22 Popular Ideas of Baseboards Styles and Base Moldings for Your Stylish House

Dealing with baseboard styles can be pretty challenging. Baseboard is the trim that goes along the wall bottom beside the flooring. It might seem like a really small or unimportant detail, but if you consider having the baseboard to be stylish, you can discreetly alter the look of the whole house.

Applying the baseboards molding should be depended on a bunch of aspects which is including the style of the house. Choosing the baseboard should also be based on your budget. You need to pick the affordable baseboard.

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Baseboards Styles Ordinary

Baseboards Styles
Baseboards Styles Ordinary by pinterest

This article will provide you with a bunch of ideas of baseboards styles you might wanna have for your house. Take a look at this ordinary styles of baseboards. It’s used the standard MDF (Medium-density fireboard walls) baseboard.

This MDF board offers you a cardboard with a benign soft brown shade. There’s no grain pattern and it will flex without breaking. Those features would give benefit to the installation. It’s very flexible when dealing with painting, you can get it repainted or discolored.

If you choose it to be discolored, it would perfectly fit with the dark grey shades of the walls and the wooden floorings. The combination of those elements equals elegance. So, it’s recommended to get a discolored baseboard styles when you have the walls a bit darker.

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Flexible Vinyl Trim Molding

baseboard trim
Flexible Vinyl Trim Molding by pinterest

This type of molding really deserves some attention. It’s a suitable option for a ceiling that meets the stairs for the second floor. The impression of vintage and classical has been spread all over the house because of this flexible vinyl trim molding. If you are dealing with this house design, you know which trim molding to install.

Wall Baseboard Designs

wall baseboard
Wall Baseboard Designs by pinterest

If you opt to have the design of the wall with the accent of baseboard styles, you need to get ready to be entertained. Although, the challenge will be in the installation. There are some things you need to consider to have it perfectly fit your walls.

This piece of molding is actually used not only for the wall but also throughout the house for the window, door trim, and of course baseboard. It’s suitable for the colonial style of the house and also good for wedding anniversary accessories.

Baseboard Molding Profiles

moulding profiles
Baseboard Molding Profiles by pinterest

Here are a bunch of baseboards styles you can choose to have it installed on your walls. The MDF baseboard molding has one prominent technique that it has adapted to is the back-cut or back-profiled, baseboard, which is built on both sides.

As you can see, there are three kinds of molding, the base molding, general purpose, and PRMD MDF Moulding. Each of them has a different use but they all have one purpose which is to make your house to be more stylish and attractive.

Baseboard Colonial Styles

colonial baseboard
Baseboard Colonial Styles by pinterest

Colonial baseboard styles are originated from North America. There are a lot of regions you can find in North America and most of the regions have their own certain Colonial background. That means they have their own version of the colonial style.

But, when it comes to the term “Colonial” style, it must be the New England Colonial design which is pretty popular when dealing with home design. The impression of vintage and elegance would be in your colonial living room and dining room.

The warm atmosphere of this design would bring the comfort into the room. The symmetry is what makes this baseboards style impressive. It has a proportioned character and profile. If you plan to apply a colonial standard design, this baseboard design should be a choice.

Baseboard Ideas For Living Room

Baseboard Ideas
Baseboard Ideas For Living Room by pinterest

Ah, living room, the best room in a house. The room where you want to have comfortable seating, exciting entertainment, and a warm family atmosphere. With the perfect choice of color combination and furniture, you can make the living room great again.

What about the baseboards styles? Well, this living room design offers simpleness, entered being, and informality. You would exactly feel it when you are in that room. The simple design of the baseboard makes this living room complete.

Without the baseboard, there will be no impressive accent on the walls and floorings. It has a basic, rectangle-shaped characteristic. With a few curves, the baseboard design looks lovely. Unlike the colonial style, this baseboard design would be suitable for Artisan or Bungalow style of a house.

Modern Baseboard Molding Styles

modern baseboards
Modern Baseboard Molding Styles by Wisma Home

Wanna go a little bit classical?, try this baseboard design which is inspired by the Cattle ranch house from the 50s and 60s. These house designs are filled with all modern comfort which is suitable for relaxed and informal family members life.

With the baseboards styles that match the ranch house, it will make a classical modern house. The simple ranch style trim would be perfect for your cattle ranch house or other houses that are ready to appreciate the mid-century modernism.

Actually, in the 70s, this ranch style trim was considered as a cheap and economical style of a baseboard. But, in this era, when people choose to apply this trim, they want to have a mid century modern-day look for the house.

Modern Baseboard Styles

Modern Baseboard Styles
Modern Baseboard Styles by pinterest

Some people might think that a baseboard is not suitable for a modern or contemporary house. Well, when it comes to combining some designs to make the room more stylish, you can get the baseboard styles to be modern.

For a contemporary or modern house who wants to install baseboards, it is recommended to choose the long lasting products or materials. Because the durability is very important in a modern house.

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4 Significant Trim Profiles Baseboard Styles

There are four significant trim profiles baseboard styles you need to know before choosing what you want for your walls. They are categorized by the shapes, accounts, and manufacturers. They do not have established names for each kind, people use their dimensions to name them.

Three-Inch Rounded or Stepped Wall (3-inch wall trim)

cove molding
by pinterest

There some types of trim you may wanna like to install to your wall. The rounded and tipped trim is the most typical kind of wall design that people like to have in their house. This trim is quite popular these days.

The general dimension of this trim is about 5/8 inch to 7/8 inch wide and 3 to 3 with fifty percent inches tall. Typically, the trim to is quite rounded which lets you tape it right into the wall. It can be considered as the cheapest trim wood compared to other pricey options of trim.

