The Greatest Appealing Design Choices for your Mid Century Modern Kitchen

The mid century modern kitchen describes a kitchen design relates to mid-20th century developments in interior design and architecture. It’s like a mix between contemporary and modern design. This kitchen decoration is perfectly suits for people who have distinctive and sophisticated taste of style.

Remodelling a midcentury kitchen should consider updating the appliances, storages, and finishes. This interior style looks challenging, then you should apply it to your kitchen. As a result, this interior design will give cozy and relaxed atmosphere to you cooking area.

[su_heading size=”24″]mid century modern kitchen designs[/su_heading]

We have a compilation of mid century modern kitchen designs that can inspire and give you some choices. Check them out.

1. Mid Century Modern Kitchen To Your Home

midcentury modern kitchen
Mid Century Modern Kitchen To Your Home :

Designing mid century modern kitchen to your home means that you must keep the lines straightforward. In the cooking area, everything must be very tidy lines. Kitchen cabinets with curve motifs must be changed with plain lines. The furnishings are dominated with seamless stainless steel.

Countertop’s surface area is designed with marmoreal. Cork and laminate flooring will make your kitchen area completely modern. Mostly, the kitchen interior design of this kitchen is mesmerizing and uncluttered.

Other points to be considered if you want to develop this kitchen are the use of bold colors, warm-colored timber, geometric patterns, fabrics, and tile backsplashes. It is also embellished with retro style furnishings and modern lighting system.

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2. Best Design Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design Sweden

mid century modern kitchen table
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design Sweden :

We are amazed at how mid-century meets Sweden in Minneapolis. What a shocking color! Orange gives a fresh look to this modern Swedish kitchen. Orange walls combined with lift-up avocado green cabinets create a fun burst of color in the kitchen.

Scandinavian-inspired layout is shown by a grey marmoreal floor and a white ceramic stacked subway tile backsplash. They made a big contrast with the orange tone. Warm wood counters and white paint-grade maple cabinets also give a neutral backdrop to the kitchen area.

Instead of a table and chairs, this room has a built-in banquette and lift-up benches with storage. This allowed for better traffic flow and more clearance around the eating space.

3. Mid Century Modern Kitchen Table And Chairs

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Table And Chairs
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Table And Chairs :

Enhance your kitchen with swanky midcentury modern table and chairs. Kitchen table sets include five, seven, and nine-piece, you can choose which one suits to your need. They come in round, rectangular and butterfly shape. Most of them include a table with leaves that can be store underneath the table.

The materials vary in wood, metal, glass, high gloss, marble and more. Wooden table sets are made from different kind of wood. Once, hardwood solid pine with a teak stain is used for midcentury modern kitchen. Another one is crafted from walnut veneer and finished in gorgeous dark walnut color.

Table sets made of high gloss and crystal detail with eco faux leather usually cost more budget. The cheaper one is made of glass metal with leather. Other option is marble and steel table sets which give simple and generous look.

4. Best Design Mid Century Kitchen Stainless Steel

mid century modern kitchen lighting
mid century modern kitchen

Stainless steel looks more sophisticated and elegant to your mid-century kitchen. Steel is not only used as a material for cutlery and kitchen utensils, but also for furniture, countertops, tiles, and backsplashes. Stainless steel furnishings are the most hygienic units due to non-porous.

Besides having better appearance, this material resists to mold and bacteria. You just need to wipe the surface regularly to keep it clean. An under mount sink, flat-panel cupboard, an island, wall mounted grey cabinets, counters and cooking appliances are made from stainless steel that embellish every side of the kitchen.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It cannot burn.
2. It is recyclable.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
1. Contact with metals make noisy.
2. It’s more expensive.
3. Deep scratches cannot be removed.[/su_note]

5. Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

mid century kitchen
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas :

Mid century modern kitchen ideas can influence the kitchen appearance. Adding midcentury modern elements can enlarge a small kitchen. One of the elements is color selection. Pastel and bright colors are suitable for small kitchen to give a cheerful vibe and brighten up the area. This following modern kitchen apply white tone to all furniture and layout.

