12 Beautiful Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen

Gray kitchen cabinet ideas – Kitchen is not only a place to cook, but also place to bond with other family members. Be it small or large, kitchen needs a certain space where all the equipment and cooking utensils can be shared and stored in one place. Over the years, we usually have white cabinets in the kitchen, and this time, let us learn about gray kitchen cabinets.

As the name implies, gray kitchen cabinets are colored or painted in gray. Various shades of gray can be used for mix and match as well. Not only that, there are also several types of kitchen cabinets that well suited for any kitchen.

Make sure to measure the room of the kitchen properly so that the kitchen cabinets do not end as ‘too big’ or ‘quite small’.

[su_heading size=”28″]Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas[/su_heading]

1. Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets
Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets by 521kitchenandque.com

This design of gray kitchen cabinet can be applied on houses with big space for kitchen. To maximize the usage of the room, dinner table and chairs are put together beside the countertop.

A vase of flowers arranged on top of the countertop adds a touch of femininity. Two big cabinets are present to store tableware like bowl, plate, cup, and spoon and fork. Below the right cabinet, you can put toaster or small microwave. You can also attach coffee maker in there.

As for the sink, it is located on the left side of stove. Below the countertop is usually used as cooking utensils storage. Cabinets and drawers are painted in light gray.

The kitchen floor’s tiles are somehow having similar pattern with the walls. People often use white or cream color to be the theme of their kitchen, but having light gray color is not a bad idea either. In fact, it looks refreshing.

2. Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets

light grey kitchen cabinets
light grey kitchen cabinets by s966.info

For a small kitchen, maybe this gray kitchen cabinet design can be taken into consideration. The wall cabinets that stick to the wall are used to store the cooking utensils. Ovens are put between the cabinet drawers, and there is a hanging bar to hang the apron and small utensils like spatula or ladle.

The sink is on the left corner next to the hanging bar. The countertop is quite small for it is also attaching an electric stove. Spices and herbs can be put in a rack made from wood.

The handles of drawers in the countertop are facing outward, which can make it dangerous if children play around, open the drawers and found utensils like sharp knife. To avoid such things, one can readjust the position of the countertop.

3. light gray cabinets in kitchen

light gray cabinets in kitchen
light gray cabinets in kitchen by pinterest

This gray kitchen cabinet idea uses a glossy light gray. It looks classy and luxurious. The drawers and cabinets are big enough to fit all utensils in there.

Along with the countertop is a table for mini bar. Two high chairs are situated in front of the black table. Those chairs can also be a place to sit down and watch the house owner cooks while chatting a little bit.

Juicer or coffee maker can be put on the left side of the countertop, where the small cabinet is located. A big window is a great help, especially when cooking in the morning. It helps with the natural lightning so there is no need to switch on the kitchen’s lamps.

4. light grey cabinets in kitchen

light grey cabinets in kitchen
light grey cabinets in kitchen by proxart.co

There are lot of gray kitchen cabinets ideas, and one of it is rather unique. The cabinets and drawers are painted in gray, but the countertops get the marble pattern. There are lights above the stove, and it is useful whenever one wants to cook simple meal at night.

The stove itself has two different function, as a stove and as oven. The upper cabinets are for the tableware. If you see it clearly, there is big refrigerator on the left side, close to the microwave. Small utensils like knives or spoon or fork are usually put on the first top drawer. Better to make sure the drawers with dangerous goods have key locks so
that children cannot take them.

[su_heading size=”28″]Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas[/su_heading]

1. Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

dark gray kitchen cabinets
dark gray kitchen cabinets by .bp2recruiting.com

Dark gray combined with white resulted in a vibrant color for kitchen area. As all the drawers are in dark gray, the rest stand with white. The additional pot plants give the room a welcoming aura. The big countertop is a part of dinner table, explaining the presence of the chairs.

This gray kitchen cabinet idea might only work in houses that have a semi-open area. With a semi-open area, lighting can be minimized and the darkness of the dark gray is overshadowed by the morning light.

Yet, of course at night, it needs lamps. With this kitchen idea, one can make a housewarming party or simply a candle light dinner for two.

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2. Dark Gray Stained Kitchen Cabinets

dark gray stained kitchen cabinets
dark gray stained kitchen cabinets by pinterest

This kitchen design clearly separates the table for cooking and the table for eating. The cooking area is designed vertically like letter ‘L’.

To separate the table for dinner, colorful kitchen rugs are placed on the floor. The dinner table is facing the kitchen. When one person cooks, the other(s) can watch while sitting on the chair.

The dinner table can also be used as a bar to entertain the guests. Beautiful lamps are hanging from the low ceiling. The advantage of having small cabinet area is that you can sort the things that really needed in the kitchen. Less things make it faster to clean.

On the other hand, if the house owner has small children, it will be difficult to let them play in the kitchen area since the space is narrow and small. The kids will easily bump into the corner of the table.

3. Dark Gray Kitchen Cupboard Paint

dark grey kitchen cupboard paint
dark grey kitchen cupboard paint by sequencity-actualitte.com

An elegant and luxurious gray kitchen cabinet is shown by the color that is used to paint the cupboard and drawers. All cabinets are painted in dark gray, only leave the top of countertops with white. The color combination somewhat feel dark but at the same time, it looks masculine. The big countertop only consist of a sink. The right cupboard is
unique for it displays several books. Maybe cooking books?