You can get it at the store for about 1.60 dollars for one foot of trim made of oak. This is the best option for you if you plan to build an extra modern-day house. The best feature of this 3-inch wall trim is its simplicity. You can add some attribute to make it more impressive.

Apartment Wall Molding (Flat baseboard trim)

ceiling molding
ceiling & wall molding by pinterest

Another profile of baseboard style is this flat baseboard trim which is suitable for wall molding for your apartment. It’s an additional simple choice you may wanna add to your apartment design. The base molding has a really flat front side.

There are two different elevations available for this trim profile. They are the 3 ½ inches and the 4 ½ inches. For easy installation and flexibility, the rear of the trim is grooved. Compared to other options, this base molding is much more functional.

It’s quite flexible and it can be used in almost any house design with or without the crown molding. You can add another layer of trim on the top of the flat baseboard trim to make it work well with the Victorian style of a building.

Sculpted Mid-Height Wall Trim (Mid-height baseboard trim)

wood baseboard
wood baseboard by pinterest

In this one of baseboards styles, you can load even more punch of style. Typically, it ranges from about 4 to 5, and 50% inches in height and 5/8 inches in thickness. The design of the top trim looks decorative. The price of this trim could be varied significantly based on its sculpting and height.

You can have this baseboard style in your official dining-room. The elegant and decorative shape of the trim brings the dining room to its finest.

Sculpted Taller Wall Molding (Taller baseboard Styles)

tall baseboards
tall baseboards by pinterest

And the last one is this taller baseboard molding. It gives your house a significant visual declaration. If you decide to renovate your house with this kind of detail, it would look so different. Compared to other baseboard styles, this one could be the most expensive.

But, the price is still varied significantly based on the shape, materials, and elevation. This type of trim profile is suitable for a big range house. If your house has large spaces and high ceilings, this molding is the way to go.

Popular Base Molding Products

base molding
popular base molding by pinterest

Some people might do not want to get confused in getting materials for their house. They just look for which one is best in the store, which one is the most recommended and which one is the most popular.

You should know that each material of baseboard has its own advantages and disadvantages. To decide which one is the best product, you may want to have it matched with your house design and also budget.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

mdf baseboard
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) by pinterest

Check out this MDF baseboard material, it’s one of the most popular in the business. Many designers recommend this product to be the material of the baseboard molding. This MDF baseboard contains wood fibers, resin, and other materials. It’s formed into a variety of distinctive shapes by the manufacturers.

This is for you who prepare to repaint your trim. But, if you are searching for authenticity, MDF won’t give you that. You may want to go with wood as your baseboard.

Pine Baseboard Trim

baseboard trim
pine baseboard trim by pinterest

Another kind of popular products you may want to choose for your baseboards styles is this Pine baseboard trim. The price is affordable, you’ll love this product if you want to save your budget. People like to have this product because of its quality.

Pine baseboard is both goods in quality and price. If you choose to have the unpainted trim, it brings the rustic charm into the house. For the more official look, you may want to have it painted.

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Wood Baseboard Trim Styles

wood trim
Wood Baseboard Trim Styles by pinterest

The last but not least, if you want to have it stylish in high quality, wood is a perfect choice. People love to have it for its simplicity and durability. The price is varied based on the profile of the wood materials. The most used one is the oak wood.

You could say that choosing the wood baseboards styles is an easy effort. It’s suitable in any kind of house. You could just add the baseboard and let it shine the room.

Should You Utilize Quarter-Round?

quarter round
A quarter-round molding by pinterest

A quarter-round molding is often used as the trim to solve a problem. It tends to be a layer in front of the taller trim. It solves some common problems like elevation distinctions which are caused by a bumpy wall or floor.

This molding conceals that problem and covers it with a good finish. This type of molding also adds visual charm to the wall and floor which you can use if you’re not facing the elevation problem.

Paint or Stain Baseboards

painting trim white
Paint or Stain Baseboards by pinterest

You could decide to paint or tarnish the trim to match the color combination of the room. It is highly recommended to get it painted with neutral colors. But, if you want to go unique and a bit wild, you are free to combine. Do not forget to consider the wall and flooring when choosing the trim color.

Contrasting Baseboard Style Trim

baseboard corners
Contrasting Baseboard Style Trim pinterest

Playing with a burnished and painted the trim in contrasting colors calls in the available perimeter area. It’s a great choice of baseboard for you to gets some rather angle, it’s also huge too. You could get confined looking space in your floor border.

Going with white colors are the best option to have the wall and baseboard color to be contrasted. Go for bright white with the solid wall color.

Modern Baseboard Styles Collaboration With Other Trims

modern baseboards
Modern Baseboard Styles by pinterest

You can also have the baseboards styles to be a great baseboards combination. First, you may need to match the new baseboard molding with the existing window cases, doors, and crown molding. This time you need to have the baseboard with various colors. It will provide you an impression of the patched-together house.

Considering Color Baseboard White

white baseboard
Considering Color Baseboard White by pinterest

One of the most popular shade for painted trim is white. When it comes to choosing the paint colors, the white shade is a great choice to reveal dirt quickly. So, you can keep them all clean and perfect. The product of the paint needs to be in high-gloss and easy to clean.

The Perfect Baseboard Trim Styles

Perfect Baseboard Trim Styles
Perfect Baseboard Trim Styles by pinterest

Well, after all of that description and explanation about the baseboards styles, you might already found the best baseboards styles so far. There must be some ideal baseboards styles that suit well with your design.

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