What Happens When Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs An AC Repair?

Having a defective air conditioner is truly inconvenient, especially during the peak of the summer season. Since not everyone enjoys high heat and humidity, it would be better if you could turn on the AC and have cold air filling the room in a matter of minutes. However, there’ll come a time when you’ll need to call for AC repair due to certain issues you can’t address on your own.

Signs Of A Broken Air Conditioner

Signs Of A Broken Air Conditioner
Signs Of A Broken Air Conditioner

When you turn on your AC, you can expect to hear a soft ambient sound and feel that the room is getting cooler. However, if your AC doesn’t perform like how it’s supposed to, you need to request the best AC repair service in your area. For example, if you live in Virginia and you’ve heard of a company that might be able to help you, you can search for ‘AC repair Ashburn – DM Select Service’ online in order to have your AC up and running again. Opting for local services will save you a lot of time and effort.

Here are the things you should look out for to determine whether your AC needs repairs:

1. Your AC Does Not Produce Cold Air 

The primary purpose of an AC is to keep the temperature in a room at a level that’s comfortable for you. So if you turned the unit on an hour ago yet the area’s still warm, this could be a sign that there’s something wrong with your AC, which means it should be fixed. Moreover, if the AC produces not cold air but a warm breeze, it’s a clear indicator that your AC is faulty.

However, before you reach out to an AC repair company, see to it that the unit’s on cooling mode and that it’s set to a temperature that’s lower than the room temperature. This will allow you to confirm that there’s a problem with your AC even if you use the correct settings.

2. You Hear Loud Clanking Sounds 

A running AC should only produce humming sounds. While some units may have a slightly louder sound, it should never be too distracting or make it difficult for you to sleep. Therefore, when you notice that your AC’s unusually noisy, it may be a good time to request AC repair so professionals can assess the condition of your equipment and repair it immediately.

You should listen for clanking, grinding, squealing, grating, or any loud sounds. With these types of noises, it could be that there’s a component in your AC that’s come loose or an old part that needs to be replaced.

3. There Is Water Leaking On The Wall

The only thing that your AC should do when you turn it on is to cool the air in the entire room. However, if you see that there’s water dripping on the wall where the unit’s installed, it could be an indication of an issue requiring repair.

In most cases, an AC will leak if you fail to clean it regularly. Prior to calling a professional, you should try to clean your AC by removing its filter and washing it with water in your garage. If the problem still occurs, you should get in touch with an AC repair company.

In the first place, there should be no electrical wiring in the area near your AC. This will help you avoid any electrical damage, which can cause a bigger problem. Should there be any wiring close by, unplug everything and switch it off at the fuse box.

4. The Unit Undergoes Intense, Frequent Cooling Cycles

The moment you turn on your AC and it’s on auto mode, it’ll go into full blast so it can cool the air as soon as possible. Once the room is already at the right temperature, the AC fan and the rest of the system shuts off. After a couple of minutes, your AC might rerun to maintain the temperature.

As your AC goes through the cooling cycle, you’ll hear the machine working its way to a cool temperature. It may produce a slightly heavier sound, but it shouldn’t be loud enough to wake you.

If you notice that your AC goes through the cooling cycle more frequently than usual, there might be a problem with it. This could be because it can’t detect the temperature in the room or the machine doesn’t know when to stop. Not only will this make the room extra cold, but it will also increase your electricity bill and burn your pockets. This is particularly bad news for you if you’re looking for ways to improve your AC’s efficiency. Fortunately, a reliable AC repair company will be able to help you deal with the matter.

5. It Produces An Unusual Smell

An AC should never give off a smell when you turn it on. But before you assume that it’s coming from the unit, you should inspect the whole room and check all possible sources of the unusual odor. If you’re able to determine that it’s indeed because of your AC, you should turn it off immediately and have it repaired.

Even if you think that the smell is harmless, you can never know right away why your AC’s producing it. It’s best practice to switch it off as the odor could indicate mold formation inside the unit, which can harm your family’s health. Moreover, a strong smell can mean there’s burned wire insulation you need to replace.

While using an air freshener may help mask the smell, requesting AC repair is the best route to take. This way, you can run your AC without risking your family’s health.


One of the worst problems you can encounter during the summer season is a faulty air conditioning unit. When you notice any signs of malfunction or damage with your AC, you should call a seasoned provider of AC repair at once. While it may be tempting to postpone the service, doing so could lead to bigger problems with the unit or health risks for everyone in your household if the issue is an off-putting smell.

Apart from seeking the assistance of professionals, you should always be mindful when it comes to the condition of your AC. A small problem can get worse and become costly to address when ignored.

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