What AC Size Will Be Perfect for Your San Diego Home? 

San Diego residents experience temperatures as high as 44°C during peak summers. So, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that surviving hot San Diego summers without a functioning, well-maintained air conditioner would be incredibly difficult.

With features such as air purification and temperature control, air conditioners offer several benefits. Professionals from a reputed San Diego air conditioning company can help you choose and install the best air conditioner for your needs.

Consider the below factors when ascertaining what size air conditioner you need for your San Diego home.

Unit of Heat

BTU is a unit of heat and is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

BTUs are determined after considering factors like floor area, size of the building, number of occupants, location of the building, etc. You should calculate your BTU requirements before buying an air conditioner.

Size and Number of Rooms

Consider the size of the room when trying to decide on the size of your air conditioner. Interiors with a larger floor area usually require a larger air conditioner.

However, the number of rooms also plays a vital role in determining the size of your AC unit. A building with three rooms will have lower BTU requirements than a building with ten rooms.

Positioning of the Air Conditioner

The positioning of the air conditioner is also a vital consideration. If it’s a central air conditioner, you will require a large unit to cool down your entire house.

If you are looking for a window AC, a small air conditioner will be better. You can also get multiple small units for multiple windows.

Height of the Rooms 

Assess the height of your building rooms to know the best AC size for you. If you have very tall ceilings, you will require a large unit to cool your room. The volume of air inside the room is more significant compared to a standard room.

Room Type

The correct AC size varies based on room type and layout. Your kitchen and office will have several appliances that release heat as a result of their functioning.

You will require a large air conditioner to maintain optimal room temperature. A bedroom or a living room will require comparatively fewer BTUs, and hence a smaller air conditioning unit works.

Geographic Location

If your household is located in a place with extreme temperature fluctuations, you will require a large air conditioning unit to cope with those fluctuations. For instance, if you are located where the average temperature is above 86 degrees Fahrenheit, you will require a high-power air conditioner.


If your room has entrances and passages allowing natural sunlight and airflow, you will require a bigger air conditioner to cool your room. The BTUs will be 10% or higher in rooms that allow sunlight to enter.

The Number of Residents

Over 84% of San Diego households have at least two residents. The greater the number of people in the house, the larger your AC unit must be to ensure everyone remains comfortable.

Contact experts from the best San Diego air conditioning company to understand your size requirements more accurately. These experts can help you find the best air conditioning unit that suits your needs and budget.

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