36 L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas [Best Design Inspiration]

An L shaped kitchen ideas is not a new thing in home designing. It’s a very common design for the kitchen. There so many ideas you can explore about this design. From the L shaped counter to L shaped island table, all of them are suitable and flexible for any style.

1. l Shaped Kitchen Ideas Brownstone Park

l shaped kitchen
l shape kitchen design

Check out this stunning kitchen design from Brownstone park. The minimalist design of kitchen cabinets only needs some part of the kitchen walls. A kitchen cabinet doesn’t need a whole side of the wall. Having just some part of the walls can be a cool option.

The kitchen cabinets are painted in black. It’s a nice accent for the domination of white colors on the walls, ceiling, and kitchen island. The L shaped kitchen counters offer efficiency.

2. l shaped kitchen cabinet Ideas

l shaped kitchen cabinets
l shaped kitchen cabinets

This contemporary L shaped kitchen is adapted a townhouse style. With the stunning grain pattern on the doors of the cabinet balance the existence of the wood flooring design. Using some brown shades, the combination of colors is truly genius.

It seems like the best way to combine colors for a room to make it comfortable and warm is by using the color shades from neutral color family. The window is there to provide some natural light you’ll need.

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3. L Shaped Kitchen with Island

l shaped kitchen with island
l shaped kitchen with island

Installing some concrete walls for your L shaped kitchen can be a good option too. Check out this elegant kitchen design. It has a cool backsplash design which is made of concrete.

It’s like giving a little bit element of rustic in the middle of modern style. The amount of light brown shades are enough to manage the beauty of this kitchen.

4. Design for L Shaped Kitchen

design for l shaped kitchen
design for l shaped kitchen

If you want it to be simple for your small kitchen, this idea is surely yours. This small L shaped kitchen design really offers simplicity. This is perfect if you like your small kitchen to be open to other rooms such as living room, dining room, even the backyard.

In a small kitchen, you don’t have to put kitchen island. Instead, you may wanna have some eating area just like that. It can also be used as your dining table.

5. L Shaped Kitchen Small

L Shaped Kitchen Small
L Shaped Kitchen Small

Another idea for your small kitchen area. You don’t have to worry when you only have a little space for your kitchen, the right L shaped kitchen design ideas will help you make your kitchen great again.

This small kitchen has all elements in shiny white which are perfect for the small room. It makes the room looks bigger. The flooring and the cabinet below the counter are the only elements that are painted in brown which are there to accentuate.

6. design for L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets

l shaped kitchen cabinets
L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets

Dealing with open kitchen design, having an L shaped concept is the right thing to do. It’s because some part of the kitchen cabinet can be the one the separate the kitchen with other rooms.

The color scheme of this kitchen design looks feminine. The amount of pink color looks pretty and tidy.

7. Cabinets for L Shaped Kitchen

cabinets for l shaped kitchen
cabinets for l shaped kitchen ideas byhouzz

You might see no refrigerator in this kitchen design. You’ll be wondering where should you place the fridge. Well, that high, narrow cabinetry in the kitchen design is actually a refrigerator.

It’s a clever method to create a unique and simple design of refrigerator coverings. It tricks the eye of anyone who sees. It looks exactly like ordinary cabinetry.

8. L Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

l shaped kitchen design
l shaped kitchen design

An L shaped counter in an open kitchen design tends to have no backsplash. But, there’s nothing wrong to have the backsplash installed. It adds more effective and efficient functionality.

Also, it would give a nice touch of accent for the kitchen. You can paint it like this kitchen. A green backsplash tile gives you a better-looking space for cooking.

9. L Shaped Kitchen Table and Chairs

l shaped kitchen table and chairs
l shaped kitchen table and chairs

Pops of red in the middle of shining white elements might be something that could surprise your eyes. The solid red color looks powerful and the whole kitchen looks wonderful. This open L shaped kitchen design looks small than a typical kitchen.

The position and the shape of the kitchen make the area has more working room for you to do the cooking. Those nice four chairs are ready to enjoy the meal on the kitchen island.

10. L Shaped Kitchen Countertop

l shaped kitchen countertop
l shaped kitchen countertop

Another idea to apply in the kitchen of your house. An L shaped kitchen can also be designed like this one. It is completed with the eating counter. You can have the kitchen island to be used completely as a kitchen table.

The other part of the L shaped counter can be used as eat in. The clean lines in that countertop look incredible. It used some stunning neutral scheme colors that are so inviting.

11. Design for L-shaped Kitchen Island

l shaped kitchen island
l shaped kitchen island by houzz

This is one is quite extremely different. It’s not the kitchen counter which is in L shape, but the kitchen island. It’s pretty uncommon to have an L shaped kitchen island. You may need larger space for this island design.