The minimalist concept include tall ceiling, open-shelves cabinets, and fewer walls. The heaviness of dark cabinets can be removed to create a larger look. Fun and retro accessories like these white pendant lamps put fun back into a small kitchen.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It is easy to pick out.
2. It’s simple elegance.
3. You can mix and match.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
1. It’s outdated.
2. The white layout looks monotonous.[/su_note]

6. Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchen

Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchen
Mid-Century Modern Style Kitchen ;

In modern kitchen, lights will be a focal base of the area. The high ceilinged cooking area fits well to the pendant lamps. This hanging lamps are the right choice for lighting in midcentury modern style area.

Most midcentury kitchen is in galley style, with two counters running parallel. When you want to update to this galley kitchen, try to embrace the gallery layout that meets your functional needs.

Add high-end appliances which can add more pleasure to your cooking area. Also, use more durable and practical materials to update the finishes. New walnut cabinetry and quartz-based counters add so much to this kitchen although they are expensive.

7. Mid Century Modern Kitchen Chairs

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Chairs
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Chairs :

Kitchen chairs are great furnishings to add in any home. Integrating modern-day chairs create eclectic touch. Various sleek and stylish models that relate to midcentury design can be chosen. There are cushioned seats which have a beautifully finished wood frame.

The others are tufted chairs with natural wood legs, natural wood metal legs dining side chairs, upholstered chair with tapering legs, butterfly chair, wood-fabric armchairs, and so on.

Choosing mid-century modern round benches are also fascinating. Rustic wood drum open cage seat, universal radius incurve bench, vanity acrylic bench, skirted storage bench with upholstery are unique and stylish.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It’s easy to assembly.
2. It has good strength.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
The best materials cost more expensive.[/su_note]

8. Portland Mid Century Modern Kitchen Designs

mid century modern kitchen designs
Portland Mid Century Modern Kitchen Designs ; Robin Rigby Fisher

Portland interior design specialize in modern kitchen design with custom cabinetry. The kitchen is designed to integrate the original architectural home details with modern mid century kitchen.

The kitchen includes streamlined upper cabinetry, sleek backsplash, and horizontal grain walnut cabinetry. Interesting midcentury furniture, lighting, and sleek pulls on white cabinetry might pull everything together for a fresh modern Portland designs.

Create serenity with the clean lines of grey quartz countertops and a rectilinear white tile backsplash. In contrast, Portland midcentury kitchen provides dark stained beam and dark walnut waterfall countertop. Both give a hand-carved feel to the area.

9. Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

mid century kitchen
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas :

Kitchen which had been designed as food preparation in the past, significantly transformed and broadened to include a place to consume and to do laundry. The kitchen area is needed to increase a larger dimension. The layout of wall surface also becomes popular.

Knotty ache, Formica and vinyl are the layout components that are frequently used. Clean lines, brilliant and imaginative colors are connected with midcentury modern design.

This living kitchen is completed with built-in cabinetry and countertop. All wood furnishings embellish the area. It has a five-piece table set, a pendant lamp, knotty patterned wallpapers and ceilings make the room more attractive.

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10. Mid Century Modern Kitchen Open Concept

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Open Concept
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Open Concept :

Open concept kitchen makes your family and friends around you while you are cooking. To be remembered, cooking smells will penetrate the whole area, so prepare a good fan installation in the cooking area.

The midcentury open kitchen consists of flat-panel cupboards, metallic backsplash, under mount sinks, islands, and stainless steel appliances. Open concept of modern kitchen is made to show its gorgeous views.

Updating light fixtures and personality details is important as well as demolished walls to create an open concept design. Custom cabinets and elegant butcher block countertops are installed to provide counter space and plenty of storage.

For instance, this picture shows the dark tones of the kitchen units contrast with the white subway tile walls. Modern open shelving becomes priority and open concept floor plan smoothly blends kitchen and dining spaces. Colorful pendant lamps and table sets bring an exotic ambiance.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It makes a small space feel larger.
2. It becomes a part of the family.
3. It has gorgeous open sight lines.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
1. Load-bearing walls.
2. Lack of privacy.
3. A messy kitchen is always on display.[/su_note]

11. Midcentury L-shaped Kitchen Remodel

Midcentury L-shaped Kitchen Remodel
Midcentury L-shaped Kitchen Remodel : Ryann Ford Photography

A midcentury L shaped kitchen inspired with shaker closets, farmhouse sinks, white cupboards, blue backsplash, and stainless steel kitchen tools. The L shaped kitchen has one longer side and one shorter side. The longer side is for the majority of the counter space, while the shorter one is for counter and appliances.

