15 Impressive Mid Century Modern Bedroom Designs

A mid century modern bedroom would showcase simplicity to the atmosphere. Designing a bedroom with mid-century modern style won’t have tons of excess. In this kind of design, you don’t need a bunch of ornate embellishments. This style is all about stripping items down to the barest elements and make it more functional.

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When you choose to apply a mid-century modern style in your bedroom, you need to focus on the furniture selection. Make sure that it has clean lines and multiple uses if needed. The decoration should be modern or geometric to express the aesthetic.

You have to keep the simplicity of your bedroom. You don’t have to get a lot of elements that would clutter the room, you can just focus on one strong focal area that would show the function of the room. In this case, the bed design is very crucial.

The key is to keep the bedroom simple but inviting. In this page, there will be many ideas you can get inspired dealing with the mid-century modern bedroom of your dream.

1. A Modern Bedroom with Geometric Wall Mural

mid century modern bedroom
mid century modern bedroom : http://1.bp.blogspot.com

As said before, geometric pattern and shape would be the perfect addition to express mid-century modern style. This bedroom has a ceramic wall mural with a geometric pattern that is painted on the wall above the headboard. It becomes the focal accent of this bedroom.

This open bedroom consists of glass walls on each side of the bedroom which gives a perfect light to the room. The turquoise bed gives a nice color that results in a bright and perky interior. It looks magnificently beautiful from this point of view.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– The adorning chairs make the style feels more obvious.
– The element of woods are in the right amount.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– This open bedroom is too exposed.[/su_note]

2. The Mid Century Bedroom with Gentle Tone

mid century modern bedroom ideas
mid century modern bedroom ideas : vsocio.com

Choosing color is the key step in dealing with a mid-century modern bedroom. Make sure that you are making the right choice. The color combination of the bedroom has to be supportive of the style. Take a look at the gentle color combination in this bedroom. It’s got blue, grey, and brown.

The blue shades come from the chairs, the grey color is got from the furry rub and the bed comforter, the dark grey is on the flooring, and the brown wood color on the wall and headboard. All of them are tied perfectly in one room.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– A glass space lets the light brighten the whole room.
– The paintings on the headboard match the color elements below.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The flooring is too dark, it doesn’t get the dramatic effect of the lighting.[/su_note]

3. Mid Century Bedroom with Super Simple Design

mid century modern bedroom design
mid century modern bedroom design : https://savemoreanimals.org

Obviously, this bedroom looks simple and minimalist in every way. It’s got enough furniture to set the mid-century style in perfection. As you can see, there’s a wooden side table with drawer, hanging lamp, and simple grey chair. All of them make a good friend with the bed design.

In addition, you can add a real plant and nature theme painting to decorate the bedroom. The miscellaneous of natural and elements of modern is merged into one with this design. It offers an amazing perspective of convenience bedroom for resting and doing activity in the bedroom.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– The airy and spacious feeling is what people love about mid-century modern style.
– This simple bedroom design is easy to imitate.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The plant on the corner is too big.[/su_note]

4. Elegant Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Elegant Mid Century Modern Bedroom
Elegant Mid Century Modern Bedroom : http://openall.club/

The element that dominated this elegant bedroom is the grey-colored flooring, wall, and bed. The bed is covered with elegant white comforter and pillows. The white element in the middle of grey offers a nice balancing addition into the atmosphere.

The warm ambiance is built by the two light fixtures on each bedside table. The light fixtures are using modern style to complete the slim side table. The color of side tables merges with the black iron headboard. For brightening the room, the designer adds glass window.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– Black iron headboard and bedside table make a great additional accents.
– During the day, this bedroom can be bright because of the glass window.
– At night, the elegance would be more exposed because of those warm hanging lamp.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The wooden drawer design is so outdated.[/su_note]

5. Mid Century Bedroom with Wooden Domination

mid century modern bedroom furniture
mid century modern bedroom furniture : https://homedesignlover.com

This bedroom can be called as ranch bedroom. The elements of woods are outstandingly dominating. The combination of white and brown makes a simple feeling in this bedroom. Surely, the glass wall, white wall, white ceiling and white bed makes the room brighter.

You don’t have to put many elements to minimize clutter and maximize relaxation. You just need the main furniture of a bedroom. It’s enough to serve you a comfortable place to relax and get some rest.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– It’s an ideal design for small bedroom.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The room only consists of brown and white, which is pretty monotonous.[/su_note]

6. Mid Century Bedroom for Babies with Bold Wallpaper

mid century modern bedroom art
mid century modern bedroom : https://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/

The geometric pattern on the wallpaper of this bedroom really catches people attention. Just by having it on one wall, you can change the entire bedroom ambiance. The combination of neutral color would give good effect to the mid-century bedroom to improve simplicity.

The bedroom is completed with such fantastic mid-century elements such as the dark-trimmed dresser, a white pouf ottoman chair, a white crib, and a blue-white striped rug. Don forget about the matching curtain and friendly paintings to show off the decors.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– This is design for nursery room.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The blue stripped rugs in the middle of this bedroom catch attention too much.[/su_note]

7. The Luxurious Bedroom from Dewberry Charleston

mid century modern bedroom style
mid century modern bedroom style : https://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/

The property of Dewberry Charleston is one of the most luxurious guest house in the country. It has the unique guest room that blends the old classic style with modern trending style. As you can see, the classical elements are what make this bedroom so luxurious.

