Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas, Light Blue & Dark Blue Bedrooms

Blue bedroom ideas – A bedroom plays important role for the residents of the house. The importance of bedroom is significant that nowadays people often do a bedroom makeover. For you who like blue color, this article will show briefly about blue bedroom ideas.

#Blue Bedroom Ideas#

[su_heading size=”20″]A. Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas[/su_heading]

1. Navy Blue Bedroom Design

Navy blue bedroom design
Navy blue bedroom design by

Navy blue color might not be the favorite color to be painted and used for a bedroom. However, with the right trick and mix and match, this color is actually giving the room an elegant vibe.

As a starter, you can paint one side of wall that the bed headboard is put by navy blue paint and let the other sides of walls remain white. It makes a good contrast if the color of the headboard is white.

Decorations like bedside lamp can be put in both sides of the bed, and you can also hang several pictures by the wall. You need to consider the amount of navy blue color that you put in this blue bedroom ideas, because if you put the room all in navy blue, it will seem too ‘dark’.

2. Navy Blue Bedroom Walls

Navy Blue Bedroom Walls
Navy Blue Bedroom Walls by

Paint the room with navy blue color and choose the furniture with different color. A white double (full size) bed is put right in the center of the room with white quilt. You can put the lazy chair on either side of the bed and position a table for study as well.

To make the room seems brighter, if you have room with big window, you can put small plants in pot. This blue bedroom idea with navy blue paint and big window offer a great lightning in the morning.

Once you open the window, the sunlight will radiate through the room. On a side note, you need to choose the lamp carefully. Do make sure it is bright enough for night use. If you failed to find the correct lamp, it will end up as a bedroom with dim light.

3. Navy Blue Bedroom Curtains

Navy Blue Bedroom Curtains
Navy Blue Bedroom Curtains by

A wooden floor, a rug, a wooden night stand, and two square sofas are definitely the things to make the bedroom more comfortable and homey. The addition of square sofa gives space to sit down and relax.

The color combination of the rug, which consists of blue and white color is lively too. Although the curtains are all navy blue, you can have another navy blue curtains for a change. For example, a navy blue curtain with flower pattern.

The presence of Navy blue curtains in the bedroom will make you wanting to stay inside for the day.This blue bedroom idea is quite simple because you do not have many furniture. All you need is a bed, sofa, and table for lamp. Due to less furniture present in the room, it gives a spacious area.

4. Navy Blue Bedroom Design

Navy Blue Bedroom Design
Navy Blue Bedroom Design by

This blue bedroom idea make use of two basic colors, white and navy blue. Even if it seems too simple or too ordinary, you still have to come with creative idea so that the bedroom won’t look too monotone.

The wall is painted with navy blue color, the bed is in white color with the addition of white and blue pillow bag and quilt. A white rug that is put on the wooden floor adds awarm atmosphere.

The white curtains will reflect more sunlight to the room. To make the room looks lovely, one or two picture in frame can be hanged on the wall. Of course a white frame is best, for its color is the same as the bed and curtain.

A small drawer can be positioned beside the bed, and on top of it, a white lamp is placed. Small plant in pot or plant imitation can be put together with the bedside lamp.

5. Navy Blue Bedroom for Girls

Navy Blue Bedroom for Girls
Navy Blue Bedroom for Girls by

There is always a room for girly stuffs in a bedroom for girls. In this blue bedroom idea, the use of navy blue color is applied on the wallpaper. It is not a plain wallpaper, but a navy blue wallpaper with circle pattern.

Hanging lamps make the room feels cuter and girly. On the corner of the room, near the window, a space dedicated for girl stuffs like dolls or girl toys is located. The bedroom is small and it nearly does not have any space for drawers or cabinet.

To solve the problem, make use of multi-level drawer. It saves space and can contain lot of things as well. The disadvantage of having small bedroom like this is that one cannot really experiment with furniture and such. However, this bedroom idea is best suited for a family with little girls.

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6. Navy Blue Master Bedroom Ideas

navy blue master bedroom ideas
navy blue master bedroom ideas by

Master bedroom is usually used for parents or newly married couple. This blue bedroom idea emphasizes on the use of glasses as the wall. This way, it can be said that this room idea does not necessarily have walls.

There is only one side of wall located against the headboard. This side of wall is painted in navy blue, and as the other walls are glasses, only curtains are necessary. For a master bedroom, this idea give the playful and intimate vibes.

The blue color is used for the pillow bag and the quilt, and the other stuffs are covered in other colors. A big painting on the wall is like a statement that the room owner has some side of creativity.

However, there is also downside of having the walls of glasses which can result in lack of privacy. As it is glasses wall, other people can easily see the room in the day.

[su_heading size=”20″]B. Light Blue Bedroom Ideas[/su_heading]

1. Light Blue Bedroom

Light Blue Bedroom
Light Blue Bedroom by Light Blue Bedroom

Unlike the navy blue color that looks strong and somewhat intimidating, light blue is quite the opposite. Its color have soothing and calming effect. If it is applied as the color of blue bedroom idea, surely it will be a great turnout. The bedroom is covered in light blue color, start from the wall to the furniture. As it is a light color, it will not get
monotone, yet one needs to think how to place the things carefully.

