23 The Best Images About Design Galley Kitchen Ideas [Amazing]

If you are having a sleek and modern theme kitchen in your house, you might need to have some of these best galley kitchen ideas. There are a lot of design ideas you can take as inspiration in this article. People would have a lot of consideration when dealing with kitchen design.

The kitchen is the center of the house. You can say it as the busiest room in a house. You need to design your kitchen to be supported by your activity. Make it as comfortable as possible, so you will enjoy being in the kitchen every day and every time.

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In this article, we focus on one traditional kitchen design, Galley kitchen. Why choosing galley kitchen? You will see the answer for yourself after this. For sure, these designs will improve the freedom and traffic flow inside your kitchen.

1. Sunny Design for Galley Kitchen Ideas small

galley kitchen
ideas for galley kitchen image by hgtv.com

Yellow color is the key to have a sunny galley kitchen. Bringing warm atmosphere into the kitchen is so recommended. The bright color of yellow really energizes the room. It’s great for your kitchen activity.

The wooden color of the kitchen cabinet gives a great balance to the yellow wall. This kitchen design really gets a good harmony of colors. The black flooring neutralizes all of the elements. Some designer would recommend other neutral colors for the floor, but black is great too.

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2. Eat-in Galley Kitchen Ideas

galley kitchen ideas
galley kitchen ideas by hgtv.com

Having an eat-in or a breakfast nook beside your galley kitchen would complete your kitchen experience. This beautiful galley kitchen idea would definitely deserve your application. The traffic flow looks so efficient. The eat-in space in the background is easy to access.

The bright light from the outside would provide a good lighting during the day. The yellow wall would make a good reflection of the light. The amount and the position of the windows are perfectly designed. The eat-in space over there deserves a spotlight.

3. A Galley Kitchen Infused With Character

galley kitchen designs
galley kitchen designs via pinterest

If you are interested in something ethnical, this one would be your favorite. A galley kitchen infused with character is a great way to begin your unique experience in the kitchen. The walkway is characterized by the Moroccan style rug.

Instead of brown plain floor, you will be getting a colorful walkway for your galley kitchen. At the end of the way, you can characterize the bricked wall with an artistic painting. The antique light pendants that hang from the ceiling already complete your journey.

4. Red Galley Kitchen Ideas

ideas for galley kitchen
ideas for galley kitchen by hgtv.com

Another uncommon color shades you need to try for your galley kitchen ideas. The red painted cabinet would really catch many attentions. Pairing it with white is the right thing to do.

There are three rugs in the middle of the pathways of your galley. The simple-patterned rugs are a good addition to make a simple statement to the whole kitchen. It works well with the flooring too.

Instead of having a white plain wall, the designer decided to have an interesting texture on the wall. It’s pretty impressive.

5. Red Design For Galley Kitchen Ideas Small

Galley Kitchen Ideas Small
Galley Kitchen Ideas Small by pinterest

Another red galley kitchen you can take as your inspiration. Well, you can call this one as the hidden galley kitchen. Why? Because this one can be disappeared behind closed doors. So, you just open your galley kitchen door when you need it.

When you do not need it, you will have no kitchen. This is the perfect treatment for small or tiny house design.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro :
• It’s a solution for small house.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
• The dramatic red color is unnecessary.[/su_note]

6. Galley Kitchen Ideas Pitures

galley style kitchen
ideas for galley kitchen by hgtv.com

From red, we go into the blue. This vintage blue color of galley kitchen ideas will surely calm your feeling. With the cabinet in all blue makes a great impact on the kitchen atmosphere. If you like this specific shade of blue, you need to balance it with white walls or countertops.

You do not have to worry about the flooring, once you choose wood, you’ll always be good. But, since the kitchen is not having any windows, you may need more electric light to keep it bright because when the kitchen is bright everything would be alright.

7. Blue Ideas For Galley Kitchen Designs

Ideas For Galley Kitchen
Ideas For Galley Kitchen Designs by pinterest

This aqua blue cabinet comes from the Bristol kitchen company. If you want some of this, you can check their website. Anyway, the color shade of the cabinet is the main attraction of this blue galley kitchen. It’s could be one of the best galley kitchen ideas.

