Highly-Recommended Chicken Roosting Ideas For Coop

If you are planning to design a coop or roosting bars for your chicken, you might need some chicken roosting ideas. The chicken roosting is the spot where your chicken needs to perch when it’s time to sleep. Chicken enjoy sleeping on the roosting bars.

Sometimes, we get confused in constructing the chicken cages, and how the roost must be built, precisely. You might need to know what’s the right concept of chicken roosting ideas, the ones that get them comfortable.
You may need to know more about chicken roosting ideas or what the chicken need. Intuitively, chickens will look for high ground for sleeping time. They do that because they wanna be safe from predators, it’s their instinct.

One fascinating fact you need to know, chickens poop while they sleep. So, you need to consider placing the roosting bar where you can handle the droppings easily. The width and the height of the roosting need to be properly considered.

The height needs to be as low as a foot off the ground. The length of the roosting needs to be greater than 2 feet. Staggering it like stairs at differing heights is ideal for the roosters.

There are also a lot more to prepare when constructing chicken roosting including the material. You need to have some durable wood boards, or a wood stepladder, or branches cut from trees. All of them are good for building the roost. There are more about these to be explained then.

[su_heading size=”27″]Recommended Chicken Roosing Ideas[/su_heading]

So, to get you more inspired in installing your roosts in the coop, here are some inspiring chicken roosting ideas that I recommend.

Chicken Roosting Ideas

Chicken Roosting Ideas
Chicken Roost Ideas by pinterest

According to the chicken’s instinct, they will seek for high ground to get to sleep safely. So, in order to get your chicken comfortable, you need to play by their instinct. Providing a chicken roosting for them would make them happy.

This chicken roosting is made of the simple board that consists of four branches. It’s enough to be enjoyed by 5 to 7 chickens at a time. It’s designed for an outdoor coop to provide your chicken a sunbathing spot during the day.

I guess, the purpose of having chicken roosting when it’s constructed outdoor is a lot more useful. Roosts would get the chicken safe from predators at the outdoor coop.

Chickens Roosting In The Trees

Chickens Roost
Chickens Roosting In The Trees by pinterest

Trees are a natural roosting for chicken. If you have trees with long branches, that can be the best spot for chicken roosting because it’s big and it’s provided by nature. Chicken would love this place because of its calmness.

Well, even though it’s natural, you can actually design it to have a lot of supporting branches. Install or attach some long branches to the trees, make sure it’s attached strongly.

Chicken Perch Ideas

Chicken Perch Ideas
Chicken Perch Ideas by pinterest

If you don’t want to spend or waste your time in building the roosting, check out this chicken roosting idea. It’s only made of the used ladder. If you have some unused small ladders, you can just lay it on the wall of the chicken coop, all of the chicken would be happy to hang out with them.

It’s one of the cheapest and easiest chicken roosting ideas. You have to make sure that your chicken feels comfortable with the size of the roosting bar. The size of the ladder should be based on the total chickens you have inside the coop.

Chicken Roosting Perches

Chicken Roosting Perches
Chicken Roosting Perches by pinterest

Perches are a great idea for your chicken to enjoy. You need to consider the perfect location to install the perches. Perches will allow the poultry pals of yours to roost up high at the exact place where they feel safe and secure.

Another great idea to be combined with the perches is dropping boards below the chicken's roost. It’s a good way to keep the surrounding clean. The boards would collect the droppings to be composted. It’s a win-win situation for you.

The droppings board should be placed at any location of the roosting, outdoor and indoor. The purpose of having that board is to get the easier collecting of the droppings.

Chicken Roosting Bar

Chicken Roosting Bar
Chicken Roosting Bar by pinterest

A large roosting bar is perfect for your poultry pals. If the quantity of your poultry is high, this chicken roosting idea concept should be applied. This chicken roosting bar has 6 long bars that can be enjoyed by up to 9 chickens each.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
 Large and comfortable for chickens.
 It can be fit with a lot of chickens at a time.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
 There are no dropping boards to collect for composting.[/su_note]

Chicken Roost Bar

Chicken Roost Bar
Chicken Roost Bar by pinterest

The minimum length of the roosting bar for each chicken is about 8 inches. It’s much better to have a longer length. However, the chicken would need less length, especially during winter season. In that season, your chicken will certainly cuddle together for heat. So, they will get really closed to each other.

In the summer or another warm season, your chicken will give empty space to each other as they want. Check out that chicken roost bar, it’s made of some natural branches that you can cut from trees.

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Chicken Roosting Poles

Chicken Roosting Poles
Chicken Roosting Poles by pinterest

Beside branches and bar, there is something we called poles. A roost pole is placed across the coop to get the chicken sleep on it. It’s actually just one other chicken roosting ideas you can apply inside your chicken poles.

A roosting pole is usually placed up high, hanging from the ceiling. When the poles or branches are high, chicken would love to get those. They will feel more safe, especially when the poles are hung in the middle. They will comfortably turn around anytime they want.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro :
 The high poles are quite space-saving.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
 It’s too high for the chickens.
 Make sure the chicken can reach the poles before deciding to have hanging poles.[/su_note]

Roosting Poles for Chickens

Chicken Roosting Bar Heigth
Roosting Poles for Chickens by pinterest

One other idea for the roosting chicken poles that you can choose to install the coop. Setting it up higher than the usual chicken roosting will get them happier. They need to get away from the ground as far as possible to comfort them in their sleep.

You can apply a concept of the staircase like the picture. It would get the chicken simpler to obtain up and down from the roost with no harm. So, even though the chicken needs to get far from the ground, do not go too high.

