20 Most Attractive Collection of Aquarium Furniture Designs

Applying an aquarium furniture for room’s decoration would be an amazing addition. It’s not like common decoration. This furniture would also ready to give some living entertainments for you to enjoy.

If you love watching a colorful school of fish swimming in front of you, then you must apply aquarium furniture in your house. This kind of furniture is applied to be used as decoration. It’s really flexible, you can put it in almost any room you want.

Mostly, aquarium furniture is located in the living room where most of the entertainment furniture applied. Your family and friend could choose whether to watch some television programs or some real school of fish swimming round and round.

The key to having an amazing aquarium furniture is the location. You have to set up your aquarium in the room where spend most of your time or in the most strategic spot inside your house.

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There are so many ideas for attractive aquarium furniture you can choose to apply in your house. In this page, you will explore some cool aquarium design ideas for inspiration in maintaining your school of fish collection.

1. Aquarium Furniture Stand Ideas

Aquarium Furniture
Aquarium Furniture Stand Ideas by pinterest

The first time I saw this stylish aquarium furniture stand, I was amazed by the color paint of the wood. Surprisingly, the black aquarium furniture stands ideas would blend really well with the colorful aquarium glass.

This furniture for the aquarium would elevate everything inside the container to a whole new level. The container or the fish tank’s dimension need to be well-connected. AS you can see this aquarium furniture blends really well. It’s a beautiful piece of interior decoration for your room.

2. Fish Tank And Stand

Fish Tank And Stand
Aquarium Furniture :Fish Tank And Stand by pinterest

The next one is another stand ideas for aquarium furniture. It’s quite similar to the previous one, but this one comes with the lighting fixture. Not just that, the coral reef design looks so catchy. It’s well-blended with the color of the stand.

The brown shades from the stand emphasize the design of the coral reef. This impressive aquarium tank has no background illusion for the fish. I guess the designer wants it to be as open as possible.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
 It doesn’t look fake.
 It has less color and simple.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
 Some fishes would feel uncomfortable inside the tank without an image illusion.[/su_note]

3. Fish Tank Stand Ideas

Fish Tank Stand Ideas
Aquarium Furniture :Fish Tank Stand Ideas by pinterest

This artistic option for your aquarium furniture deserves a spot inside your living room. The stand consists of three pillars and two open shelves in between the pillars. The black and brown colors give a perfect accent to aquarium design.

As you can see, you might face a problem in arranging the cables to get a clean look. This aquarium stand is supposed to have a storage well-arranging the cables. However, this aquarium furniture fits for 29 or 55-gallon tanks.

4. Metal Fish tank Stand

Metal Fish tank Stand
Aquarium Furniture :Metal Fish tank Stand by FrameXpert

For a small aquarium tank, you might want to take a look at this aquarium If found in my friend’s apartment. This unique minimalist metal fish tank is a DIY furniture. You can actually build this at home. It’s a lot better than the fish tank you find in the store.

There is some open space under the fish tank. I suggest you can decorate it with a flower in a vase. You can also leave that space empty just like that, it would give an impression of simplicity. Don’t forget to give a perfect lighting, don’t go too bright on it.

5. Driftwood Fish tank Furniture Ideas

Driftwood Fish tank Furniture Ideas
Aquarium Furniture : Driftwood Fish tank Furniture Ideas by pinterest

For an aquarium designer, setting up natural decorations for the aquarium is more important than just sticking some background illusion. This Driftwood fish tank is one piece of art. The first time I saw it, I thought it looks extremely natural.

In order to have this magnificent looks of under the river. I’m sure it would comfort the school of river fish. This will look so real for them. Every element inside the tank is perfectly arranged. A simple thin metal structure is enough to support the fish tank’s charm.

Here’s a simple trick for this aquarium furniture. In a room with dim lighting or dark painted walls, just light up the fish tank quite bright. The fish tank would look like it’s floating. The tink metal stand needs to be painted black, just like in the photo.

