7 Ways to Incorporate Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Into Your Kitchen Decor

Looking to incorporate shaker kitchen cabinets into your home decor? Click here for some awesome ways to do this and make your kitchen look great.

Shaker kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles. This might be due to their timeless characteristics or their ability to pair well with many different kitchen themes. Shaker kitchen cabinets are clean-cut and all have similar features for the most part.

This style of cabinet differentiates from other cabinet styles due to their recessed center panel and 5-piece door setup. They’re stylish and the perfect fit for many kitchen themes and styles. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate your shaker cabinets into your kitchen, then you’ll want to continue reading below.

We’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know about making your kitchen look great while using shaker cabinets. Luckily, this isn’t something that’s too hard to do, so we’ve listed a few ideas for some great inspiration. Continue reading below to find out more!

1. Glass with Two-Toned Color Scheme

A two-toned kitchen is visibly appealing. You’re able to use two different colors in your kitchen while remaining stylish and clean-cut. One way to use shaker cabinets in your two-toned kitchen is to have solid cabinets on the bottom with vibrant color.

This color should go well with white, as you’ll want white to be the other color in the two-tones theme. Try sticking with a neutral color for the bottom cabinets or a deep shade of blue. For the white shaker cabinets on top, consider removing the doors and replacing them with glass.

Glass doors on shaker cabinets allow you to keep the shaker style while showing off your beautiful dishes. Just remember that when using glass doors, you’ll want to keep your glassware and dishes well organized.

2. Traditional Kitchen Style

Your shaker cabinets will look amazing in your traditional kitchen, believe it or not! So, how do you make your shaker cabinets work in your traditional kitchen design? Kitchen cabinets add a clean look to your traditional design but can still incorporate some traditional features of their own.

A beveled edge on the cabinets is one way to add some traditional flare to them. You can also consider painting them a farmhouse color or using a light wood finish on them. The final touch to bring it all together is to install antique hardware on your shaker cabinets.

With all of these design elements placed together, you’ll have the perfect traditional style kitchen with shaker cabinets! You can even find a variety of shaker cabinets at www.wholesalecabinets.us!

3. Modern Kitchen Style

Shaker cabinets work well in modern kitchen design because of their clean-cut features. As the homeowner, you can even decide to leave the cabinet doors plain with no hardware or add hardware if you see fit. You’ll still be able to open your shaker cabinet doors without hardware by simply placing your fingers under the doors and pulling.

Shaker cabinets also work well in modern kitchens painted or left with finished wood. If you’d like to paint your cabinets, choose neutral colors such as white, gray, navy, or black.

4. White Walls and Monotone Decor

When building a kitchen design around your shaker cabinets, you’ll want to paint your ceilings and walls white. White signifies a sense of purity in the shaker community and works amazingly with shaker cabinets for this reason.

Shaker design is centered around the white walls and the natural wood features of the furniture. To add a splash of color into your kitchen, consider using colored seat cushions or chair covers. You can also consider using a colored rug as well.

Find one or two things to use as your splash of color and allow the rest to remain white, tan, and neutral.

5. Shaker Cabinets That Hide Appliances

Shaker cabinets are beautiful and work wonderfully at hiding major appliances. You can use your shaker cabinets to trick the eye into thinking they’re basic cabinets, but when you open them, you’ll find a dishwasher, refrigerator, and more!

You’ll, of course, want to have cabinets for normal storage options, but using them to hide major appliances helps the design flow well. No one wants a bulky dishwasher or refrigerator to break up the clean and sleek shaker cabinet design. Now, you don’t have to worry about that!
All of those major appliances can be hidden behind shaker cabinet doors!

6. Rustic Shelving with Shaker Cabinets

When using shaker cabinets in your kitchen, you’ll want to incorporate some rustic shelving as well. Keep the shaker cabinets for the bottom cabinets. You can paint them white or choose another solid neutral color.

For the top cabinets, save some money by installing rustic open shelving instead of full cabinets. This design technique is cheaper than installing cabinets and ties together well with the shaker cabinets. The open shelving concept is ideal for showing off your fancy dishes or glassware, such as the glass-door cabinet design.

7. Contemporary Kitchen Style

The best thing about shaker cabinets is that you can use them as inspiration and then get creative with it! Consider painting your bottom shaker cabinets white and then consider painting the top ones a bold and vibrant color.

This fun design works great when you remove the cabinet doors on the top cabinets and replace them with a glass. Whatever color you choose to paint the top cabinets with, it’ll stick out when paired up against the white ones on the bottom.

What Will You Do With Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

What will you decide to do with your shaker kitchen cabinets? Do any of these design ideas spark something inside of you?

If none of these design ideas screams “you,” then remember that the list of what you can do with shaker kitchen cabinets is endless. Use these ideas to spark inspiration in you when deciding how to design your own kitchen!

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