10 Ideas For Carpet In The Living Room

Need carpet ideas? There is always interest in spicing up living room décor. One of the few items that have a significant impact on the space available in the living room would be a carpet. It is possible to get all the accent colors in one place when using the correct living room carpet. One can also add patterns if the color palette is neutral, or they can also make edges in a contemporary room softer. Such a powerful aspect cannot be chosen so lightly, and several parameters have been kept in mind while selecting this product.

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1. Natural Look

It is the wish of some homeowners to have a living room that has a lot of natural appeals. Thankfully, Kay Burton home repair expert from homemakerguide.com says that it is possible using carpets that have a lot of natural inspiration. For, there are carpets with tones that are based on several molten metals. It is possible to grab a rug with a copper tone so that the living room gives off a bold image. An accent piece to go along with this carpet makes for an inspirational look. Let’s see more carpet ideas!

Modern carpet with a natural look
Modern carpet with a natural look. The white-grey color produces a soothing effect, and the combination of dots gives a nice pattern for the eye. Pros: white furniture works very well with grey-ish or metallic colors. Cons: lighter colors need frequent cleaning.

2. Mid-Century Style

The clean lines and colorful furniture associated with mid-century décor is quite impressive. Many of the carpet ideas with vibrant colors are a perfect fit for this style. Since colored furniture takes up a lot of focus, one should look at a carpet that has a bold pattern. This pattern will be able to highlight the adorable furniture while maintaining the overall style with precision.

Vibrant, mid-century carpet in a modern home
Vibrant, mid-century carpet in a modern home. Pros: the bright, dominant colors will bring a spark of creativity in your home. The carpet will definitely be the center of attention in a modern house. Cons: these carpets might be pricey, and there are many counterfeit products on the market.

3. Vibrancy from the Carpet

Naturally, some people do not want to paint their living room in bright colors. However, it is possible to lift the overall aura of the space with vibrant carpet ideas. Some people are offended by bright colors since they are not easy on the eye. However, this is true only when bright colors are on the walls. If not, they will be able to add a lot of fun hues that can result in an instant transformation.

Classic-modern living room with a blue carpet
Classic-modern living room with a blue carpet. Pros: vibrant colors demand attention and become the central point of focus in a room. Cons: depending on the color, the rug may need too frequent cleaning.

4. Tropical Inspiration

It is possible to get a lot of variety into the colors when using carpets, and this is one of the carpet color ideas that can especially be a boon for people who love tropical designs. It can be quite a bold option, but the big patterns and vibrant colors will be able to enhance the tone of the floor. There is also an added advantage of making throw pillows and artwork in such a way that they carry over accent colors from the carpet palette. Let’s now see more carpet ideas.

Tropical inspiration means having the color of the sand in your living room
Tropical inspiration means having the color of the sand in your living room. At least for some people, as pictured in this image. Pros: if you are aiming for the color only, you can pick from a wide variety of dimensions. Cons: it is a bit hard to match colors if you’re aiming for a tropical feel

5. Combining Living and Dining Rooms

One of the exciting designs in homes would be to blend living and dining rooms into cramped space, as per family room carpet ideas. They can mingle with ease. However, open floor plans can become a nightmare when it comes to tying two places together without losing the identity of each. One can create a unified look by choosing the perfect dining room carpet ideas. A great way to unify two places together is by going with a standard color. The two spaces can be brought together by going with a shared color for carpets or different patterns like florals and stripes that use the same color.

Modern living room combined with a dining room with a unique carpet
Modern living room combined with a dining room with a unique carpet. Its colors are adjusted to the overall design. Pros: when combining a living room with a dining room, you can buy multiple small rugs to maintain complementarity. Cons: this combination might not work if you cook too much; the smell can be impregnated into the carpets.

6. Coastal Blues

Many would like to have a living room that takes a lot of inspiration from a beach. This is one of the carpet ideas that need to be mentioned. Even if the home is not near a beach or does not have any sea view, it’s possible to recreate some magic by going with the new carpet and accessories. Some of the modern living room carpet decorating ideas would recommend going with an air carpet that has neutral colors like grey, white, or beach. There should also be ocean blues as the critical figure. It is also permissible for such carpets to come with floral patterns or soft stripes.

