28 Metal Kitchen Cabinets Ideas, Style, Photos, Remodel and Decor

Adding Metal Kitchen Cabinets into your cooking area can give a pleasant impact to the kitchen atmosphere. The shiny and clean looks of stainless steel will highlight the entire kitchen. A proper lighting should be installed to support a stunning look of a metal.

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1. Contemporary Metal Kitchen Cabinets

metal kitchen cabinets
metal kitchen cabinets pictures: http://homedesignlover.com

If you need to have a kitchen design that fascinates you, try having metal kitchen cabinets. it looks clean and beautiful. It has a trendy layout that would comfort anyone who comes inside. The fridge seems to be in a perfect place.

Check out the kitchen island in the middle. It’s the focal point of the kitchen. Choosing a white color for the island is the right decision because the metal cabinets make an impressive reflection to its surface.

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2. ElektraVetro Metal Kitchen Cabinet

metal kitchen cabinet
homedesiglover.com: metal kitchen cabinets

This stunning kitchen would definitely become one of your favorite kitchen design. It’s got the metal domination for the major kitchen elements. It features clean and beautiful lines that are ready to amaze.

You can call it as the designer’s masterpiece. The metal kitchen cabinets are in the set on the kitchen island. It has the same impact to the kitchen. The amount of lighting would create an amazing shine to the metal surfaces. Make sure the lighting is well-arranged.

3. Metal Kitchen Cabinets Apartments

vintage metal kitchen cabinets

Having a galley style kitchen cabinet might be a great way to create a refreshing kitchen for your apartment. A metal kitchen cabinets are just the perfect option for it. This kitchen features a wide plank white oak as the walkway floor.

The planks are whitewashed, which complements well with the metal cabinets. This kitchen is just lovely. One thing that supports the stunning look of this kitchen is the lightings. There some enough lighting under the upper cabinet.

4. Metal Glass Kitchen Cabinets

white metal kitchen cabinets
metal kitchen cabinets: home designlover

Some designers may call it as a Laserton cabinet design. It features metal frames and glass panels. The blurry glass panels really give a nice appearance to the metal kitchen cabinets. Right below the cabinet, you have a stunning counter.

The color of backsplash in the counter makes a good combination with the metal complement above. The white ceiling and walls illuminate the space. It feels more comfortable with kitchen activity.

5. Metal Frame Glass Doors For Cabinets

metal kitchen cabinets ikea
metal kitchen cabinet: home designlover

A glass door is pretty helpful for you to have an effective workflow in the kitchen. The door is lifted up, not left or right. That way of opening door gives a nice impression on the kitchen experience.

Gray and white seem like the perfect color for this design. A metal material makes a great impression with these colors. It is because, mostly, the color of the metal is the combination of white and grey, sometimes black.

6. Modern Metal Kitchen Cabinets

retro metal kitchen cabinets
metal cabinet for kitchen: home designlover

One of fabulous metal kitchen cabinets. Metal or stainless steel doesn’t have to be in gray color, you can go with another type of neutral colors. As you can see, these metal kitchen cabinets have a brown color. It’s uncommon for the most kitchen, but worth trying.

It has lovable looks of kitchen cabinet which tend to be on a cooking show in television. Instead of having another cabinet, above the sink, there’s a shelf. The shelves are there to show off your utensils.

7. Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets

old metal kitchen cabinets
kitchen metal cabinets: homedesignlover.com

For a large kitchen space, you can choose to have this vintage metal kitchen cabinets. There’s plenty of storage in this cabinet. So, there will be a lot of things you can put in your kitchen storage. With the complete storage around, you can store anything you want, it’s clutter-free.

There’s a little bit taste of vintage in the room by having glassware upper cabinet. It has a lot of wine glasses. All of that glass is well arranged together with fun colorful decorations.

8. Stainless Metal Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

old metal kitchen cabinets
old metal kitchen cabinets: homedeisgnlover

This metal kitchen is supported by clean grey floor tiles. They are all become one together with some tone of colors. The metal kitchen island features shelves to showcase some white decorations for a pleasing to the eye.

The kitchen island has its own sink and stove. It’s all built-in. The countertops are in metal too. All of the elements in this kitchen are covered with stainless metal. You will have a good time cooking in this kitchen. It would be easy to clean and manage the stunning looks.

