7 Steps to Have a Baby-Proof Kitchen

The National Security Council reports that more than one-third of child deaths occur at home. This means parents need to be extra vigilant in making homes as safe as possible.

One of the biggest vulnerable spots in our homes is the kitchen, full of potential injuries and issues.

But these rooms are necessary so every parent needs to do what they can to create a baby-proof kitchen. Follow these simple tips to get your kitchen ready for your family!

1. Appliances

Possibly the largest threat posed to children in a kitchen is the big appliances. Luckily, major problems can be prevented.

Many people remember to put locks on the refrigerator and oven doors to prevent their kids from accidentally opening them. This is important to make sure they don’t get burned, stuck inside, or fall over and hit their heads.
But many people forget to secure their appliances to the wall. It may seem like they are so large that they can’t be pulled over by a little kid.

Unfortunately, this is false and can be a major danger. And it goes without saying that an appliance falling over will cause really big problems, both physically to the child and also to the rest of the kitchen.

2. Water Dispensers

Another aspect that can be forgotten when securing appliances is the water dispenser on the front of the refrigerator.

These make easy targets for little, curious hands. When they push the buttons, releasing the water and ice, it can cause quite the slipping hazard. It can also get in their face and cause them to be disoriented.
Baby proofing the water dispenser isn’t always a clear cut solution like some others. But it can be done, thankfully.

Some models have a control option that allows you to lock the water or ice. You’ll then have to manually unlock them before using them. Others don’t have this option and you’ll have to create a barrier on your own.

3. Cabinet Doors

An easy step for how to make a kitchen safe for kids is to secure all cabinet doors to keep the kids out.

This will not only make your kitchen safer, keeping the kids out of chemicals or heavy items. It will also help keep your sanity as you won’t have to continually clean up the messes made over and over again emptying cupboards.

It’s easy to install stick on cabinet locks to the doors you want to keep them out of, including drawers.

This baby proofing can also be customized to fit your exact needs. You can secure what you need and leave the others open.

4. Floor

On top of the list of baby proofing tips is to keep the floor clear and free of obstacles as you and your family move through it.

Kitchens can easily become a gathering place for clutter since they are the heart of the home. Making sure that commonly left items have a set home will help to limit the excess items blocking the walkway.

They can also easily become sticky or wet areas just waiting for someone to slip and fall. Regularly cleaning will keep the floor in good shape for everyone to walk on.

The biggest issue with floors is that we often forget about them or think you’ll get to it later. But if they don’t then spills can buildup making it difficult to walk on.

5. Trash Can

Another task on your kitchen safety guide should be to secure the trash can. We throw things away on a regular basis that can cause harm to the kids in our house.

Whether that be the harmful chemicals leftover from cleaning supplies or packaging from the grocery trip, it’s a bucket full of potential hazards. That bucket is also very tempting to curious little kids.

Luckily, this easy target is also easily secured. The most simple option is to just buy a garbage can that has a locking lid. There are plenty of options at the store you can choose from to fit the size and style you want.
If your garbage can is inside of a cabinet, you can add a lock on that as well.

6. Sharp Corners

What’s inside of the cupboards and drawers is not the only threat they hold. The sharp corners can also lead to injury.

Kids have a tendency to run, even if they’re told not to. That running often doesn’t involve paying close attention to their surroundings. This is when the sharp corners become a problem as kids often run into them.

That run-in can result in a range of injuries, from a simple bonked head to a deep cut that needs stitches.
Either way, adding corner protectors can make a big difference in preventing these types of injuries.

7. Counter Tops

Even if our kids aren’t tall enough to reach the counters, there are plenty of threats waiting to cause injury.

Keeping the counters clear is an act of baby proofing that everyone has to continually be done. The most important thing is to make sure that there aren’t any items hanging over the edge that little hands can grab.

Parents have to keep in mind that toddlers learn how to climb quickly and then are able to reach the entire countertop.

This means that all potentially harmful items (knives, medications, or heavy objects) should be removed. Doing these quick things each day will keep the kids safe while they are in the kitchen.

A Baby-Proof Kitchen Is a Must

A baby-proof kitchen makes you feel comfortable and safe without constant worry about your child getting accidentally hurt.

It just takes a little bit of thinking ahead and effort to get your home set up to be a safer place. Taking a few minutes to look around and find potential danger zones can save you a lot of heartache in the future.

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