Blue carpet with a calm, soothing nuance
Blue carpet with a calm, soothing nuance. It is said that blue is the go-to color for bedrooms, but you can also use it for your living room. Pros: calm, natural color that can be used with almost any kind of furniture (especially white). Cons: it might need frequent cleaning.

7. Golden Touch

It has become a fashion symbol to use a lot of gold accents in many places. It is possible to add a dash of gold in the house without taking away any brushed nickel décor. The presence of warm gold in carpets goes along well with this combination. It will also be able to mix well with old and new metal finishes. It is easy to clean this carpet using the upholstery cleaner widely available in the market. This does not cause any irreversible damage to the rug while cleaning with aplomb every time.

Nice living room with a carpet that has inserts of golden color
Nice living room with a carpet that has inserts of golden color. Pros: incredibly unique piece of furniture. It can be adjusted with traditional design. Cons: Hard to find on the market

8. Traditional with Contemporary Twist

Any living room is likely to get its dated look over some time. It is possible to add some timeless style by introducing a new décor that has a modern vibe. It is possible to make these changes even when working on a room with a traditional design, as per the latest living room ideas. Certain variations can be made to the main styles so that the living room looks a lot more interesting. These changes can provide a contemporary to an otherwise traditional living room with its same old colors.

Very modern living room designed in a traditional style
Very modern living room designed in a traditional style. The carpet says “traditional,” but it’s still a very fashionable product. Pros: contemporary looks allow you to add a bit of modern in a traditional room. Cons: it’s tricky to get the right fit.

9. Versatile Patterns

A trend when it comes to living room patterns is to go with carpets that are not just pretty to look at, but those who are also quite smart. This is made possible by using weathered trends, which are capable of muting colors that tend to overpower any other style or pattern in the room. For example, all the latest modern carpet ideas would opt for a subtle mix of grey, teal, and blue can be very effective at producing a versatile pattern that goes along with any decorating style.

Contemporary living room with an incredible view and a carpet with an intriguing pattern
Contemporary living room with an incredible view and a carpet with an intriguing pattern. Pros: versatile patterns allow room to continue wall patterns on the floor.

10. Mixture

There would be individuals who want to have stripes in their carpets, but they are simply not ready to help them across the entire breadth and width. In this case, the home carpet ideas would recommend going with carpets that have a good mix of stripes along with patterns so that they can bring the best of both worlds. If the rug is going to be used in a casual living room, it is better to go with a mixture of neutral colors and whimsical pastels for a great combination.

An incredible mixture of lines for the carpet in this living room
An incredible mixture of lines for the carpet in this living room. Pros: blends offer balance in interior design. Cons: you need to pay attention to the other lines in the room when combining.

Things to Consider When Choosing Living Room Carpet

Let’s see the most important things. We’ve listed them below.


Many people end up making the mistake of choosing small carpets compared with the relative size of the room. It is quite common to find dimensions of 9 x 12 feet, 8 x 10 feet, and 6 x 9 feet when shopping for living room carpets, as these are referred to as the standard sizes.

However, it is also possible to get a custom-made solution if these sizes do not fit into your room. A common conception is that custom-made products are expensive, but this may not be the case since it depends on the material to a huge extent. Irrespective of the length and breadth dimensions, it is essential for ideas on how to decorate a living room to go for at least 4 to 8 inches of free space around the carpet, so that the bare floor is visible.

Modern room with a carpet that is adjusted to colors in the room and covers most of it
Modern room with a carpet that is adjusted to colors in the room and covers most of it. Pros: a big rug can mask issues with the floor and can also provide warmth during winter. Cons: it requires frequent cleaning.


Patterns and colors can create a lot of difference. It is possible to add interest in a room that is primarily known for neutral furniture by going with carpet ideas that have patterns, as per those provocative living room floor ideas from magazines. Similarly, an electric room can be toned down by opting for a solid color on the carpet. One can also make a color choice depending on the maintenance routine, as patterned carpets are capable of hiding spills and dirt to a great extent.