6. Aquarium Furniture Stand White

Aquarium Furniture Stand White
Aquarium Furniture Stand White by ndaquatics

If you think a black stand for aquarium won’t blend with your room, you can always go with white stand. This stunning white aquarium furniture is designed by Will MacCormac. The clean look of the fish tank is the highlight of this aquarium design.

Thanks to the top port of this aquarium for covering the pipelines. The self-draining pipelines are one crucial element of any aquarium. Sometimes, the pipelines are installed inside the tank covered by the coral reef.

Take a look at the background, it’s provided by the wallpaper. The aquarium design has no image illusion. Instead, the illusion is applied to the bigger medium, the wall.

7. Wood Fish Tank Stand

Wood Fish Tank Stand
Wood Fish Tank Stand by pinterest

Woods are the perfect choice for aquarium furniture stand. It’s also the most affordable one. There are some types of wood that works well for a fish tank stand. The design of the stand can be similar to the small cabinet.

As you can see, this simple wooden aquarium furniture looks easy to make. The common and simple design make this one be your DIY project. All the connected cables can be put inside the storage.

8. Modern Aquarium Stand Ideas

Modern Aquarium Stand Ideas
Modern Aquarium Stand Ideas by Arttogallery

This long shaped aquarium needs to be showcased in your living room. Such lighting fixture could definitely offer a proper lighting for the fish tank. From this view, it doesn’t look like an aquarium, it’s more like a glass to be installed by decorative stuff such as trophies, action figure, etc.

Well, a modern house would gladly apply this aquarium design. The simple white stand doesn’t affect much of the looks. The book cabinet as the background really supports the aquarium’s appearance. The lighting fixture is the key to all.

9. Aquarium Furniture Stand Metal

Aquarium Furniture Stand Metal
Aquarium Furniture Stand Metal by pinterest

This aquarium offers an uncommon shape. At a glance, it might look squared. If you look closely, it’s a little bit wider on the upper side. It’s one of the safest fish tanks which is completed by an attached silicone rubber for a versatile corner.

The beautiful design of the coral reef is the highlight of this aquarium furniture. For the stand, the metal colored one is actually made of glass. Some containers are available under the tank, you can hide the cables inside the stand.

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10. Fish Aquarium Stands

Fish Aquarium Stands
Fish Aquarium Stands by irosi

One of the unique ways to have an aquarium is to apply it to your coffee table. A living room should be the highlight of your home entertainment. Adding this clever and unique aquarium furniture would be a good leap.

A black wooden structure for coffee table topped with black glass tabletop looks like a perfect blend of the natural green leaves. This enjoyable coffee table is functionally decorative as the focal point of your living room.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
 The fishes can be enjoyed from the top.
 Functionality and decoration.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
 It’s not easy to watch the fish from the sides.[/su_note]

11. Aquarium Storage Furniture Ideas

Aquarium Storage Furniture Ideas
Aquarium Storage Furniture Ideas by ydbyfz

This one might be the most uncommon aquarium furniture you see in your entire life. It’s shaped like a pillar. It actually is a part of the pillar. It has a rounded shape like a big tube. The fishes would be freely going round and round inside the aquarium.

It’s perfectly fit in your large living room. In the picture, this unique aquarium is located around the living room. This aquarium furniture would be an awesome focal point for your interior. The colorful container looks like an artistic painting place inside a huge glass tube.

This type of aquarium needs to be applied by the expert designers. So, I suggest you should consult with the home designers for planning this tubbed aquarium.

12. Aquarium Furniture Stand With Storage Ideas

Aquarium Furniture Stand With Storage Ideas
Aquarium Furniture Stand With Storage Ideas by houzz

This aquarium is not fully open. Only one little part of side glass that’s closed. It’s way better than ordinary aquarium which has one big part of the glass that’s closed. The maintenance of this aquarium might be pretty challenging.

Well, you can hire some professional to do the maintenance of the fish tank. The glass needs to be cleaned regularly inside and outside. The classic structure is completed with storages. So, you can also store your belongings inside it.