L shaped kitchen is the most popular design that can be adapted to all styles and sizes of kitchen. It practically comes with fridge, stove, and sink in a triangular array.  This flexible design can reduce walking time between kitchen stations.

Importantly, an L shape layout will be the best choice for a small kitchen. However, when you have a large size L-shaped mid-century modern kitchen, an island with a sink and extra counter space become the best additional units.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. Excellent use of space.
2. Simplify process of cooking and cleaning up.
3. Minimize foot traffic.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
1. Appliances are more spaced out.
2. L shaped layout has various length, it can span too wide of a distance.[/su_note]

12. Inspiration For a Midcentury Galley eat-in Kitchen Remodel

mid century modern kitchen chairs
Inspiration For a Midcentury Galley eat-in Kitchen Remodel : Studio Schicketanz

Setting up your kitchen with additional table and chairs means that the cooking area is used for eating instead of preparing food. It is important to make your eat-in space easy to access. An efficient traffic flow will complete your kitchen experience.

This midcentury galley eat-in kitchen with yellow backsplash tile gives charming structure and shade to the room. There is also an island with storage space on both sides. The island has additional chairs for eat-in area. To provide a larger eat-in space, you can add a nine-piece table set next to the galley kitchen.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. It maximize efficiency while cooking with minimal space.
2. It makes excellent use of a narrow space.
3. The kitchen functions as both for cooking and eating.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons :
1. It is not suitable for more than one cook working.
2. There is not a separate room between the kitchen and the dining room.[/su_note]

13. Midcentury Galley Kitchen Photo in San Francisco

mid century modern kitchen design
Midcentury Galley Kitchen Photo in San Francisco : Studio Schicketanz

Galley kitchen photo in San Francisco provides a double-bow sink, flat-panel closets, and stainless steel appliances. The white cabinets are in tune with the white backsplash. The brown timber creates a contrast shade with the white wall surface area.

An example of galley kitchen in San Francisco is a large transitional L-shaped kitchen photo. This eat-in area has dark wood floor with an under mount sink, shaker cabinets, solid surface countertops, and an island. White backsplash combined with ceramic backsplash to bear a calm feel in the kitchen.

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14. Inspiring Mid-Century Modern Kitchen island

mid century modern dining table
Inspiring Mid-Century Modern Kitchen island : Collaroy Kitchen Centre

Various styles of Midcentury Island might inspire people to decorate a stylish kitchen. An island which gives a reminiscent of a beach is designed with simple lines, open architecture, and assorted colors. It is full of eclectic style and trendy personality.

Another inspiring one is a kitchen island with wood top. This is an industrial style island which is constructed of metal with wood in a rustic wire-brushed wood finish. Antique brass hardware with a pull-out desk is the additional work space.

Kitchen island with stainless steel counter top is also adorable. It is a dogwood collection which has five drawers with full extension metal guides. It can be used with bar stool and it has three seating capacities.

15. Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design
Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design :

Mid century modern kitchen design can be easily start with the wall color. The best tip to color the wall is choosing pale colors. Pale tones can be combined with light wood cabinetry. They also work well with either light-blue or white tile backsplash.

The hip colors of midcentury cabinets are green, yellow, and pale blue. These cabinets are perfectly teamed with wood floors and muted backsplash.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]To get the best lighting in a modern kitchen, choose retro style lamps for a smooth design. Lights will create a splash of individuality. For an impressive effect, side lighting should be lined vertically down kitchen walls. Find out the other current lighting styles and play with the unique effects in your mid century modern kitchen design.[/su_box]

[su_heading size=”24″]mid century modern kitchen ideas[/su_heading]

In the community, kitchen plays a ultimately important role. This centre piece of a home is the place mostly for eating and gathering around. It becomes understandable why your kitchen physical layout does matter. We have had a bunch of mid century modern kitchen inspirations to alter its look.

Before going further, you shall know what a mid century modern interior design is. Basically, it was developed in the mid of the 20th century. But it also indicated the modern architecture. If you love something retro, check these inspirations out!