However, a rug with solid colors will show off these stains more easily.
There would be individuals who would prefer colorful carpet ideas even if the room is colorful, as per floor ideas for the living room. In this instance, it is essential to go with colors that can coordinate well with each other. If two colors in the fighting between each other, it can create a space that looks clustered from a variety of angles.

Simple carpet in tone with the colors in the room
Simple carpet in tone with the colors in the room. Pros: adjusting the carpet with the room’s color creates a soothing environment, especially if the colors are relaxing. Cons: you need to research plenty of products to find the right fit.


Even though hard surfaces like hardwood have always featured in the pages of magazines that deal with interior design, carpet can provide a style of its own. One can land an elegant and luxurious feel with a carpet, but it can also offer a comfy and casual appearance. If the living room is more relaxed, one can consider going with a long frieze. Most of the living room furniture ideas would also recommend one to go with a patterned carpet with a short pile if the room is more of formal living space.

Simple bedroom with a small carpet
Simple bedroom with a small carpet. Carpets need style, not size. Pros: a stylish rug can be used anywhere. Cons: hard to find.


Carpets need to feel luxurious and comfy for many people. In fact, it might be one of the first requirements for those in the market for a new carpet. In this case, it is possible to find a lot of differences in terms of texture. If it is made up of silk, it can be beautiful and soft. At the same time, unique carpet ideas take us to a whole lot more expensive range of products while also making it difficult to clean. If the carpet added softness and warmth, the latest living room floor lamp ideas would recommend going with wool as the primary material. It should be remembered that natural products like jute can be tough.

Advantages (Pros) of Carpets

There are some key advantages when using carpets. These are not just limited to the living room, as these are generic advantages of the product.


The body is likely to develop aches and sores after spending a considerable amount of time walking or standing on concrete or ceramic tiles. This is due to the lack of flexibility of these hard surfaces, as per the latest ideas for stairs instead of carpet. Our body requires a soft surface from time to time so that they act as shock absorbers. It effectively means that walking on a hard surface puts the body under a great amount of pressure every time you take a step. Instead of the floor absorbing the impact, it is your body that is taking all the force.

Apart from being comfortable to walk or stand on, carpets can also be comforting with the additional levels of cushioning and flexibility. All contemporary wood floor living room ideas would recommend this option since it makes it easier to stand on a carpet for an extended period.

Insulation and Warmth

Group of friends chatting over a thick carpet
Group of friends chatting over a thick carpet. Pros: thick carpets can offer warmth and insulation. Cons: they are usually more expensive.

A major consumer of carpets would be people in the northern part of the equator. Here, winters are much colder than near the equator. In this instance, insulation becomes a priority in many households. The flooring materials do not end up being an excellent insulator, and their hard surface also makes them poor for this task. Irrespective of the thickness, a carpet will be able to provide a higher level of insulation regardless of the type of fiber used. Thus, a carpet has the potential to save a lot of energy and money for the user. Since heating is one of the biggest costs associated with a home during winter months, carpet ideas are aware that a lot of cost savings can be achieved by using a good quality carpet.


A lot of debate has always persisted when it comes to the health concerns caused by carpets. There have been people who argue that problems like allergies and asthma are caused as a direct result of carpets and the material found in these products. However, this has not been scientifically proven, and this is just good enough for coming up with a whole new crop of living room carpet ideas. Even without the lack of scientific knowledge, many people have ended up tearing carpets in the hope of finding a solution to allergies and asthmas. Even after switching to a hard floor surface, one would find that these problems continue to exist. Carpets are not known to cause health issues while they are also not known to enhance health.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Carpets

We’ll keep this short since the pros outweigh the cons. Having carpets in your home requires you to clean them regularly, and this comes with additional costs and time that needs to be invested. What’s more, carpets can attract plenty of dust if you don’t do regular cleaning, and this is not a really good choice if you have white or black furniture. However, the decision is all yours in the end.


Carpets are a fantastic choice to decorate your living room. They can also be an expensive option if you choose high-quality products. In the end, you can choose whatever style of carpets fits your home, but do not forget that they need regular cleaning. We hope our carpet ideas will help you make the right choice.

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