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Many people need more painted stairs ideas to bring the joy to their boring stairs. They are all bored with the plain stairs that are almost in every house with two floors or more. Well, you can add personality to your stairs, and make it more attractive than ever.

With a little bit creativity that you have and with a help from the painted stairs ideas in this article, we will create an impressive yet stunning stairs. This is a great option for a house whose stairs are right in the entryway. The Best Painted Stairs Ideas

[su_heading size=”25″]20 Attractive Painted Stairs Ideas[/su_heading]

1. The Best Painted Stairs Ideas

painted stairs ideas
images of painted stairs by pinterest

We all know that staircase is the important element in a big house. Nowadays, many small or even tiny houses have their own staircase to get them to the second floor of their minimalist house.

By redesigning the staircase in your house, you will create a brand new ambiance to the interior. Take a look at that painted stairs on the picture. It’s got a combination of blue and orange. This combination is perfectly blended and accentuated by the white patterns.

It looks so stunning and fresh. So, if you are looking for a fresh new start to redesign your staircase, try painting it with one of the best-painted stairs ideas like this one. The energic atmosphere is all around the house.

2. Painting Basement Stairs

painted stairs
images of painted stairs by chebellainteriors.com

If you don’t wanna get so much attractive with your entryway stairs. You can try with the softer one. This simple and elegant design for your stair. At a glance, it looks like your staircase is covered with a blue carpet, but actually, it’s just a creative painting method.

This design is inspired by the stairs we tend to find in movie theaters. It looks so elegant in your clean house. Some designer would recommend this stairs design as your basement painted stairs ideas.

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3. Painting Stair Spindles

white stair spindles
stair spindles by ourbarbiedreamhouse.blogspot.com

Many homeowners like the stairs to be classic. They try to get the design and concept as classic as possible. The ageless charm that this kind of stairs design brought was very impressive.

It has the timeless look that wouldn’t be over for a very long time. Sometimes, people don’t want to get all classic and traditional, they want to give a modern and fresh touch to the stairs. Well, creatively painting the stairs are really gonna be the perfect solution for that.:

4. Paint Colors For Staircase Walls

staircase wall painting ideas
pictures of painted stairs by house beautiful

Relating to the classic stairs, if you think painting the steps is so outdated and too simple, well, you can go with the walls. As you can see, the whole walls around the staircase are painted with green and natural paintings.

I guess this will express all the natural atmosphere that the designer wants to spread to everyone in this house. The brown carpet that covers the steps makes a good accent to the green and white combination.

5. Staircase Wall Painting Ideas

Staircase Wall Painting Ideas
Staircase Wall Painting Ideas by pinterest

Another artistic design of staircase wall painting idea you can apply in your house. Instead of having a white plain wall for your staircase, you can use it as a canvas to pain some beautiful view of nature.

The color of the paintings should be matched with the other element’s color like the brown flooring. You can decide what kind of painting you want for your staircase based on your own creativity. Just remember to keep it soft and elegant, don’t be too much on it.

6. Chalk Paint Staircases

painted stair treads
pictures of painted stairs by Slumberland

The small staircase in the picture is not actually a stair, it’s a storage cabinet that contains a lot of drawers to put your stuff. Even though is not exactly a stair, but the concept is in a form of stairs.

You can take this chalk paint staircase concept as an inspiration. If your kids/teens room has small stairs to get them on their second floor, this staircase design would be a pretty good option.

The thing you may need to overthink is the sentence. What saying you want to write on your own chalk stairs. Just take it easy, you can just imitate the whole saying you see in the photo.

7. Paint Staircases Black Ideas

black stairs
black stairs by Pinterest

If you are sucked in choosing the color combination for your staircase, well you can go with a neutral option. Take a look at this all black stairs. It’s the most simple choice but the riskiest one. Some people would feel uncomfortable just looking at it.

I believe some people would be amazed with the looks of this staircase. Painting the stair with all black might fell so extreme, but look closely, there are some other colors there to balance the power of black color.

You can find a lighter choice of neutral color that’s there to accompany the black stairs and make it shine better. It gets even better with the small antique table alongside the stairs which is painted in light blue to make a small but impressive impact on the whole ideas.

8. Black Painted Stairs

Black Painted Stairs
Black Painted Stairs ideas by pinterest

If you have a bigger stairs with all black paint, you may need to balance it with white colors. Black and white is the perfect couple when dealing with a color combination. It’s a simple choice and easy to apply.

The designer doesn’t have to worry when they choose to have a black and white combination in some elements of the house. They know that the combination would work well anywhere.

This staircase is quite unique, it has a black flooring to balance the steps color. The only element that left white is the walls and the bottom part of the stairs. Surprisingly, it looks so elegantly stunning.

9. Black and White Stairs

Black and White Stairs
Black and White Stairs ideas by pinterest

This one is also in black and white color, but there’s a big difference between the previous ones. This black and white staircase has more color around it. The amount of black and the amount of white in this stair is in the same portion.

This is the painted stairs idea that is flexible for all type of the house. It goes well with the modern or contemporary house style. If you want to get classic and vintage, the classy appearance of this stairs would make a good impact on almost any style.

10. Paint Ideas for Staircase Walls

staircase wall painting ideas
pictures of painted stairs by czmcam.org

Some homeowners want to get the stairs design to be more impressive and different than others. Well, you can make some impressive adjustment by changing the whole concept of common stairs to a new and unique one.

Take a look at this stair, the entry part of the stairs is not common compared to ordinary staircase design. When you decide to get unique to your stair design, you may be ready to make your stair as the centerpiece of the house. It can also be the highlight of the whole interiors. So, you may need to consider the perfect design for the painted stairs ideas.