The refrigerator is located on the left of the room and it has the water dispenser. The multifunctional stoves are placed right in the middle of the cabinet. Although it does look wonderful, if the kitchen does not get cleaned properly, it will stain and ruin the silky white countertop.

The cabinets also need to get cleaned regularly so that the color won’t fade. This dark gray kitchen cabinet is perfect for people who likes to experiment with home design.

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[su_heading size=”28″]Gray and White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas[/su_heading]

1. Gray and White Kitchen Cabinets

gray and white kitchen cabinets
gray and white kitchen cabinetsby homedit.com

Imagine to have a big space for your kitchen. What color theme that you want and how you arrange the furniture? If you are thinking of having a classic style of kitchen, then why don’t you try this gray and white kitchen cabinets?

As the name suggest, the color theme is gray and white. Gray is for the big cabinets and white is for the drawers and countertops.

The big countertop has some glossy surface which makes it looked sparkly. It is so wide that it can be the center of preparing the dishes. While using knife, make sure it does not scratch the surface of the countertop.

Keep in mind to always use cutting board. The big gray cabinets are to place microwave and oven, and to store food stock. You can store the utensils on the biggest drawer available.The stripe patterns on the wall create a cute color addition to the kitchen.

2. Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Gray and White

two tone kitchen cabinets gray and white
two tone kitchen cabinets gray and white by pinterest

A kitchen that is close to living room may need to find a certain color theme. It seems like gray and white are the perfect choice. The noticeable things in this gray kitchen cabinet is the color of the countertop and stove. It is in gray, whereas the cabinets are in white.

The kitchen has windows that face to the yard. There are not many food or utensils seen from the cabinets. It looks plain and simple. The countertop is located right in the middle of the kitchen, thus give access to take or put things easily.

Small plants near window are giving off soothing vibe like the tree does near the sofa. The windows are great in radiating light so the lamps are not really usable in the morning. On right corner where three-level drawer is located, you can put the baking utensils in there.

3. Grey Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

grey kitchen cabinets with white countertops
grey kitchen cabinets with white countertops by stockcabinetexpress.com

All cabinets are painted in gray color but the top of the countertop. It surely gives a big contrast. There are not many example of having a white countertop where all the things are in other color.

At first it looks good, but after a while, if the kitchen gets dirty and you do not clean the countertop right away, it will stain. White countertop is prone to stain and gradually if one is lazy to clean it, the color won’t stay the same.

However, having a white countertop is a good thing too. Imagine you are cooking and plating the dishes on the countertop. With the help of white background of countertop, your dishes look tastier and yummier. It is also best to be used as food photography.

White countertop also make it easy when you prepare to cook and have to find the ingredients. The contrast color of white and other colors will make the ingredients easily distinguishable.

4. Gray Color Kitchen Cabinets

gray color kitchen cabinets
gray color kitchen cabinets by bobmwc.com

Usually we see kitchen cabinets that is painted in white. Almost all households get the white cabinets. Is there any other color for cabinets? Certainly, there is! What about trying gray as the color of kitchen cabinets? It is probably unusual, but gray color is nice too. Try to arrange the gray kitchen cabinets into your house and feel the difference.

All of the kitchen cabinets are gray, only the stove is black. The handles of the drawers are gold, which makes it an interesting combination. The top of the drawer is a little bit small that it cannot accommodate big equipment like microwave. The right corner is the space for refrigerator.

The oven/microwave is located above the stove. A rug or kitchen mat is placed on the floor to avoid slippery floor. The kitchen is small, so it is not good for kids to play around because it is cramped.

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5. Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets

modern gray kitchen cabinets
modern gray kitchen cabinets by kitchen-design-ideas.org

Young married couple or young families nowadays prefer a modern design for their kitchen. Even if they choose gray kitchen cabinets, they often want to make the design as sleek as possible. They do not really need a big space for kitchen, rather they want the kitchen to be put into one with the dining room.

For the kitchen cabinets, modern design tends to provide only 2 to 4 drawers in one cabinet. Modern kitchen cabinets focuses on the simplicity of usage rather than the quantity of the cabinet set.

If there is only 4 drawers in one cabinet, maybe young families only need 2 or 3 sets of cabinet. Furthermore, as the advanced of technology, with one equipment, people can make various dishes.

For example, now we can grill, bake, or roast in microwave oven, so why bother buying two different electronics? Less equipment will make the kitchen looks spacious and wider.

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]Those are the ideas of having gray kitchen cabinets at home. It surely depends on the available area at the house, and what kind of cabinets that you need. In talking about the color of the cabinets, which is gray, it is best to first look up on a catalog and check the paint color at your house.

If you come up with a gray shade that does not blend well with the color of the walls in the house, it will be a disaster. However, if you brave enough to take the risk, do challenge yourself in creating some good color combination.

Gray kitchen cabinet ideas can give a color touch of your house, to make it shinier and a little bit different. Hopefully, this article can be a help for you in finding the type or the design of the kitchen cabinets.[/su_box]

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