some extra space to the room.
  • They look extremely stylish and can be used for multiple purposes when you have people over.


  • When it comes to sizing, daybeds are not much versatile, and only one person can sleep on them.
  • Despite having twin mattresses, daybeds are bulkier than normal beds.

3. Mod-Century Modern Beds

Some of the many modern bed frame designs are inspired by mid-century beds. This style of bed frames normally have simple forms, tapered legs and are made up of wooden with polished acorn or blonde finishing.

These bed frames are inspired by mid-century furniture designs, and they look minimalistic and simple yet extremely fashionable.


  • The mid-century modern beds have sleek designs are quite low maintenance to use.
  • They are [retty versatile and can be adjusted to almost any kind of room d├ęcor.


  • As compared to simple bed frames, these solid wood frames are comparatively expensive to buy.
  • Due to their polished wooden frame, these beds are not much soft and cozy to use.

4. Canopy Bed Frames

Since the early 70’s era, canopy bed frames have been quite famous among people and are also known as four-poster beds. These types of beds have wooden frames or pillars all around the four corners of the bed.

Even in the modern and latest fashion, canopy bed frames are quite loved by the audience and hold a strong place in the furniture market.


  • The best thing about canopy beds is that they look amazingly stylish and classy in all kinds of bedrooms.
  • Due to their enveloping design, these beds tend to feel cozy and comfy to use.


  • Due to their size and pillars, they are quite difficult to move and mostly adjust to a place with high ceilings.
  • Its maintenance is pretty hard as dirt might collect all four corners of the bed frames.

5. Bunk Beds

Just like the name suggests, bunk bed frames basically have two beds build over one another, similar to a building’s floors.

These kinds of bed frames are perfect for sharing bedrooms and are mostly used in kids’ bedrooms or hostels where more than one person uses the bedroom in common with others.


  • The bunk beds are great for increasing the space in a room.
  • They can be great for kids or when you have guests over to your place.


  • They are generally taller in size and are not much easy to move from one place to another.
  • It is never easy to get in and out of the bunk beds like the one on the upper side would have to climb the stairs every time.

6. Storage Bed Frames

The storage beds are the modern-day solution to less spacious places and are designed to increase the storage space in the bedroom.

These kinds of bed frames have built-in cupboards or storage drawers under the mattress and can be used as a multipurpose furniture.


  • Due to their solid wooden frames, these kinds of beds look extremely stylish and modern when placed in your room.
  • One of the obvious pros is that they are qyuite efficient to increase or maximize the storage capacity in your bedroom.


  • Due to the strong wooden design and built-in storage drawers, these bed frames are quite difficult to move.
  • They are comparatively expensive than the average bed frames and are also hard to maintain their hardware.

7. Platform Bed Frames

These are one of the most popularly used bed frames in many households are do not require any kind of extra spring boxes to place the mattress.

The platform beds are generally shorter in height and come in a number of different designs and sleek styles according to several bedroom decors.


  • As they take up less floor space, the platform bed frames are suitable for small bedrooms with less space.
  • They are pretty affordable to buy and can be used with any type of mattress.


  • It is difficult to get in or out of this bed because of its short height especially for people who have knee problems.
  • As they are made of solid wooden polatform, they can be uncomfortable for side sleepers.

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