Do you need Smart Doorbells?

Wireless doorbells have been attracting a lot of attention in the recent past as they require less work and drilling compared to traditional doorbells. If you’re into smart products, you’re going to love Ring’s wireless doorbells. The ring has released several best-selling devices fitted with innovative features and capabilities.

Ring and Ring 2 are two widely popular wireless doorbells that let you see who is at your door, just like other smart doorbells. They also give live feeds and video recording features alongside monitoring your regardless of your location so you never miss a visitor. Also, they do not require any extra wiring to make them work. Ring smart doorbells are well-known and will help you add security and convenience should you purchase them.

Ring 2 smart doorbell is, however, slightly more costly than Ring but is it worth it or does Ring suffice? Let’s go over the things they have in common, and also identify the differences between the two to help you decide which one is the better fit for your home. In this article, you’ll know why both of these doorbells perform well and deliver satisfactory results.

Common Features

● Both smart doorbells are fitted with Wifi-powered, two-way audio and live video feeds that enable you to listen and speak to visitors at your door.

● Both devices feature flexible power options in the form of a hardwire to your existing doorbell kit and a rechargeable battery. Hardwire enables you to check ‘live video on demand’ which is always available as long as there is battery power.

● Both Ring and Ring 2 feature basic motion detection for detecting human-sized heat signatures up to 30 feet away via passive infrared (PIR). It’s easy to configure by simply dragging a “range” bar in the Ring app despite being a rather high-tech feature.

● The Ring doorbells support night vision, so you can keep your home secure from dusk till dawn. Night vision, however, records in black and white which can be unclear.

● The installation of both models is very easy regardless of your choice. Both devices integrate with a control center app on Android, iOS, and Windows 10. They also work with Amazon Echo Show.

● Ring app;-Both the Ring Doorbell and the Ring Doorbell 2 can be accessed and controlled via the Ring app which allows you to manage every version of the Ring Video Doorbell. It also lets you speak with visitors using two-way audio using your smartphone. You are also able to check old recordings from your Ring doorbell products. Also, you can customize the sensitivity of your devices via preset motion detection zones.

● Ring Neighbors is another Ring app that allows digitization of neighborhood watch and you don’t even have to own a Ring product to use the app. It is a social media app that sends you safety notifications with video from the Ring doorbells within your neighborhood.


Both Ring and Ring 2 feature HD resolutions, but Ring 2 has a better image quality with 1080p as compared to Ring’s 720p. The difference may not seem significant but having a clearer, sharper image helps to identify Video resolution People at your door easily.

Swappable battery

Using a rechargeable battery makes installation or both Ring and Ring 2 a lot faster and more convenient. The two models differ in how you charge said battery. With Ring, you pretty much have to remove the entire doorbell with a screwdriver and charge it via micro-USB inside. Ring 2 features a swappable battery that improves upon the original Ring’s clunky charging process since it’s easier to just take a battery out rather than removing the whole device. This makes Ring 2 much more convenient than its predecessor.

Battery life

Battery life is vital in the comparison of Ring vs Ring 2 in terms of performance and lifespan before recharge. Both doorbells have the option of running off existing doorbell wiring for non-stop power. The rechargeable battery option means you will need to recharge the Ring doorbell every 6-12 months and every 6 months for Ring 2.

Compatible doorbell transformers

You can connect both Ring devices to a transformer to avoid charging the battery. However, Ring doorbell requires an 8-24 VAC transformer whereas Ring Doorbell 2 requires a 16-24 VAC. It is important to note that neither Ring nor Ring 2 supports DC power.

Field of view

The ring supports a 140 degree vertical and 180-degree horizontal field of view whereas Ring 2 only supports a 160-degree horizontal view. Ring Doorbell 2 also has a less impressive 100-degree vertical view which is unsatisfactory.


It may be important that your doorbell blends well with your home, a feature offered by both models. However, with Ring, you have to choose a color preference when buying the product which limits your choices of customization. Ring 2 is more flexible as you don’t need to pick a color when you purchase the doorbell as it comes with two interchangeable faceplates from which you can select a color that best matches your home. This can be a disadvantage as you may be overwhelmed with the many options available.


Having a smart doorbell can greatly improve your life as it can greatly improve your security at home since it gives you the power to know who is at the door without necessarily being there. Smart doorbells are bundled with lots of benefits such as being able to receive live high definition video feeds, two-way audio for communicating with whoever’s at the door, motion detection with customizable motion zones, wide-angle camera lens for wider coverage and full-color night- vision capability among other benefits. The discussion of Ring vs Ring 2 cannot be settled as it is based upon your personal preferences. For some people, the Ring Doorbell 2 rules supreme while for others, the Ring Doorbell gets the job done. It is therefore advisable to take your time to carefully look at both models and critique what they offer to determine which of them is suitable for you.

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