Classic Kitchen Designs We Love

Classic kitchen designs – We spend years of our lives literally slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen, and that doesn’t even count the time that we spend socializing with our friends in there during parties! To get the most out of your kitchen, it’s important to make sure that it’s a comfortable and welcoming place to spend time.

There’s no better way to do that than by opting for a classic kitchen design. There’s nothing more attractive than a traditional kitchen, so here are some ideas for classic kitchen designs that we love and that will really stand the test of time.

The Minimalist Look

Perhaps the most traditional kitchen design of them all just happens to be the easiest to achieve. White cabinets with neutral walls and white appliances represent the ideal way to get the minimalist look for your space. Minimalist kitchens have been fashionable forever and they never go out of style.

The best thing about a minimalist kitchen is that you can feel free to add individual and unique touches of color to suit your mood and then switch them out every now and then whenever you feel
the need. You can easily achieve this look by giving your cabinets and walls a quick coat of fresh paint.

The Rustic Look

Rustic kitchens are incredibly stylish and can easily be achieved. Natural wood cabinets always look good, no matter whether they’re dark wood or light.

You can pair that wooden look with terracotta tiles on the floor and walls, or stylish lemon and orange paint on the walls. With terracotta tile splashbacks and rustic wooden furniture, this kind of kitchen is completely timeless and will look perfect whatever the theme of your home.

The Industrial Kitchen

Industrial style interior design may seem to be a modern look, however it’s been around for a very long time. It’s also incredibly simple to achieve. Unfinished concrete, stone or brick walls are a key element of this type of kitchen. If you don’t naturally have this in your home, you can easily recreate it with modern wallpapers or tiles.

You can also purchase modern laminate or tiles for your floor
which can recreate industrial-style concrete surfaces. This is an effortlessly elegant look, and you can pair it with stainless steel appliances and worktops as well as metal-legged tables and chairs and wire baskets and shelving for storing. Some naked lightbulbs will finish off the look perfectly.

The Gloss Kitchen

If you’d like a kitchen that looks effortlessly elegant, a gloss kitchen is the perfect choice for you. You can easily achieve this look by replacing the doors of your cabinets and your drawer fronts in the
color of your choice with a gloss finish.

All you need then is a high polish countertop and a shiny surface table with high-shine plastic chairs. It’ll look contemporary and stylish – perfect for a 21 st century family.

The Edwardian Look

Take your kitchen back in time to the turn of the 20 th century with an Edwardian-style design. You can easily achieve this look with a large, black range stove and a black and white tiled floor.

Black and white tiled splashbacks and elegant white cabinets can finish the look along with chandelier lighting and an elegant matching bench and table set. When you pair this look with a traditional sink and a stylish pull down faucet you could find this is the perfect choice for your home.

The Handpainted Look

If you want something completely different for your kitchen, it’s time to go down a more bohemian route. Let’s go back to a time before fitted kitchens existed, when people used to make do with a range of mismatched cabinets, shelves and counters.

You can recreate that look by choosing your own mismatched cabinets. Why not try reclaiming some? There’s no more sustainable solution. Not only will this give a unique appearance to your kitchen, it’s also much easier to create the look of your dreams. You can paint the cabinet fronts in any color you like – or even a range of colors! You can even add patterns or images of your own choice.

Add some mismatched chairs and a farmhouse table in natural wood. You can then paint those too in the colors of your choice. Add some photos and family drawings on the walls and add some rustic-style lighting and the result is a kitchen that really expresses your own creative side.

The Streamlined Look

Another classic look which never appears out of place is the black and white kitchen. You can easily achieve this with a gloss black surface on your countertops, a stylish black and white tiled floor or
white laminate, and white splashback tiles. You can pair this with streamlined black gloss cabinets

and drawer fronts, preferable without visible handles and drawer pulls. The look will be smooth, classy and very modern without losing its timeless edge. This isn’t a look that you’ll need to replace
in just a year or so. Add in some modern black or white appliances and some stylish recessed lighting and you’ll have perfectly completed the look. Your kitchen will never have looked so modern and effortlessly beautiful.

The Country Kitchen

If you don’t want to go all-out rustic, but still want a welcoming and warm country feel to your kitchen space, why not consider some traditional Shaker-style cabinets and drawers in a stylish light wood?

You can add in a light ash hardwood or laminate floor, a matching table and chairs and some draping matching curtains for the perfect finish. With a pair of pendant lights over your kitchen table, some attractive brass cabinet handles and drawer pulls and appealing light wood worktops, your kitchen will be complete.

Any of these ideas could be perfect for your modern kitchen. Whatever your preferences and sense of style, the classic and timeless designs are sure to hit the spot. Enjoy creating your beautiful new kitchen, whichever of these options you choose.

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