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11. Painted Oak Staircase Ideas

oak staircase
oak and white stairs by Pinterest

Replacing the banisters are a great option to update your staircase. This is one of the clever painted stairs ideas you can apply to your apartment or house especially if you have a wooden staircase.

Redesigning the banisters would definitely change the mood of the atmosphere around the stairs. Another good addition to this staircase design is the first three steps. It makes this painted oak staircase suddenly become the centerpiece of the room.

The combination of oak and white color is what makes the staircase become more interesting. If you choose to have this stair design for your house, I would recommend you to let the white wall plain.

12. Paint Spiral Stairs Ideas

Spiral Stairs
Paint Spiral Stairs Ideas by pinterest

This is a unique choice of staircase design that’s quite uncommon. It’s designed for a small house or a house that won’t waste a lot more space for stairs. The minimalist house deserves what this staircase has to offer.

As you can see, it’s got a calming blue color that would spread a calming atmosphere to the whole house. Since it’s placed in the middle, spiral stairs should be having a well-considered paint and design because whether you want it or not, it would be the element that represents the whole room.

13. Modern Family Staircase Paint Color Ideas

black and white stairs painting
stairs paint design by Pinterest

For a modern style of house, this treatment is what it needs. The modern house really like to have it simple. This one steep staircase would be enough for a modern house. Just add some letters to emphasize the simple design of this staircase.

The modern family staircase paint color ideas would be exactly what you need for the stairs which are straight to the attic.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
 It’s simple and works well with your modern house.
 It’s great for a staircase straight to the attic.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con:
It’s too steep, it can be dangerous.[/su_note]

14. Wooden Staircase Paint Ideas

wood stairs ideas
Wooden Staircase Paint Ideas By pinterest

It’s time for you all rustic fans. This wooden staircase paint idea is definitely for you. As you can see all the steps element are made of aged and timeworn wood which is artistically painted.

Actually, when you look closely at its detail, this staircase design is a mix of rustic and modern. The glass banister on the left adds a modern touch to the staircase design. It’s like a combination of the future and the past.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros:
The combination of rustic and modern is perfect.
The creative art on the rustic wood steps is amazing.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con:
The steps look dirty among clean element[/su_note]

15. Stairway Carpet Runners

Stairway Carpet Runners
carpet runners by pinterest

A rug runners or joggers are pretty rare to be the cover of the staircase. This time, it’s become quite common for some antique or classic house. This brings a touch of extra design to the staircase.

It’s highly recommended for you who want to update the staircase design on a low budget. The rug is an affordable choice to update your staircase. Just replace the rug anytime on any occasion, you will make a huge difference to the stair design.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro:
The best solution for a low-cost update.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Cons:
 In the photo, the rug design looks dirty and gloomy.
 It should be better in rustic style house.[/su_note]

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16. Paint Colours For Hallways and Stairs

Paint Colours For Hallways and Stairs
Paint Colours For Hallways and Stairs by pinterest

Green and white are one of the perfect couples when it comes to calming and natural feeling. So, if you want to breathe peacefully inside your house, you can get the experience by having a green and white combination.

Check out these white stairs with light green walls. If you are looking for stairs that would comfort everyone from the entryway, this hallways and stairs paint colors are just perfect. On the green walls, you can find some decorative organization of framed photos that create a great accent to the staircase design.

17.White Stair Risers Ideas

white stair risers
white risers by lethanhtung

Don’t want to even try the all black staircase design? You might want to go full bright with this all white staircase. The brightness of this white stair risers idea would be a well- considered for your house.

If your whole interior’s concept is white, this would be the best one for you. The floor is all
white and the wall is all white, the stairs must be in the same level of white too. The only
things that should be in different colors for the accent are the furniture, like a sofa, carpet,
and other furniture.

18. White Stair Railing

White Stair Railing
White Stair Railing Ideas by pinterest

If you think the previous white stairs design is too bright, you take the softer shades from neutral color family such as beige or gray. This choice of colors would be so much better than the bright white if you feel uncomfortable with something really bright.

To accentuate, you can choose the dark grey color for the upper side of the steps. Some artistic painting on the walls would be a nice touch for the stairs mood. The window right beside the stairs is a great way to light up the stairs during the day. Adding a curtain is not necessary for the window.

19. Painted Stair Flooring Ideas

stair floor paint
painted stairs by homedit

Painting all the steps of stairs with different colors for each step is a really fun thing to do to spend your spare time. You can choose the pasty color you like to be painted on your stair just like in the photo.

It would look so fun for everyone. You may find this kind of stair design in a beach house or a farmhouse. Typically, these stairs do not exist in most houses. So, if you plan to have these colorful stairs for your house, you might want to reconsider your choice.

20. Painting Interior Stairs

Painting Interior Stairs
Painting Interior Stairs Ideas by pinterest

Creating illusion on your staircase paint is quite popular right now. You can apply the theme based on the season or based on your character. If you like something close to nature, you can choose to create, for example, an illusion waterfall right on your stairs.

In this case, you are having a winter season them for your stairs to get your ready for

21. Outdoor Stair Paint

Outdoor Stair Paint
Outdoor Stair Paint Ideas by pinterest

Enough about the interior, let’s talk about the exterior or outdoor stairs for this last segment. Well, the simple thing you can do for your outdoor stairs is giving it a gray and white combination or another kind of neutral color combination.

Don’t give a colorful paint for your outdoor stair. Well, you don’t want to get too much or too festive for your outdoor space, right?

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]To conclude, there are 20 painted stairs ideas in this article you can explore to find inspirations for applying in your own house. Make sure you plan the right ideas according to the surroundings or the style you have for the interior design.[/su_box]

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