In the picture, there is a corner shaped like a half of circle and in there, two sofas are placed. In the middle of the room is the bed, along with two short chairs in the end of the bed.

The advantage of having light color as the color of one’s room is that it does not need any unnecessary decoration. One or two simple decoration like lamp or small table will do fine.

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2. Light Blue Bedroom Walls

Light Blue Bedroom Walls
Light Blue Bedroom Walls by

In this blue bedroom idea, the only light blue colored thing is the wall. Whilst the wall is light blue, the other things in the room is all white. To make a contrast one or two, put a black chair near the window, or have a dark colored pictured frame hanging on the wall or put on the table.

In the picture, the bed, cover, and the quilt are white, however, if one like to experiment, choosing another color is an open option. Without much colors, bedroom with light blue walls is perfect for those who love simplicity.

3. Light Blue Bedroom Curtains

Light Blue Bedroom Curtains
Light Blue Bedroom Curtains by

Light blue curtains can go well with the mix of white and turquoise. Turquoise sofa adds warmness through the bedroom, and the green curtains can freshen the room. At a glance, light blue curtains might not be the necessary equipment in a bedroom, yet in this blue bedroom idea, the color is so soft that it does not need an overly pattern or

It is also best if the window of the bedroom is big and large, so when the sun shines and radiates the room, the combination of the light blue curtain and the sunrays will give a lovely sight in the morning or even evening. Hanging lamp or atelier can give the royal and luxurious feelings to the bedroom.

4. Light Blue Bedroom Colors

Light Blue Bedroom Colors
Light Blue Bedroom Colors by

Do not want to be in hassle to paint a bedroom? Then why don’t try the wallpaper with light blue colors? It is easily accessible and sold in most of house equipment store. This blue bedroom idea with light blue wallpaper is well suited for girls in their teen age or for young adult as well.

Pot of flowers liven the room, and you can put two or three vases in the corners. For example, put one on the table near the bed, and put the other one near the window. A big wardrobe that is located across the bed will give the owner an easy access to get change of clothes. In the corner near the window, you can also put the makeup vanity

[su_heading size=”20″]C. Dark Blue Bedroom Ideas[/su_heading]

1. Dark Blue Girls Bedroom

Dark Blue Girls Bedroom
Dark Blue Girls Bedroom by

Dark blue with dim lights in a bedroom create a futuristic and edgy room. The color of dark blue itself, is strong that if one wants to mix and match, it needs a proper preparation and design.

This time, dark blue is used for the ceiling lamp’s color. The shape of the lamp is unique, circle with a space between. It reminds us of those scientific movies out there. When switched on, the lamp turns blue and the light makes the room becoming more mysterious.

The carpet on the floor is a good use if the floor gets easily cold in winter or rainy season. The main ‘attraction’ in this blue bedroom idea is the shape and color of the light. Sure it might cost a lot, but given the fact that the owner of the bedroom will have quite an atmosphere to sleep in is surely worth it.

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2. Bedroom Dark Blue with Stars

Bedroom Dark Blue
Bedroom Dark Blue With Stars by

Imagine having a bedroom that is full of dark blue color and the surrounding is covered in silver/gold-like colors. That is such an intimidating bedroom you have! There is only one word to describe this blue bedroom ideas unusual.

The combination of dark blue and silver/gold color is strange at first, but in the end, it fits into one. The walls are dark blue whereas the bed and the curtains are gold/silver. The lamp is also in blue shade which makes it more interesting and mysterious.

However, as unusual as it is, not many people will choose this idea for a bedroom. Those who are adventurous enough will take on this challenge to create a bedroom that is exhilaratingly unordinary.

3. Dark Blue Background Walls

Dark Blue Background Wall
Dark Blue Background Wall by

Choose a patterned dark blue wallpaper and turn the bedroom into a cozy den. The pattern of the wallpaper may vary, and this bedroom idea uses flowerlike pattern that is similar to Indonesia’s batik. A long sofa situated across the windows give access to see the scenery of the sky.

Moreover, small chair leaning against the window can be used as a lazy spot where you can sip your morning coffee or night milk. A simple bed with the touch of dark blanket goes well with the wallpaper. Small pillows on the long sofa can be used as a sofa bed, where you are just too tired and not wanting to lie on the bed.

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4. Dark Blue Bedroom

Dark Blue Bedroom
Dark Blue Bedroom by

The next blue bedroom idea is a mix between a bedroom and living room. While usually we can see things like cabinet filled with books or hobby’s corner in the living room, this time, we can see them in the bedroom too.

In the room’s design, a big cabinet is placed with the bed, so that there is little space for placing a reading lamp. The cabinet can be filled with books, miniatures, or pictures in frames. Across the bed is the study desk with the chair. Right before the window is the hobby’s corner.

You can put soccer ball, baseball gloves, or world globe there. As the dark blue is dominant in the room, thus it liven up to the expected name of dark blue bedroom.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]Blue color has many shades and as explained above, navy blue, light blue, and dark blue are the shades that can be used for a bedroom. Whether you paint the wall or choose the furniture with one of the shades, it can give new experience and satisfaction.
Those blue bedroom ideas might be the basic ideas for bedroom makeover. You can play with colors, patterns, or decorations and make your bedroom looks unordinary.[/su_box]

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