20+ Cost-Friendly and Easy Hat Rack Ideas for Your Hats Collection

For those of you who need some hat rack ideas more than anyone, I believe you are in love with caps and hats. You must be one of those hats and caps collector outdoor. These types of accessories are both stylish and functional.

Hats or caps would make you look more fashionable. They can also be the savior of your messy hair to get it covered, so you’ll look so much better. These stylish accessories can also save you from the scorching and hot sun in the summer season.

[su_heading size=”28″]DIY HAT RACK IDEAS[/su_heading]

Sometimes, we have a hard time to organize them and we always create a clutter from them. That’s why we need to get inspirations from some hat rack ideas. So, here are 20 cost friendly and easy hat rack ideas for your caps and hats collection.

Hat Hanger for Wall

Hat Hanger for Wall
Hat Hanger for Wall Idreas By pinterest

The first idea is very simple. If you want a hat hanger to be hung on the wall, try this hat hanger for the wall. This hat rack is quite friendly for tiny spaces you have in your house. This hat rack idea is for you who still want to organize your caps collection.

This layer rack has a fantastic feature. It can also be a hanger for your headscarves and hats. It can be placed inside your wardrobe without wasting a lot of wardrobe’s space you have left. This simple small rack is made of long thin steel with plastic rings that hook all caps.

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Wooden Hat Rack Ideas

Wooden Hat Rack Ideas
Wooden Hat Rack Ideas by pinterest

Another wall mounted rack, but this one is made of wood. The delicious chocolate brownish color of the walnut really express your good mood in organizing the caps. The designer chooses to have it in walnut wood because it’s easy to cut.

This big layer rack features six hooks that can handle all of your accessories such as hats, coats, mantels, etc, instead of caps. But, in this case, this kind of a rack is a great deal for your caps collection.

Coat and Hat Rack Ideas

Coat and Hat Rack
Coat and Hat Rack Ideas by pinterest

For you, who are looking for multi-functioned rack ideas, this is what you are looking for. This is typical common rack which is usually placed in an entranceway or mudroom. It’s the type of big coat rack that’s made of Mahogany wood that is very sturdy.

It features six hooks that could hold your hats and coats anytime you want. This rack is so sturdy, it can even handle heavy stuff like bags or sacks. It’s because the hooks are made of steel. A thick strong mahogany timber as the base is decorated with a single shelf where you can put some mini plantation as accessories.

Baseball Hat Rack for Wall

Baseball Hat Rack
Baseball Hat Rack for Wall by pinterest

Are you a baseball freak? Then, this rack is designed for you, definitely. It’s one of the unique hat rack ideas. This baseball hat rack for the wall would be cool for your office or house’s entryway. This would absolutely fascinate anyone who sees it.

In the photo, the wall mounted small coat shelf is attached to the oak wall surface. This hat rack looks very well-combined with the wall. It’s such a wonderful improvement to your house’s decoration. It accentuates the whole appearance of your oak wall.

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Wall Hat Rack Ideas

Wall Hat Rack
Wall Hat Rack Ideas by pinterest

It’s time for you all rustic fans. Some hat rack ideas might get a little too brave in being too rustic. This rack idea is using timeworn maple wood. It’s a strong choice for your accessories hanger. This small layer is very flexible, you can put it in any wall spaces you like.

The thing you have to consider about this wall hat rack is the environment. I mean, you have to consider the elements around it. If the rest of the elements are clean and not in rustic style, then, this hat rack doesn’t belong there.

Actually, it has a clever design. The concept is a wood plank which is attached to some nails. The nails become the hook. It’s very simple but catchy.

Creative Hat Rack Ideas

Hat Rack Ideas
Creative Hat Rack Ideas by pinterest

Another walnut hardwood option for you hat rack ideas, it’s one recommended material for a rack because of its ease of minimizing. This hat rack is very creative and unique. The combination of black and light brown color looks so stunning.

This creative hat rack idea can’t be found in a home improvement store. It’s actually a DIY project you can try to build one at home. There is some tutorial available for this idea of the hat rack. You can make it based on your creativity.

Baseball Hat Rack ideas

Baseball Hat Rack ideas
Baseball Hat Rack ideas by pinterest

A baseball rack for your baseball caps, that is the concept of this hat rack. If you have a bunch of caps collection you need to organize. There’s nothing better than some baseball hat rack ideas.

The concept is pretty simple, it only consists of two small wood planks and a bunch of baseball balls. Use the baseball balls as the hooks, then hang all of your caps on the balls. There you have it, a baseball hat rack to entertain you and any other baseball freak.

Hat Rack Stand

Hat Rack Stand
Hat Rack Stand Ideas by pinterest

If you don’t like the wall-mounted hat racks, you might wanna try to put a hat rack stand in your room. This is one of the outdated options of the rack, but it can be a pretty good addition to your empty space.

It can actually be built on your own. Bundle four sticks together and stand them all like you are about to make a fireplace. Then, tie them all with a rope to get it standing just like in the photo. Make them more lovely with fun paint colors. Finally, you are ready to hang any accessories you want.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
 Something unique to add to your empty space.
 Easy to build.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con:
It would waste some spaces for your small room.[/su_note]

Cowboy Hat Racks Wall Mounted

Hat Racks
Cowboy Hat Racks Wall Mounted ideas by pinterest

If you a classy person that loves hats more than caps, then this rack design must be for you. You will need to have the hardwood, crews, and handles, ready. Your hats are not only stylish when you are wearing them, but also when you are not wearing ones.

The stylish design of the rack really connects the way that classy hats organized. This classy design of rack should be taking place in a classy room too. As you can see, the color of the wall and curtains really deserve such stylish hat rack ideas.