This shaker-style galley kitchen is very functional. It has many drawers and cupboards to store your kitchen utensils. There is also some attractive display for glassware and other utensils.

8. Beautiful Ideas For Galley Kitchen designs

Ideas For Galley Kitchen
Ideas For Galley Kitchen by pinterest

This beautiful galley kitchen can be your major inspiration. This simple and comfortable galley kitchen is a neutral color that would fit any style you want. White and black is the perfect couple. You’re definitely able to go anywhere with them.

To balance the all-white element in that kitchen, the black flooring is applied. If you are not cool with black color, you can just go darker on the flooring such as dark brown.

9. Galley Kitchen Ideas Remodel Concepts

Galley Kitchen Ideas Remodel
Galley Kitchen Ideas Remodel : hgtv.com

The characteristic of galley kitchen is the two parallel countertops which have a walkway in between. Well, take a look at this galley kitchen design. It has a cabinet covered with all stainless steel. It looks so shinily and luxurious.

It seems like a galley kitchen that comes from the future. This remodels concept of galley kitchen is designed by a designer named Andreas Charalambous. At the end of the kitchen, you can see the dining area after the entryway. They are looked so matchy.

10. Double Ideas For Galley Kitchen With Island

Galley Kitchen With Island
Galley Kitchen With Island by pinterest

If one is not enough, you can try having a double galley concept. This design concept should be applied to large kitchen space. As you can see, the kitchen island is also used as a table with chairs.

While there’s one dining room set nearby, the kitchen looks complete for all family members. Except for the furniture, all of the elements of this kitchen is in white colors. It’s one way to turn your furniture into the focal point of the room.

11. Galley Kitchen Ideas With The Best Design

Galley Kitchen Ideas
small galley kitchen ideas by hgtv.com

For you who fall in love with the antique style, you can choose to have this one of galley kitchen ideas with the best design. The antique light pendant in the center of the ceiling is what catches everybody’s attention.

The darker shades of the aged wood cabinet around the kitchen look so antique. This a good solution for you who don’t like the ordinary type of galley kitchen which has two parallel countertops. This one also has two countertops but the other one is in L-shaped.

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12. Galley Style Kitchen Ideas Small

Galley Style Kitchen Ideas
Galley Style Kitchen Ideas by hgtv.com

The most important thing in designing a small space is to make it as comfortable as possible. You have to keep mind, spacious means comfortable. So, get the design to as spacious as possible by creating an illusion of space, or make use any space that lefts cleverly.

This small galley kitchen design features yellow laminate flooring that matches the color of the kitchen cabinet. The cabinet is in grey color which balances on the white countertop. One modern ceiling light is enough to illuminate the whole kitchen bright.

13. White Design For Galley Kitchen Ideas Small

Design For Galley Kitchen
Design For Galley Kitchen : hgtv.com

If you have only had small space for your kitchen. This u-shaped galley kitchen might be a pretty good solution. With all white color, this small kitchen would feel very spacious. You do not need to follow the general example of galley kitchen design.

An open shelving is a clever way to get a great space illusion for your eyes. The ordinary storage cabinet would feel narrower. It’s even more spacious with the monochromatic palette as the main attraction of this small white galley kitchen.

Some barstools are there to provide your eat-in space. It’s like an all-in-one galley kitchen which would be very effective, space-saving, and efficient galley kitchen design for your small space.

14. Minimal Ideas for Galley Kitchen Designs

Galley Kitchen Ideas
Minimal ideas for galley kitchen by pinterest

If you think the only color for your small kitchen is white, you’re maybe wrong. We’re all agree that white is a great choice for the small room to make it feel larger. You can try to combine other colors to make some impression.

Check out this photo, it combines stainless-steel worktops with an inlaid section which is made of marble. The door is in lacquered style and colored in matt white.

