Blocked pipes and drain clogs may seem like minor issues, but they can quickly escalate into major problems if neglected for long. A clogged drain can cause flooding, slow water drainage, corrosion, and a range of other issues. To deal with it, you must know what is causing the blockage in the first place.

Often, clearing debris and removing roots in plumbing lines are among the most familiar services plumbers provide. Most people do not realize that these are some of the primary reasons for clogged drains.

The leading causes for main sewer line blockage are listed below, indicating how serious the problem can be.

1. Debris

Hair strands, dirt, small objects, and toilet paper buildups are major culprits for drain clogs. Even bits of traditional soap bars can cause blockages as they are made primarily of grease and fat. Food wastage is another significant reason behind blocked pipelines. All these combined or by themselves become stubborn debris that causes severe water logging issues, clogging the mainline in your home.

2. Tree Roots

If there is a tree near the mainline, even the tiniest cracks or leaks in underground pipes can cause the tree roots to infiltrate and grow into them. As the roots begin to grow, they will obstruct water flow and cause irreversible pipe damage. Clearing your drain lines of tree roots can be a complex challenge as it often requires pressure jet cleaning, rooter service, excavation, and trenchless repair, among other things.

Therefore, it is vital to hire professionals for removing roots in plumbing lines as they have the tools, skills, experience, and expertise to do so. Furthermore, they can deal with the issue in a way that clears up your main sewer line while ensuring that the tree isn’t harmed in the process.

3. Mineral Buildup

When minerals dissolve in hard water, they form masses that can block drain lines. Moreover, excessive rainfall may cause water with debris to enter the residential lines and result in flooding, increasing the mineral buildup. A quick fix is to install a water softener if hard water is the issue. But if that is not feasible and the issue is unresolved, it is best to seek the help of a plumber to assess the situation. They can make regular checks to descale and clear sediment buildup in the pipeline.

How you can help

When you encounter a drainage system blockage, the first thing you must do is to call a trusted plumber. They are experts in clearing blockages and solving any other plumbing problems you may be facing. Moreover, they can make a sewer camera inspection to determine the cause of the clog and decide the best course of action.

But while it is not advisable to try cleaning blocked drain lines yourself, you can do a couple of things until a plumber arrives to fix the issue.

First, clear the area of the sewage as it contains bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause dangerous diseases. For this reason, ensure none of the family members strays into the contaminated area. Also, remember not to use a drain cleaner as it may worsen the issue by damaging the pipes. Finally, shut off the water to prevent further water backing.

When all this is done, all you need is to wait for the plumber to arrive and fix the clog issue for good.

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