9. Kitchen Cabinets Metal

vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist
vintage metal kitchen cabinets craigslist: homedesignlover

Combining a dark wood cabinet with metal and glass on the upper cabinets would make everything flexible in that kitchen. That thing would create a nice transition from heavy to light. For the upper cabinets, you can get a blurry sight of the storage inside. That creates its own impressive appearance.

Moreover, the countertops are of stainless metal too. It’s the further enhancement of the transitions. The kitchen appliances would look tied with the cabinet, thanks to the stainless surface.

10. Metal Kitchen Cabinet With Sink

kitchen storage cabinets
contemporary metal kitchen cabinet: homedesignlover

As you can see, the metal kitchen is like a different world compared to the other room beside it which is covered in wood. This kitchen is all metal, from the wall to the floor. All metal elements are just what a metal kitchen is all about.

This spot would become the chef’s most favorite place to enjoy. All the things you need for a proper cooking is all here. The effective and efficient workflow would be very supportive of your activity.

11. Contemporary Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

metal cabinet
kitchen metal cabinet

With this large kitchen island, you won’t need more kitchen cabinet. There is adequate storage supply you need to have for your kitchen. It’s like a kitchen island for many cooks at once. The wide countertops are the one makes this kitchen becomes a hit.

This metal kitchen cabinet would bring the contemporary feel into your house in a form of modern style island. The complete features of preparation space would really enjoy any cooks.

12. JC Metal Kitchen Cabinets Design

metal kitchen sink base cabinet
metal kitchen sink cabinets: home designlover

The only thing that looks fun in this JC Metal kitchen is the wall tiles. The fun pattern gives a fun atmosphere to the whole kitchen. There’s no upper cabinet to block that tiles. All you got is the open shelves to highlight the appliances with the tiles as the background.

You can play with the pattern of tiles to get a different and better look at your kitchen. Make it well-combined with the metal kitchen cabinets you have.

13. Modern Minimalist Stainless Steel Kitchen

metal storage cabinets
metal storage cabinets: homedesignlover

Combining a modern furniture with the rustic setting is not a new thing, but it’s quite extreme for most people. It looks so contrast between the rustic wood in the ceiling frame and the metal elements below. It’s like forcing two completely different words to be one.

As you can see, there’s not a single rustic element left below except the rustic pole that connects to the ceiling. You can call this extreme combination of a sophisticated farmhouse kitchen.

14. White Metal Kitchen Cabinets

stainless steel kitchen cabinet handles
stainless steel kitchen cabinet: homedesignlover

Pairing a metal cabinet with white paint color and flooring is just the right thing to do. The kitchen would look fancy. In dealing with a bright color like white on the wall, make sure you add some accessories to decorate.

As you can see, this stunning kitchen looks ready for your kitchen business. There’s one tall table with one barstool to accompany this small metal kitchen cabinet.

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15. Antique Metal Kitchen Cabinets 

metal sliding drawers kitchen cabinets
metal sliding kitchen cabinets: homedesignlover

This kitchen design offers you with a white kitchen cabinetry in European style. It’s designed by Value Kitchens. The stainless-steel backsplash is there to give an impressive metal addition. This is an example of fashionable kitchen layout.

If you can’t go with all metal for your kitchen cabinet, you may wanna try having this design. It’s only having a little part of stainless metal but it makes a big impact.

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16. Quonset Hut Metal Kitchen Cabinets

metal kitchen
metal kitchen design: homedesignlover

Using a galvanized roof is another clever way to add texture to your kitchen cabinet. You have to choose the clean metal roof which is not rustic. It might be pretty unusual for a kitchen cabinet.

I guess you need to make the roof blend into the atmosphere by having a proper color combination for it. As you can see in the photo, the galvanized roofs are paired with grey color.

17. Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet

custom metal kitchen cabinets
metal kitchen design: homedesignlover

A limited space left in the kitchen? a small and portable stainless steel kitchen cabinet is the solution. Standing next to the vintage cabinet, that stainless steel cabinet seems to be enjoying the mix.

This kitchen is in a shabby-chic style that can highlight your kitchen experience with bright and vintage appliances.

18. Metal Kitchen Cabinets

metal kitchen cabinet
kitchen cabinet metal: homedesignlover

This kitchen design is inspired by a mid-sized industrial galley eat-in kitchen area. The eat-in space lets you have your guests in the kitchen area while you are having a hectic time in food preparation area.

