Affordable Bathroom Decorating Ideas That Make a Difference

Whether you are selling, buying, or comfortable where you are, interior design updates can be costly – especially bathroom renovations. But there are ways to acquire a stylish upgrade, even if you have to hold off on getting your dream tub or shower. Consider these inexpensive decorating tips that can make your bathrooms appear fresh and lavish.

Matching accessories and hardware

Add brass or rose gold accents to your faucets, mirrors, soap dispensers, and more to create a harmonious look that ties the room together. If brass isn’t your style, consider black or silver, as long as the colors complement each other.

Keep everything one color

Another idea is painting everything in one color. You’ll want to use mold and mildew-proof primers and paint. White is a good option for a fresh clean aesthetic that can be added with a plant in the corner or a colorful rug for accents.


Sometimes, replacing a sink or tub is out of the question. But enhancing the room with a few upgraded accessories can make your space appear high-quality and chic. Fancy soap or matching hand towels can impress guests. A few fake plants can add the right amount of green to a dull corner. Even the addition of a brass or metallic tissue box that matches the bathroom hardware creates a more expensive aesthetic.


Using wallpaper for an accent wall is a fun and easy way to elevate your room while staying under budget. This option is great for designers who enjoy a colorful or patterned look, or feel crafty enough to make their own DIY wallpaper. Use heat-and-moisture-resistant wallpaper to avoid peeling.

Shelving and cabinetry

Adding an etagere or building shelves is an affordable way to organize your space with style. Place towels, candles and fragrances on your shelves for guests to use or simply to appear pretty and orderly.

Shower curtains

Add color and texture with a fun shower curtain or create a cleaner, more modern visual with a cream or a warm white. A shower curtain is another great way to tie a room together by matching its design elements to other items within the space.

Paint the floors

Laying tile can be costly as well as time-consuming. Painting your floors is a cheaper alternative. You can add hand-painted details, stencil a pattern on vinyl flooring, or keep it simple with one color.


Swapping out the lighting in your bathroom can be an inexpensive way to elevate your space to look more luxurious. Hang a chandelier or insert can lights you can dim for a peaceful atmosphere while in the tub.

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to break your budget. There are many ways to upscale your room with simple design elements such as plants, replacing hardware, or even the addition of a fancy soap dispenser or tissue box. If you are selling, lavish bathrooms are a huge attraction for buyers. If you are just looking to upgrade your space, then consider the affordable tips for a noticeable difference.

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