A Guide to Custom Countertops in Buffalo

Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York, where trendsetters and urban wonders thrive. Every bit of the French-infused city excites with history, art, and architecture, and over 250,000 residents are lucky enough to experience its picturesque landscape all-year long. But its proximity to the Niagara region is what makes Buffalo a tourist hub, attracting over 16 million people every year. Among those, some fall in love and choose to settle in permanently.

Moving into a new home or renovating your existing abode can be stressful, especially when you are working with things that require professional help. For instance, you will need to work with different contractors and experts to ensure that plumbing, electricity, roofing, and custom furniture installations fit perfectly in your home. To help mitigate the burden, here is a compact guide to custom countertops in Buffalo, NY.

Getting A Custom Countertop

Custom countertops are lovely because you have free reign over the cut, shape, material, and size. This solution is especially helpful if you are working with irregularly-shaped furniture or have a specific style in mind, but is not readily available in stores. It is pertinent that you choose a company that makes luxury custom countertops in Buffalo, NY, as a local service will make showrooms, warranty, and other nuances more accessible.

The process involves an extensive stone fabrication process wherein the material of your choice transforms from its natural properties to a smooth countertop. It involves designing, templating, cutting, fabricating, strengthening, polishing, seaming, sealing, and hand finishing to deliver the highest quality products to your home. As it is a process that involves specialized techniques, it pays to choose a reliable company that works closely with you to ensure that everything is up to par with your specifications.

Choosing A Material

Apart from the procedure of creating your custom countertop, its material also plays an essential role in delivering results. Most countertops consist of natural stones, and it is vital to choose both material and color that fits with the rest of your home. The company you are working with will be happy to offer suggestions, but if you want to take charge of your renovations, consider paying a visit to their showroom. You will find countertops made with various types of stones to determine what would suit your home. Additionally, you can ask for a sample to take home and compare with what you have, to ensure that everything matches accordingly.

Here are three of the most popular countertop material options that have made their way in influential homes all over the world.

  • Quartz. A highly reliable material that survives from everything, from scorching pots to spilled water and sharp knives. It is a low-maintenance option that looks great, especially on neutral-toned kitchens.
  • Granite. A robust material, granite fits right into the wear and tear of kitchens. This material is particularly suitable for under-mounted sinks.
  • Marble. A craze for all things marble charmed the design world in recent years, and now everyone wants a piece of this stone in their homes. It is luxurious and upscale but does stain quite easily, so you have to be careful when choosing this material.

Other Things To Know

Your custom countertop company will handle all the technicalities needed to create the most aesthetically-pleasing and functional countertops that will give your kitchen a luxurious vibe. One thing you need to consider, however, is how your sink will be mounted. Top-mounted sinks will work with any material, but if you are working with an under-mounted one, you need to choose waterproof stones. Ensure that you are aware of all measurements, thickness, and size and agree upon them with your contractor to avoid misunderstandings. Apart from that, they will handle the rest.

A custom countertop is a beautiful addition to any home, as it is visually pleasing and made to fit your kitchen’s specifications. After all, there is nothing more lovely than a fancy countertop ready to greet guests and elevate your meals.

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