1. Blue Charm

mid century modern kitchen
mid century modern kitchen :

Do you wanna bring back a mid century nostalgia? Give this awesome idea a try. First thing first, you must incorporate some crucial elements into the kitchen. They consist of glass, wood, and textile.

The light blue wall truly adds a pop of color to the wooden flooring and glass dining table. Whereas ceiling, cabinet, door, and two armless chairs come in soft white color. The light blue sofa harmoniously complements them. This kitchen looks remarkably beautiful and fresh.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Blue shade can blend nicely with the other colors.
– It lightens up your mood in a quick way.
– If you are on weight-loss program, blue helps you a lot. It is considered as least appetizing color.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
Overused blue may drown your kitchen.[/su_note]

2. Monochrome Madness

mid century modern kitchen table
mid century modern kitchen table :

A monochromatic space color scheme is hugely adored by lots of people. Moreover, monochrome-themed kitchen proves no sign of going away. That’s why it is worth designing.

This mid century kitchen shows a smart mix of white quartz and wood in the kitchen island. Then, you can also find out white cabinets, white-painted walls, white stools. and white pendant lights. Wooden flooring brings a distinctively special effect into this cooking space.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– This scheme makes any kitchen look bigger.
– It is suitable for modern home.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
Monochromatic color usually do not catch the eye.[/su_note]

3. A Warm Touch

mid century modern kitchen island
mid century modern kitchen island :

It is unarguably true that a mid century modern style always seems attractive.  Because it emphasizes on using of high-quality pieces of furniture. So, why don’t you steal it as your kitchen designing idea?

In this chic kitchen, wood is extensively used for the ceiling, kitchen island, cabinet, and the door. Plus, a symmetric wooden ceiling beams radiate relaxing and inviting ambience. Three circle pendant lights absolutely evoke the warm atmosphere.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Your kitchen just needs a minimum care.
– Wood is a durable natural material.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
Wooden furnitures tend to be expensive.[/su_note]

4. Colorful Kitchen

mid century modern kitchen backsplash
mid century modern kitchen backsplash :

Are you a cheerful person? We guarantee this mid century-inspired kitchen will leave you speechless. It is gonna deliver joy, happiness, and good spirits to your kitchen in no time.

The orange backsplash, refrigerator, and kitchen utensils are so vibrantly awesome. In addition, stylish blue kitchen cabinets stand out and create a nice contrasting look.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Your kitchen will be filled with ecstatic nuance.
– It is visually pleasing.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– The bold colors are tiring for your eyes.
– It does not work well with tiny kitchen.[/su_note]

5. Rustic Influence

mid century modern kitchen design
mid century modern kitchen design :

An industrial interior design allows you inject a true vintage vibe while adding a bit of modern twist. By adopting this inspiration, you will instantly connect to the simpler past life.

Wooden island, countertop, and open shelvings wonderfully accentuate the kitchen. The sophisticated industrial sense is exposed through brick wall. Two clear glass pendant lights appear so charming and cozy. Just let these warm lightings juice up your mid century kitchen.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Industrial design is trendy and naturally antique.
– It incredibly suits for farmhouse.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– The durability and strength of brick wall is not so good.
– Brick wall can easily absorb the water.[/su_note]

6. The Artistic Vibe

mid century modern kitchen design ideas
mid century modern kitchen design ideas :

Recently, the world is obsessed with the mid century modern-decorated kitchen. You must feel the same, right? If you have a love for something artsy, it is the idea to go. And be ready as it is so marvelous.

This kitchen uses a neutral color scheme throughout countertops and walls. Wooden ceiling, kitchen island, flooring, and cabinets scream for the warm and serene character. Window glass functions in taking the outdoor view in. On the other hand, wall art is set as an interesting focal point.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– It is such one-of-a kind kitchen.
– Inexpensive kitchen design.
– You never get bored because of the artwork.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
A lot of wall arts can be overcrowding.[/su_note]

7. Asian-Designed Space

mid century modern kitchen table and chairs
mid century modern kitchen table and chairs :

Who says that modern Asian won’t meet the mid century? Of course, you can harmonize these two designs nicely. The end result could not be more iconic. White ceiling, floors, and walls reflect contemporary style.