Cowboy Hat Rack Ideas

Cowboy Hat Rack
Cowboy Hat Rack Ideas by pinterest

For a specific hat collector, this rack is made for cowboy hats. If you have a bunch of cowboy hats that need to be organized, you can choose to have this cowboy hat rack ideas. Your collection of cowboy hats would look good and decorative.

This fashionable layer shelf would match a classic and farmhouse style room. This kind of rack design would show people that you come from the west side of the states. It uses a barn wood which is designed to take you back to 1879.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
 If you live in Texas, this is perfect.
 It can be your classic decoration.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con:
It looks so old for modern style.[/su_note]

Closet Hat Rack Ideas

Closet Hat Rack
Closet Hat Rack Ideas by pinterest

Instead of a hanger or wall-mounted rack, you can just go conventional for your caps storage. Get them out of sight with these simple drawers for caps. These drawers are also called stetson shelf.

You can organize your caps collection in these drawers, it’s very effective and efficient. You can take any caps you want easily with no clutter. As you can see, this is only recommended for you who has a huge collection of caps.

Ideas for Making a Hat Rack

DIY Hat Rack
Ideas for Making a Hat Rack By pinterest

Another unique option for your hat rack ideas, it’s gonna be a terrific touch to your rustic style house. It doesn’t look much and too crowded. It looks so decorative with those handing ropes to hang your hats.

There are no hooks that can hook your hats. There are four ropes that hang from the thin stick. To attached the hats, you will need some clothespins. It’s a clever solution instead of having a conventional concept of racks, this hat rack is using ropes and clothespins.

Decorative Wall Hooks for Hats

Hat hooks
Decorative Wall Hooks for Hats By pinterest

Another clever and simple option for your hat rack ideas, take a look at this attractive wall surface. It has some wall-mounted hooks that are ready to hang your hats, caps, scarfs, and coats/mantels.

At a glance, those hooks look like some nails that are mounted on the walls. The remaining nailheads are there to serve some spots for hanging your stuff. In a classic and rustic house, this decorative wall hooks for hats deserve a spot.

Wall Hook Rack Ideas

Hook Rack
Wall Hook Rack Ideas by pinterest

If you are looking for something to add decoratively and functionally for your children’s room, this contemporary hooks would make a great impact on your wall surface. This is a nice declaration for the room. There are five Oak hookswitch dipped colors that would be used as reminders for your children.

As you can see in the picture, it looks like a bunch of pencils or crayons that are planted on the wall. This attractive wall hook rack ideas would match the mood of your children.

Wall Hat Rack Ideas

Hat Rack Ideas
Wall Hat Rack Ideas by pinterest

It’s time to get crafty with this handcrafted hat rack idea. It consists of three wood planks that have 6 hooks each. They are ready to organize your caps collection. Make sure to organize it a wall in sort of color shades, so you will get a good look at the hat rack.

The hooks are really tiny, so it’s only recommended for caps and hats. The choice of wall paint color could also decide the appearance of your hat rack. As you can see, this hat rack is mounted on red berry colored wall.

Pallet Hat Rack

Pallet Hat Rack
Pallet Hat Rack ideas by pinterest

For every house, an entryway is a space where people welcome the guests. The design or concept of the entryway should represent the whole taste of the house. So, if your house is in vintage style, you might need this vintage rack for your entryway.

It’s actually a set of the rack that consists of shoe rack and hat rack. It would be worth to apply for your vintage, antique, or rustic style of the house. When you have this pallet hat rack as the first impression of the house, the whole atmosphere of the house would be dazzling.

Amazing Hat Rack Concepts

Hat Rack
Amazing Hat Rack Concepts By pinterest

This rack is one of the amazing hat rack ideas you can have in your house. For a minimalist or smart house, this would be perfect concepts of hat rack to apply. It’s the hand-made one which is ready to hang your jackets, hats, and caps.

Dealing with hooks in the rack doesn’t have to be using nails or screws. This hat rack uses a resilient mortice along with tenon joint. It would last for a long time because of the quality of the wood.

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Hat Hanger For Wall

Hat Hanger For Wall
Hat Hanger For Wall Ideas by pinterest

If you don’t wanna get out of from troublesome, you might want to have it easy and practical. Well, you can try applying this simple rack. It’s easy to build on your own. You just need some real hangers and hook them to an item of wood that’s attached to the wall.

As you can see in the picture, all of the hanging accessories are in the exact same spot. This would be space-efficient for your room. You can get all accessories you need all in one place. When they are all well-organized, life’s becoming easier, right?

Unique Hat Rack With Themed Animals

Unique Hat Rack
Unique Hat Rack With Themed Animals by pinterest

Another option for your children’s room, after we face the simple and fun concept of hooks for the kid’s room, now you can go a little bit more specific and complex form like this one. You can include your kid’s favorite animals to be their hooks.

As you can see, this unique hat rack with themed animals would be a fun touch for your children’s bedroom. Your kids would be having a nice time organizing their accessories with their favorite cute animals.

The Crowded Hat Rack

Hat Rack Design
The Crowded Hat Rack by pinterest

Some people who have a big collection of caps or hats wouldn’t be pleased keeping it out of sight inside the drawers. They like to show it off in an open hat rack. So, here it is.

You can apply this crowded hat rack idea for your bedroom. You need to neatly organize your caps collection. It would look so colorful on your white wall as the background. This would match the style of kids and teenagers who have some colorful caps collection.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]All of them are the best ideas you can apply for your caps and hats collection you have. Those hat rack ideas would be very helpful for you to organize your accessories and get your room free of clutter. That rack can be both functional and decorative.[/su_box]

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