This kitchen features metal kitchen cabinets which are completed by stainless steel devices, granite countertops, an under mount sink, black backsplash, rustic concrete floorings, and matching island.

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19. New York Metal Kitchen Cabinets With Sink

kitchen sets
metal kitchen cabinets: Homedesignlover

This small u-shaped kitchen design could be one of your inspirational ideas. This blue color would surely make a great impact on the atmosphere of the kitchen. The calm and relaxing feeling would spread around the kitchen.

Adding some element of metal in the kitchen cabinets and the sink can add more value to your kitchen design.

20. Best Design Vintage Metal Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen metal
metal kitchen cabinets: homedesignlover

The window is one crucial element of the kitchen. It provides a proper air ventilation for your kitchen. The natural impression increases the value of the kitchen design. The kitchen cabinets and island are one blue set.

The rest of the elements are in different colors. They just steal the attention of everybody by popping that blue shade in the middle.

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21. Metal Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

metal kitchen cabinets design
metal kitchen cabinets: homedesignlover

This kitchen has a metal cabinet and shelf right in the center of the cabinetry. This metal part of the cabinet creates a good accent for the whole appearance. The open cabinetry model should be well-arranged. Your kitchen items and tools would look decorative with this concept.

The stainless steel home appliances are combined with the metallic and steel backsplash to suit

22. Metal Kitchen Cabinet Gold Color

kitchen house
metal kitchen cabinets: homedesignlover

Wanna get extremely luxurious with your kitchen cabinet? Gold is the perfect element to support your luxurious desires. It’s not actually a gold, it’s just a metal with a color of gold. You get the point, right?

Shiny gold metal goes well with white cabinet. The designer wants to make the golden backsplash as the main event of this kitchen. That’s why the kitchen cabinet looks invisible from here.

23. Red Metal Kitchen Cabinets

metal kitchen designs

If you can’t stand that golden backsplash, you can choose to have it combined with red painted cabinet and wall, just like this stunning kitchen. The combination of metal and red paint is quite uncommon.

This narrow kitchen is in galley style would be enough to manage your workflow. Some part of this kitchen might feel uncomfortable.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro :
• It’s a great deal for your tiny house.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
• It’s too dark for a kitchen.
• It’s too narrow to get a nice workflow.[/su_note]

24. Antique White Metal Kitchen Cabinets

small metal kitchen designs
small metal kitchen design: houzz.com

Refresh your kitchen area with this cool u-shaped encased kitchen idea. It’s actually a small kitchen with antique style. It shows us that an “antique” doesn’t have to be dark, brown, or rustic. A white and bright colored kitchen can actually be antique too.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
• Antique doesn’t have to be aged, dirty, or rustic.
• It’s bright and stunning.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
• It’s not antique at all.[/su_note]

25. Contemporary Metal Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen designs
small metal kitchen design: houzz.com

There’s a lot of things you can do with your kitchen cabinet. The metal element is important for a kitchen since many kitchen appliances are made of metal. Adding another metal element to the cabinet design is something that suits your kitchen really well.

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26. Metal Kitchen Cabinets Island Ideas

kitchen metal designs
metal kitchen design: houzz.com

Blue is a popular color for a kitchen cabinet. White and blue is a great couple, it offers a calm and relaxing situation for your kitchen activity. A blue metal looks fashionable on the cabinet surface. It looks really clean and shiny.

27. Modern Metal Kitchen Cabinets

metal cabinet
free standing metal kitchen cabinets : houzz.com

Wanna go simple and minimalist with your cabinet design? You can choose to have this sleek and straightforward hardware. This C-channel hardware is quite popular these days. It has complete features for your cooking activity. This has to be in your small kitchen for a better cooking experience.

28. Metal Kitchen Cabinet Photos

young metal kitchen cabinet

If you are looking for rustic style kitchen design, this one should be an inspiration. The rustic texture of the kitchen island really brings this kitchen into the different dimension. A terrific cooking area and eat-in space make this kitchen to be one of most recommended for rustic fans.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]All of those 30 ideas of metal kitchen cabinets would definitely make your kitchen perfect. You and your family would enjoy to be in the kitchen, cooking, eating, and having fun. Choosing wisely, which one is the best one for your kitchen space.[/su_box]

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