Furthermore, wooden cabinet spells the retro atmosphere. While molded plastic dining chairs are entirely inspired by an oriental design. The tribal rug finally adorns the whole look of this tranquil kitchen.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– It transforms your kitchen into a futuristic one.
– Sleek wooden cabinets visually give cooking area a classy texture.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
Sometimes, textural and visual balance seems out of reach[/su_note].

8. Contemporary-style Kitchen

mid century modern kitchen chairs
mid century modern kitchen chairs :

If you like bringing an updated setting into the kitchen, go for this idea. Your kitchen must be effortlessly stunning. The mid century contemporary-inspired decor keeps everything clean and ultra-minimalist.

All wooden pieces of furniture and fixtures are well-defined. Since it boasts modernity, lights surely become the spotlights. Those pendant lamps match perfectly with high ceiling. Some simple potted flowers and plants also invigorate the cooking space.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– This style fools the eye, so the kitchen is seemingly bigger.
– The kitchen appears airy and open.
– You do not face brightness issue.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– Not a low-cost option because there is an extensive use of wooden furniture and fixtures.
– It is not really nice for a roomy kitchen.[/su_note]

9. Scandinavian Aesthetic

mid century modern kitchen cabinets
mid century modern kitchen cabinets :

The Nordic-themed design accomplishes the mid century kitchen in a simple style by mixing bright the wood and white color. However, the other colors such as blue and grey may be incorporated into a Scandinavian kitchen as well.

As seen in the photo, white is dominantly used for ceiling, cabinets, backsplashes, and countertops. Then, the wooden flooring mixs stunningly with them. Well-placed colorful flowers adds pops of color and some life to kitchen. There is nothing lovelier than this kitchen look.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Kitchen feels so uncluttered.
– Since it highlights the space, your kitchen appears more spacious.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
Sometimes, the Nordic kitchen can be uncomfortable and cold.[/su_note]

10. French Mid-Century Decor

mid century modern kitchen decor
mid century modern kitchen decor :

In the French kitchen, chic and rustic become the visibly important characters. For instance, you will spot terracotta tiles and bricks. Moreover, French design hallmarks like floral-patterned rug and linen accent armchairs are also invited into this kitchen.

The kitchen island, worktop, and cabinets are made from natural wood. An iron cage pendant light truly emanates the warm, graceful and peaceful nuance. On the other area, potted plants, and flowers perform as nice decorating elements.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– You have a super appealing kitchen.
– The French furniture and fixtures create a classy style.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– This idea only seems great with a traditional architecture.
– It is certainly not a low-budget option.[/su_note]

11. The Mediterranian Style

mid century modern kitchen tile
mid century modern kitchen tile :

Essentially, the Mediterranian design comes from Spain, Italy, and Southern Greece. The Mediterranian mid century kitchen infuses a touch of luxury and enviable warmth. If you wanna cook in an opulent and earthy atmosphere, just go for it.

This kitchen injects Mediterranian tiles onto the wall, backsplashes, countertops, and floors. They come in rich patterns and vibrant colors. Do not forget to put wooden furnitures as they can transform your kitchen into something informal and relaxing.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Tiles are easy to maintenance because they are dirt-resistant.
– Ceramic tiles do not burn and scratch easily.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– This decor is seriously pricey to create.
– Mediterranian tiles do not fit spectacularly with a pocket kitchen. They tend to be overpowering.[/su_note]

12. Black Beauty

mid century modern kitchen faucet
mid century modern kitchen faucet :

The mid century modern-designed kitchen is mostly about neutral tones. That means you can stick to the black palette too. By selecting this dark color, it is like a massive kitchen makeover. But do not worry! Your kitchen still looks charming.

In this kitchen, wooden flooring is paired with marble countertops. For the walls and kitchen backsplashes, you can paint them in buttercream and white. Furthermore from the cabinets to stools, they have majestic black color. Hanging pendant lights help radiate the serene, daring, and dramatic ambience.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Black, wood, white, and buttercream combination is timelessly gorgeous.
– Black makes your kitchen stand out in an elegant way.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– It turns your kitchen into cave-like space.
– You surely need a large amount of light.[/su_note]

13. Hawaii-Styled Mid Century Kitchen

mid century modern kitchen backsplash tile
mid century modern kitchen backsplash tile

Hawaii may be put as must-go destination on your bucket list. Then, it sounds a great idea when you create a Hawaii kitchen so you will feel the same vibe. This kitchen strongly highlights an open concept. Basically, you can achieve this dream kitchen by using wood as the main material.