The perfect lightings below the cabinets and island are just perfect to accentuate the wooden domination. It would look so much better if the color of the lighting is light blue or white, but orange is nice too.

12. Ideas for an l Shaped Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas for an l Shaped Kitchen
Ideas for an l Shaped Kitchen

Choosing uncommon colors for the cabinets and ceilings can be something you can do. Check out this kitchen design with stunning bronze color. It will look perfect if the utensils and chairs have the same colors like the ceilings and cabinets.

Then, you will have a bedazzling kitchen design to fulfill your luxurious kitchen experience. White and beige colors are two of the most practical choice to balance this unique colors. I bet everyone would agree, this Seattle modern kitchen design is pretty unique.

13. L Shaped Kitchen Counter Ideas

L Shaped Kitchen Counter Ideas
L Shaped Kitchen Counter Ideas

This eat-in kitchen looks so beautifully bright and clean. The L shaped kitchen counter is there to make an impact. As you can see, there’s some amount of lights come into the kitchen to let the white scheme shine brighter.

If you like your kitchen relaxing and inviting, go with all white. The wooden-legged chairs are from Eames Shell. The chairs really attract everybody’s attention. You can call them as the four focal points of the kitchen.

14. l shaped kitchen with island layout

l shaped kitchen with island layout
l shaped kitchen with island layout

The kitchen island is the crucial element of the kitchen. Without the island, kitchens would look empty. It is so recommended to get all out in designing the kitchen, especially the island.

Take a look at this kitchen from Minneapolis. It’s a wood-based kitchen design. Many people love this concept for the kitchen, the rest of them hate it so much. The impression of antique, classic, and rustic are the things that wood-based design has to offer.

15. l shaped kitchen island with seating

l shaped kitchen island with seating
l shaped kitchen ideas

Another kitchen design which has L shaped kitchen island. One of the things that makes this kitchen design looks gorgeous is the angle of the photo. The kitchen design looks fabulously symmetrical.

As you can see the Coconut chair in the background make a good impact on the picture. Add seating for the kitchen island is quite common. Just be careful in choosing what’s perfect for this kitchen.

16. l shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens

l shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens
l-shapep kitchen ideas

The L shaped concept is just what the small kitchen needs. You can still manage your activity in the kitchen even though you only have very limited spaces. The window is straight to the outside world to let the kitchen spread the fresh feelings.

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17. Amazing L Shape Kitchen Designs

l shaped kitchen design ideas
kitchen l shape

Amazing, it’s the word that can describe this kitchen design. It’s ready to receive your triangle plan cooking. The sink, cooktop, and the fridge are in the perfect place where you can do the cooking effectively.

18. Small L Shape Kitchen

Small L Shape Kitchen
Small L Shape Kitchen

Tiny space in the kitchen for cooking is not gonna be a big problem. There are two wall surfaces that can be used by you for traffic flow. With the bookcase as the separation, it will be a fun way to protect your cooking.

19. l shaped outdoor kitchen

l shaped outdoor kitchen
l shaped outdoor kitchen designs

An L shaped structure of kitchen counter can also be used for the outdoor kitchen. You can set it up in your backyard near the pool. You can serve the food for your friends, family, and relatives white they can enjoy the relaxing outdoor atmosphere.

Having some barbeque party is one thing someone couldn’t ever reject.

20. Large L Shaped Kitchen Design

kitchen design l shaped
l shape kitchen design ideas

You can form an L shaped kitchen design by connecting the tip of the kitchen island with the tip of the kitchen eat-in table. Both of those elements can form an L shaped kitchen design. It feels similar to the L shaped kitchen. So, it would require large space.

The advantage of L shaped counter is making the activity of cooking in a good flow. The work would become effective and efficient.

21. L Shaped Kitchen Design With Island

kitchen design layout
kitchen remodel

A complete kitchen consists of island, cabinetry, counter, eat-in, and utensils. Without all of them in the kitchen, you can consider it as incomplete. So, you have to be creative in managing your kitchen design.

Blend them well together. The size and the shapes won’t be a big deal if you know what to do to make it as comfortable as possible.

22. Modular L Shape Kitchen Area

l shaped modular kitchen designs
modular kitchen

You can also call it as L shaped cooking areas. Having a cooking area all in the middle of the kitchen is great for your large kitchen. It’s perfect for a busy kitchen which prepares a lot of foods every day for the family.

All of the cabinets are there to store the appliances, cooking items, and etc. The cooking area is very wide, you can use it all to manage your cooking activity really well.

