What Style of Sofa is Most Popular?

A sofa is a must if you want a comfortable place to spread out and relax in your living room! Whether on its own or as part of a suite, the traditional sofa is a great piece of furniture, but there are choices other than those you think of when sofas are mentioned. We’re going to take a look at sofas both modern and traditional and talk about the influence that 20th century classic design has had on the way we look at interior design and furnishings today. Let’s start by looking at the difference between traditional and modern sofa designs.

Modern or Traditional?

The traditional sofa is a design that takes a number of forms. You may think of the sofas your parents had that resemble an elongated high-wing armchair as the ultimate version of the traditional sofa. These are still in vogue in the right setting but having their roots in designs from the Victorian era means they are more dated than some of the mid-20th century examples. However, this type of sofa in plain finish rather than the familiar floral design can look rather nice in a large room, but in newer properties will dwarf everything else in it.

When we talk about modern sofa design, we are looking at an altogether sleeker and cleaner style of furniture. This type of look has its roots firmly in the 20th century design movements, in particular the modern and minimalist influence that began in the 1920’s and ran right through to the 1980’s. If you have a look at EQ3’s modern sofa and couch designs for every budget, you should get an idea of the sort of influences we are talking about.

This type of clean and simple style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian designers of the 1950’s onwards who favored less over more and went for lightweight appearance and beautiful finishes to their work. That’s reflected in the various designs featured in the EQ range. We recommend you have a look for inspiration and ideas.

Matching Décor

What Style of Sofa is Most Popular
What Style of Sofa is Most Popular

Shopping for trendy and stylish sofas requires you to think carefully about what you are going to pair your seats with. If you are buying sofas separately the most popular type may be those that are modular. These are provided in sections and can be arranged as a corner seat should you wish to down that route, and the effect can be rather impressive.

However, you also need to think about the right way to utilise your available space, as there are many differences in terms of overall size where sofas are concerned. Too big and your sofa will look overbearing. Too small and you won’t get any design impact. Take measurements first and you’ll be able to find the right size among the most popular modern or traditional styles of sofa and achieve the right look with no problem.

Complete Your Room

Of course, your sofa is just one part of the furniture that will complete your room. You may want to set the room with a pair of sofas rather than sofa and chairs as this is among the most popular interior design tips of the moment. It lends a more modern look to a room and is quite a clever way of using available space efficiently. Whatever combination you choose you will find that the sofa forms a great central focus for any room.

Stick to plain designs for a minimal look or add a floral print sofa for a traditional room, the choice is yours so start looking now and you’ll soon have a beautiful room to be proud of.

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