Chickens Need A Good Roost To Sleep

chicken coop designs
Chickens Need A Good Roost To Sleep by pinterest

A good design of roost for chickens to sleep is a staircase concept. If you apply it inside the coop, it will be the ideal roosting idea for your chicken to enjoy. The staircase concept of the roosting bar would avoid your chickens from getting bumblefoot.

Bumblefoot is a foot or leg staph infection which happened because of having a wrong design of the roos bar. You need to consider the high of the bar and get your chicken out from difficulties in landings off a roost.

As you can see in the picture, it has a roosting bar that is completed with a narrow staircase in the middle.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
 It’s ideal for rooster.
 The narrow-long staircase in the middle is clever.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
 It’s little bit too low.[/su_note]

Chicken Roosting Bar Size Mattress

Chicken Roosting Bar Size Mattress
Chicken Roosting Bar Size Mattress by pinterest

In constructing a roosting bar, you don’t need to follow the patent. You can get creative and create your own version of chicken roosting ideas to make your chicken feels good. As you can see, this bar has adapted the concept of size mattress.

It looks like a small mattress. It’s even completed by a small ladder to get them on the mattress. Across the mattress, you see one roosting pole for the roosters to comfort their sleep.

The mattress surface is filled with sand and it’s actually functioned as droppings board. You can easily collect the droppings from the mattress-like board to get them composted.

Chicken Roost Bar Size

Chicken Roost Bar Size
Chicken Roost Bar Size by pinterest

This is not similar to the mattress-like concept. But, when you look closely, the big idea is still the same. It’s about having a built-in droppings board. It’s highly recommended for coop. It would give a cleaner coop which is perfect for the health of poultry and people around.

The white and yellow combination is just perfect for poultry. I guess you need to apply this chicken roosting idea for the chicken coop in your farm area.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
 The accent of yellow color is pleasing to the eye.
 The two poles across the board is not too thin.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
 The white paint looks clean but it’s very easy to get dirty.
 The white paint doesn’t belong inside a chicken’s coop.[/su_note]

Chickens Roosting in Nesting Boxes

Chickens Roosting in Nesting Boxes
Chickens Roosting in Nesting Boxes by pinterest

The nesting box is one of the easy options for chickens roosting. The nesting boxes are easy to get. You can just get it from the store or, you can easily build it by following some simple steps.

The quality of the board needs to be considered when making the nesting boxes. Combining the boxes with haystacks would calm the hens. The hens will be comfortable laying their eggs inside each box.

Chicken Co-op Nesting Boxes

Chicken Cage
Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes by pinterest

By using nesting boxes, you can be creative in designing the coop for your chicken. As you can see, that architectural roosting idea would be enjoyed by your chicken. The cleanly polished wood look luxurious for a coop.

This coop is completed with some branches to accentuate the co-op nesting boxes. The light brown color would express the calmness through the whole coop.

Chicken Nesting Box Plans

Chicken Nesting Box Plans
Chicken Nesting Box Plans by pinterest

This is a simple nesting box plans for hens. Laying eggs need to be inside a nesting box. So, the eggs will get the warmth that it needs. This small chicken nesting box plan is ready with four boxes which are apparently available for four hens.

Similar to the roosting idea, the nesting box needs to be installed high up from the ground. Make sure it can be reached by the hens. The gray color is actually quite common for a nesting box.

At a glance, these nesting boxes look like four small rooms with the roof. The haystack is always needed inside a nesting box. Do not forget to fill the right amount of haystack.

Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

chicken nesting boxes
Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes by pinterest

Looking for affordable nesting boxes, well you can use some plastic boxes that are available in the stores. Cut a big hole for the hen to get in, and fill it with haystack. There you have it, a plastic coop nesting box.

The plastic nesting boxes have some color you can choose. You might want to differ your hens inside different boxes. For example, you put the younger hand inside the orange boxes and the older ones inside the black boxes. Is it ridiculous? it is and it isn’t.

Chicken Roost Ideas

Chicken Roost Ideas
Chicken Roost Ideas by pinterest

One of the tips for creating comfortable chicken roost ideas is to get the bar to look like a staircase. As you can see, this light-brown wooden coop looks ideal for roosters. It’s completed with 5 bars. The bars are of a different length which creates a beautiful look in the corner.

The corner of the coop can never be more useful than this one. Using a corner side of the coop might be pretty uncommon, but it’s a great option for a small coop which has a very limited space.

Chickens Roosting: A Taj Mahal Backyard Poultry Coop

chicken coop ideas
chicken roosting ideas : A Taj Mahal Backyard Poultry Coop by pinterest

One of the fancy chicken roosting ideas. This mini-house concept is actually not new. But, you can apply this in your backyard. If you want to make your backyard is still in a good-looking and clean, this mini-house concept is perfect for your chickens.

This chicken roosting is placed in a Taj Mahal Backyard. If you've ever visit Taj Mahal in India, you may visit this fancy poultry coop. It can be one of the amazing ideas you can apply inside your own backyard.

Having this kind of coop must be because of the rooster you have. The expensive roosters must’ve been getting this treatment. But a rooster is still a rooster, it needs to be taken care of a rooster.

As long as the chickens have no problem with this kind of coop, it’s gonna be perfect for the backyard.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]After all of those ideas. You need to locate your coop in a safe and secure area. It’s for the chicken to lay their eggs inside the nesting boxes. Having a chicken roosting inside a coop is a must.

Applying the right concept of chicken roosting ideas inside a coop is highly recommended to help the chickens comfortable and get them away from predators or something that will hurt them.[/su_box]

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