The size is pretty large. It’s enough to install all the elements you need in a bedroom. It’s good a dark wood cabinet. There is three light fixture in this bedroom, one light is hanging on the wall, the rest of them installed on each bedside. All of them make a great statement in their own style of shining.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– The big curtain is perfect to accompany the big glass window.
– You’ll get as much privacy as you need.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– That huge mirror on the headboard is somewhat disturbing.[/su_note]

8. A Mid Century Bedroom with Concrete Floor

mid century modern bedroom flooring
mid century modern bedroom flooring : https://www.gessato.com/

With this bedroom design, the designer has proven that bedroom is found with exposed aggregated concrete floor all over as long as you can bend it wall with other elements. In this mid-century bedroom, the designer adds a plush white rug to cover some of the floors.

The rest of the floor is left exposed for the sake of being simple. Some people might avoid this design because the flooring is not finished. If you find the beauty of the texture, I believe the bedroom would be comfortable for everyone.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– The element of brown wood is pretty supportive of the floor design.
– There’s a slight amount of black color as the accents in this modern bedroom.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– It can be hard to clean because of the rough textures.[/su_note]

9. Wooden Bedroom with Charred Wood

mid century modern bedroom images
mid century modern bedroom images : https://i.pinimg.com/

The designer of this master bedroom gets the bed feels larger by using a low-profile wood bed that is extended out into two bedside table. The charred wooden wall on the background provides striking stark contrast with the rest of the elements.

You can see the funky black chair that keeps the color scheme together. Having a charred wood wall in a room is a lot of work especially if you do it yourself in the village. The charred wall is supported by the pillows and chair colors.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– The other bright color is enough to maintain the darkness on the background.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– You may need to decorate the wall with a brighter color to maintain the darkest area.[/su_note]

10. Gallery Wall In Midcentury Modern Bedroom

mid century modern master bedroom ideas
mid century modern master bedroom ideas : https://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/

The dark shade of gray and brown which is provided by Benjamin Moore is called Affinity is perfectly harmonizing the color background. The wall seems to be ready to accommodate a lot of frames on the wall.

A touch of mid-century modern comes from the decoration on the wall. The concept is to make it being a Gallery wall. You can change the backdrop color. Make sure you pick the right color that supports framed artworks that are about to be exposed to the whole wall spaces.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– Adding gallery wall concept would be fantastic.
– You will enjoy your time in the bedroom to look around your private gallery.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– It’s a little bit strange for having too many decors for a simple bedroom design.[/su_note]

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11. Blue Mid Century Modern Bedroom

mid century modern interior design bedroom
mid century modern interior design bedroom : http://www.biancacasady.com

The blue color is the focal point of this bedroom. The main furniture itself is covered with blue comforter and pillows. There’s also one supporting artwork above the low headboard. White, blue, and wooden elements are well-blended.

This is the perfect bedroom design for you if you love blue. This wonderful bedroom is designed by Arin Williamson which sets the blue color just in the middle.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– Blue is always great with a white base.
– Wooden element creates a mid-century mix for this bedroom.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The blue elements are gathered only in the middle.[/su_note]

12. Mid Century Modern Bedroom With Colorful Pattern

mid century modern bedroom paint
mid century modern bedroom paint : https://gotrangtri.vn

Check out those colorful patterns as the pillow covers. It gives a fun vibe in this comfortable bedroom. The colorful element is not just coming from the pillows. The bedside table accommodates colorful accessories like the floral pots.

In order to get the accessories shine better, the light balls that hang from the ceiling are perfectly lighting up each side of the bed. The bed itself looks majestically standing as the center of the room.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– The artwork above the headboard offers an interesting touch to the empty dark wall.
– The perfect design of bench at the end of the bed offers a complete service.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The furry rug pattern is somewhat unnecessary, it should be plain.[/su_note]

13. Artistic and Creative Feel In Mid Century Bedroom

mid century modern bedroom design ideas
mid century modern bedroom design ideas : http://dizainexpert.ru/

Check out the patterns on the wall. That is the one that makes your creativity on point. The design looks cool and refreshing to our eyes. Blue with yellow accents provides an exciting look. The white bed has a wooden line that goes all over the edge. It gives an impressive touch to the whole design.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– It’s got a creative combination.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The wooden element should just be for the flooring.[/su_note]

14. Wonderfully Stylish Mid Century Bedroom

mid century modern bedroom lighting
mid century modern bedroom lighting : https://cdn.onekindesign.com/

This bedroom is designed for modern homes. It’s got a green bed structure that blends flawlessly with white domination. The green color is not too bright, it’s soft and dark enough to maintain the bright white.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– Green is not alone, the black decors above the headboard is a really nice addition.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– The Mediterranean carpet is not suitable in this harmonious bedroom.[/su_note]

15. Mid Century Bedroom for Home Located by The Sea

mid century modern bedroom design
mid century modern bedroom design : https://www.designlisticle.com/

If you have a house near the sea or by the seashore, you may want to have the design to be matched with the view you have from the room. This waterfront bedroom design could be a creative idea to be applied.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
– The color inside is matched with the outside.
– The mid-century feeling is served by the wooden flooring and ceiling.[/su_note]
[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
– This small bedroom is not enough to accommodate more than one people.[/su_note]

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]We are pretty sure that you already decide which one that you’re interested in. Those mid century modern bedroom ideas could be your aspiration to transform your bedroom to get it improved and well-treated.[/su_box]

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