23. L Shape Open Kitchen

l shape kitchens
l shaped kitchen island breakfast bar

An open strategy kitchen really fit the L shaped design well. Having all the rooms to be open is the trademark of contemporary house design. So, if you have a contemporary house, it’s recommended to apply the open strategy.

Sometimes, you do not need kitchen island when dealing with open kitchen. Because you can always have the dining table in the middle. It can also be used as the eat-in counter for your lunch and breakfast.

24. L Shaped Galley Kitchen Design

l shaped kitchen sink
modern l shape kitchens

This galley inspired kitchen design can be your inspiration too. Take a look at that L shaped kitchen counter in the middle. The countertop has the edges that can be used as the extra space to be used by the one who’ll sit on the chair.

The color of the countertop contrasts with the surface of the wall and the decoration too. It seems to be ready for the focal point.

25. White L Shaped Kitchen Design

l kitchen

Going with all white may not be as easy as it seems. You need to consider the design of the furniture to make sure the room design is not gonna be boring. So, it’s recommended to have some ornaments and decorative stuff to accentuate the kitchen.

26. Wood L Shaped Kitchen Ideas

kitchen l shape
kitchen l shape ideas

This traditional-looking kitchen has two L shaped counter. You may call it as double L shaped kitchen design. This kitchen gets the traditional looks from the woods. It’s all in wood-based concept. There will be a lot of ideas of designs for your kitchen to get it L shaped.

27. Typical L Formed Kitchen area Layout

kitchen furniture
l shape kitchens

If you want to go back to basic, actually, an L shaped kitchen design feels cozy and flexible. Take a look at this traditional kitchen design. It’s very inviting. The rich wood is dominating the elements of the kitchen. That what makes this kitchen so cozy and welcoming.

28. L-Shaped Kitchen Remodel

L Shaped Kitchen Remodel
kitchen remodel

If you have a plan to get your kitchen design to be a bit industrial, check this kitchen out. This kitchen is located in Denver, Colorado. It has an L shaped cabinet with white colors and white backsplash. There are some stainless-steel appliances too.

29. L-Shaped Eat-in Kitchen Design

l shaped kitchen ideas small
l shaped kitchens ideas

Eat-in is not a crucial element of the kitchen. But, if you wanna complete your kitchen experience, then, having eat-in with your kitchen island or counter is a must. So, get enough chairs for all family members and enjoy the meal.

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30. Typical L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas

l shaped kitchen with corner sink
l shaped kitchen ideas

Almost all elements of this kitchen are in white colors. From the cabinetry to the marble countertops. They are all in white. White is a perfect choice if you want to keep the kitchen clean it looks.

31. Large Transitional L-Shaped Eat-in Kitchen Concept in New York City

l shaped kitchen bar
l shaped kitchen ideas

In New York City, you can find this gorgeous kitchen design. It’s completed with under-mount sink, and some stainless elements. Once again, there’s a white color domination. The choice of countertops marble design looks very well-combined with others.

32. Mid-sized Transitional L-Shaped eat-in Kitchen Remodel in Austin

l shaped kitchen island breakfast bar
l shape kitchens

This kitchen looks pretty small but it doesn’t matter as long as you applied a comfortable design you will enjoy in there, even your dog can enjoy it too. two wooden chairs are the only element that matches with floorings.

33. Contemporary l-shaped eat-in Kitchen Idea in Lyon

l kitchen design
lshaped kitchens

It’s for you who don’t like neutral colors. You can choose to apply Tosca color on the walls. It’s one of the colors in the family of blue. Some Mediterranean pattern for the backsplash adds interest into the kitchen. What important is the L shape?

34. All-white L-shaped Kitchen Design

l shaped kitchen images
l shaped cabinet

A color choice is a key to get the room as comfortable as you want. You can choose the color scheme based on your personality. If you like something clean and simple, white is the answer. Make it all-white and make it awesome.

35. Veneered-oak L-shaped Kitchen Area

small l shaped kitchens
small l shaped kitchen design ideas

This contemporary kitchen design has veneered-oak as its main features. The L shape gives a good workflow for you. As you can see the color of white is not enough to accompany the veneered oak, the backsplash is there to make a safe.

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36. Family-friendly L-shaped Kitchen Area

l shaped kitchen plans
kitchen l shape

Yellow kitchen is actually not a rare color to use in the kitchen. In facts many kitchen designers recommend you to have a warm color like yellow, orange, and light brown for the kitchen to bring out more energy.

[su_box title=”Conclusion:”]Finally, choosing a perfect kitchen design for your own is not easy. There are a total of 36 L shaped kitchen ideas that you can choose for your own kitchen. Choose what you think is best and comfortable. Don’t forget to build an L shaped kitchen design.[/su_box]

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