13. Fish Tank Cabinets

Fish Tank Cabinets
Fish Tank Cabinets by Pinterest

Combining open shelves with aquarium might be a perfect idea. The green background of the shelves looks perfectly blend with the aquarium in the middle. The shelves can be used by a collection of books.

The arrangement of books would be some nice additional decors for this aquarium furniture. The chic design of this rack would shine better when you let most of the spaces empty. Why? The concept of green and black combination would look more amazing.

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14. Aquarium Background Ideas

Aquarium Background Ideas
Aquarium Furniture : Aquarium Background Ideas by pinterest

Take a look at this photo which showed the inside of the aquarium. It contains real-like natural stones. The stones texture and relief have some dark spot which would be enjoyed by many fishes.

As you can see, the goldfishes look so happy swimming around inside this fish tank. The detailed layout is a great deal for a spectacular aquarium design. I guess you may need a spectacular furniture to balance this perfect fish tank interior design.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro :
 It would look amazing for a fish tank.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
 It deserves to be a fishpond layout, not an aquarium.
 It would be hard to maintain the clean look.[/su_note]

15. Small Aquarium

Small Aquarium
Small Aquarium by pinterest

A fish bowl is the most flexible aquarium for your room. You can put it everywhere and on every table. You can put it on the side table of your bedroom, or on the countertop of your kitchen island.

This small aquarium tends to be more intimate with the owner. The fish bowl only accommodates one fish with simple decoration. You need to regularly feed the fish to get them comfortable. The design of fish bowl could be a nice additional decoration for any table.

16. Home Aquarium Bedroom

Home Aquarium
Home Aquarium by pinterest

Having an aquarium as a decoration might be quite common. If you are really a fan of fishes, sea, and its beauty, instead of having an only small spot for the aquarium, you can create the whole side of the wall of your bedroom for an aquarium.

This luxurious bedroom is designed for you who really love the view inside the sea. It’s actually not an aquarium, it’s the really awesome view of beneath the sea. This bedroom is located inside a tourism cruise and this room is one of the most expensive cabins.

17. Aquarium Table

Aquarium Table
Aquarium Table by pinterest

If an aquarium coffee table is too big for your room. You might wanna take a look at this small aquarium table you can use for your living room as a side table next to your sofa or couch.

The blue color represents the color of the sea which calms the room’s atmosphere. The open glasses are on all sides of the table which makes the small aquarium shines better.

18. Aquarium Coffee Table

Aquarium Coffee Table
Aquarium Coffee Table by pinterest

The concept of this aquarium is similar to the previous one but this one is larger. It’s deserved to be called as a coffee table. You can place this aquarium table in the middle of the living room.

This one would easily become the focal point of the room. The blue background is attached to the bottom side of the table. You can enjoy the living entertainment of the fishes lives from the tabletop through the open glass.

The lighting should be installed on every corner. So, the aquarium structure would look so much better, dramatically.

19. LED Aquarium Lighting

LED Aquarium Lighting
Aquarium Furniture : LED Aquarium Lighting by pinterest

If you really care about the lighting for your aquarium, you need to set two different kinds of lights. In the photo, you can see it’s got a dimmed LED light. This relaxing level of brightness would calm the fishes during the night.

You can set this level of brightness every night and the ordinary lighting during the day. The natural light from the window could also be used as the lighting during the day. So, you don’t have to install two kinds of lamps.

20. Corner Fish Tank With Stand

Corner Fish Tank With Stand
Corner Fish Tank With Stand by pinterest

Do you have an empty corner spot? You probably get confused about what to placed to get it more interesting. Well, applying an aquarium furniture on the corner can be the best solution to create an impressive corner. This is a pretty simple solution but the most worked one too.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]All of those ideas must be inspired you in any way. They can also make you more confused about what concept of aquarium furniture you need to apply inside your room. Well, one thing you need to consider when planning an aquarium is the purpose of having one.[/su_box]

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