The white beadboard ceiling harmoniously blends with a wooden dining table, floors, cabinets, and chairs. Glass doors are hugely installed to allow natural surroundings in. Moreover, wicker pendant light and colorful artwork add character to this island-style kitchen.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– It gives you laid-back and relaxing setting.
– Wood has wonderful durability.
– Your kitchen looks flawlessly appealing.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– This decor consumes a lot of money.
– The entire kitchen designing project is time-consuming.[/su_note]

14. Attractive Wallpaper

mid century modern kitchen accessories
mid century modern kitchen accessories :

Introduce a different point of view to your kitchen by choosing wallpaper. It can function as a kitchen decoration. Make sure you purchase an astonishing wallpaper to cover your kitchen backsplash. If you do not have any clue, you may opt for a royal blue floral pattern wallpaper.

To create an aesthetic look, complement it with a green wooden kitchen island and armless chairs. Accentuate your kitchen by installing two flower crystal chandeliers too. Plus, white cabinets match awesomely with your mid century kitchen. Lastly, place a potted plant to liven it up.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– This idea possibly suits for those who are on the
– There are plenty of wallpaper choices.
– It is durable and removable.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– It is uneasy to remove your existing wallpaper. Wrong technique leads to wall damage.
– Wallpaper peels away faster in a moist kitchen.[/su_note]

15. Green Shades

mid century modern kitchen furniture
mid century modern kitchen furniture :

When you are in doubt, green space color scheme seriously won’t fail you. Because green denotes the liveliness and healthiness. We convince your kitchen is gonna be vibrant and cool at the same time. The proof lies on this mid century kitchen.

If you take a look closely at the kitchen, wooden ceiling and beams are painted in the tea green color. They really adorn olive green-painted kitchen island and cabinets. Then, white dining set balances out dominant green palettes. While the stainless net iron wire chairs bring urban vibe into the kitchen.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Green definitely grabs the attention.
– Sometimes, green makes any space feel bigger.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
Green scheme can be overused and it seems uninteresting.[/su_note]

16. Modern Mid Century Kitchen

mid century modern kitchen images
mid century modern kitchen images :

This design is gaining more and more popularity across the globe. It has a unique and distinguishable characters compared with the other interior styles. For instance, you will notice crisp and clean lines. Furthermore, warm and balanced neutral colors are greatly put into the modern decor as well.

Beige flooring creates a coordinating look with a caramel dining set. Grey kitchen island and cabinets match magnificently with the black and white ceiling. Whereas, round pendant lights and bar glass windows embrace stylish modern ambience.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Tiny kitchen visually will look more spacious, open, and airy.
– Hidden storages make this kitchen clutter-free and neat.
– It maximizes the efficiency of energy especially during daytime.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– This idea just suits for modern architecture.
– The design options are quite limited.[/su_note]

17. Mid-Century Modern Victorian Kitchen

mid century modern kitchen light fixtures
mid century modern kitchen light fixtures :

You are so lucky when you own one-of-a kind kitchen. This decorating idea actually allows you to keep your home trendy while preserving some historical aspects. On top of that, the Victorian smartly combines ultra-modern furnishings and quirky antiques.

In this chic kitchen, the owner chooses pastel blue island frame and pastel tea green cabinets to complement wooden flooring. Plus, wall is painted in buttercream. While the ceiling is painted in soft white. Classic elements like the Victorian grandfather clock and tapered drum pendant lights are included too.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
– Vintage decorating items dramatically transform your kitchen into something classy and timeless.
– The Victorian modern design is wonderfully featured in a spacious kitchen.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
– This idea may be difficult to try out.
– Too old-fashioned accessories do not fit nicely with a modern home.[/su_note]

Hence, which is the most mind-blowing one? We hope our mid century modern kitchen ideas have peaked your intention in designing and decorating your cooking area.

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