15. White Ideas For Galley Kitchen With Wood Flooring

White Galley Kitchen
White Ideas for Galley Kitchen With Wood Flooring by pinterest

Check out this kitchen with classic galley layout. It’s in all-white because it has a small size. The design is pretty simple and minimalist. The granite countertop gives a little bit of accent to the cabinetry. The flooring has some wood lines that makes its own pattern.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• Clean and shiny.
• Simple and easy to apply.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
• Too plain.
• Not really impressive.[/su_note]

16. Galley Style Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Galley Style Kitchen
Galley Style Kitchen corner kitchen sink: hgtv.com

Choosing a Galley kitchen remodeling to design your kitchen would be a great way to take your kitchen space to be more efficient and functional than ever. The galley style for the kitchen would improve the utility and attractiveness.

In designing a galley style kitchen, make sure the walkway is large enough for efficient traffic flow. Anyone who is involved in food preparation in this kitchen would enjoy their work. So, make sure the kitchen arrangement is perfectly effective too.

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17. Design For Galley Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Galley Kitchen Lighting
Galley Kitchen Lighting Ideas: hgtv.com

One element you should consider in designing a galley kitchen is the lighting ideas. As you can see in the photo, this kitchen has three ornate ceiling lights. It looks like a pendant but it’s not really a pendant light.

This kitchen features a built-in desk that is attached to the cabinets. The color of the cabinet is in pale green. The beige wall paint and pale green cabinet combination get supported by the illumination of the lighting.

18. Modern Design For Galley Kitchen Ideas Small

galley kitchen floor plans
ideas for galley kitchen pictures: hgtv.com

Getting it clean and clear is a great way to make a small kitchen more stunning. This one of small modern galley kitchen ideas can be your inspiration. Mirrored wall is an easy way to make the illusion of space in any small room. So, mirrored wall in a small kitchen is just perfect.

The two parallel countertops are having matching colors to manage the consistent atmosphere. Check out the lighting above the countertops. Those simple and stylish stainless lighting can be a good option for your modern kitchen.

19. Hi-Gloss Ideas for Galley Kitchen Designs

Galley Kitchen Ideas
Gloss ideas for galley kitchen by pinterest

A glossy element in galley kitchen ideas might sound really nice. As you can see, the shelving in this kitchen is used in place. It’s done to make a more open feel for the kitchen. Glossy is what this galley kitchen has to offer. It would make a good impression on the atmosphere.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro :
• Glossy is stunning for kitchen.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
• The amount of light is too low.
• Looks gloomy, not glossy.[/su_note]

20. Bright Ideas for Galley Kitchen Designs

Ideas for Galley Kitchen
Bright Ideas for Galley Kitchen Designs by pinterest

This bright galley kitchen has its own unique detail. As you can see, it features a round-edged worktop which is pretty unique and uncommon in general galley kitchen. This space will open up space for more storage or decorative accessories.

The flooring is in Riven slate, it’s similar to the one in the patio area in the background. It creates a unified and uninterrupted feel.

21. Country-Style Design for Galley Kitchen Ideas Small

Galley kitchen
Country-Style Galley Kitchen Ideas by pinterest

Using oak wood as the material of your kitchen cabinet is the best way to express a country style. To complete the style, you could have a checkered flooring. The K kitchen really brings your old kitchen into the fresh and stunning galley kitchen in country style.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• The combination of oak and checkered flooring is just perfect.
• It’s completed with white wall in the middle.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
• The stove design is not really making a big statement.[/su_note]

22. French Farmhouse Style Galley Kitchen Design

Galley kitchen ideas
French Farmhouse Style Galley Kitchen by pinterest

A french farmhouse style can be a great option for your galley kitchen inspiration. The key to farmhouse style is the flooring and ceiling. The ceiling should mimic the real farmhouse. The wooden material should be dominating all of the elements to reach farmhouse style.

If you look closely, there’re some LED lights under the cabinet, they’re there to brighten up space under. The lights would also create the ambiance and the mood of the kitchen.

23. Contemporary Colour Block Galley Kitchens

Galley Kitchens
Contemporary Colour Block Galley Kitchens by pinterest

In designing a kitchen or other important rooms, you need to avoid the scheme to be visually overbearing. You can do it by employing large base cabinets and the linear wall units above.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]All of those 23 stunning galley kitchen ideas have their own plus and minus. When dealing with kitchen, you have to make sure that the design will be comfortable for every member of the house.[/su_box]

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