5 Benefits of Using Polyaspartic Coating

Twenty years ago, a leading chemical company introduced a breakthrough coating to the world of building and construction. This material was first utilized as a protective seal coating for the steel components of infrastructures, such as bridges. It prevents corrosion and offers protection from moisture.

Nowadays, the uses for polyaspartic coating goes beyond bridges and buildings. It’s already a common material used in garage floors, commercial kitchen and restrooms, countertops, and basements.
If you’re planning to renovate or build your home or business from scratch, consider this type of coating. Examine the following benefits to give you a clear idea of how this material can be an excellent option for your floors.

1. Fast and Safe Application

Polyaspartic floor coating is almost odorless and quick-drying. For facilities that are always occupied, such as hospitals and pharmacies, this kind of floor coating installation is recommended. The operation of these critical facilities will not be disturbed even if there is an ongoing installation.

Installation and full curing only take 24 hours or less, depending on the floor size and site conditions. High-quality polyaspartic coating do not emit harmful gases during and after application. It will not lessen the indoor air quality, making it safe both for the construction crew and the occupants as well.

2. High Level of Protection

Polyaspartic coating is well-know for its ability to withstand chemicals, impact, punctures, abrasions, and variations in temperature. These qualities make this coating durable and easy to clean. It also provides value for money because of its long lifespan.

This coating is also ideal for outdoor use since it’s UV resistant and does not discolor even after exposure to the weather elements.

It’s also effortless to maintain and would not need costly maintenance procedures, such as waxing and resurfacing treatments.

3. Customizable Features

The versatile polyaspartic coating can be customized according to the needs of your home or facility. It may be used as a top coat or as a stand-alone system.

This coating can also be used for decorative purposes since it also comes in different colors and designs, such as colored quartz blends or colored chips.

Facilities that have special requirements can also benefit from polyaspartic coating. Customizations like slip and skid resistance are possible with a few requests from your professional installer.

Your installer can also formulate antimicrobial options for extra protection on facilities that need to be as sterile as possible.

4. Versatility

Polyaspartic coatings are used in various applications across different industries. They are perfect for either indoor or outdoor settings. They are also ideal for facilities that need the utmost safety from odor or harmful fumes.

The following spaces will benefit from polyaspartic coatings.

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores.
  • Shopping malls and retail outlets.
  • Medical and healthcare facilities.
  • Schools, universities, and other educational institutions.
  • Museums, convention, and entertainment centers.
  • Offices and other industrial areas.

5. High Aesthetic Quality

The strength and sturdiness of construction materials should not compromise the aesthetic value of a structure. Any facility can be strong and beautiful at the same time. A floor is a visible part of any structure. Therefore, it must be pleasing to the eyes.

A polyaspartic coating has a crystal-clear coating that won’t change its color even when there is moisture present in the concrete. It has a high gloss finish that matches will always look clean and polished. It also ensures decreased gas bubbles that often result from outgassing due to its fast curing rate.

With all these benefits, you’re sure that you will get the most value for your money. Renovations and constructions are an investment, so you need the best materials that can withstand the test of time.

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