20 Of The Best Kitchen Rugs Ideas Decor & Inspirations

Kitchen rug ideas – Ever think why do kitchen need kitchen rugs? Well, a lot of things going on in the kitchen. Backsplash, walls, floors, and any other elements inside the kitchen can get stained, splashed, spurted, or squirted as the result of all activities performed there. And one thing that can be done to protect the floors is by covering the possible stained areas with rugs.

Besides that, kitchen rugs are placed to comfort your feet in times you have to stand in one place for a long time, like cooking or washing the dishes, for example. And rugs can be kitchen decorations, too.

While rugs for the living room and bedroom come in a lot of styles, patterns, shapes, materials, colors, and designs, do rugs for the kitchen have various forms as well? Yes, they do, definitely. Even today’s article will discuss that. But before we go to the topic, here are the tips in choosing a rug for your kitchen.

First, decide which areas in the kitchen that most likely need a rug. You surely want one each to be placed in front of the sink and stove. Second, measure the said areas so that the rugs fit perfectly without being too small or too big. Third, choose the rug shape based on the furniture. For instance, choose round rug if you want to place it on the roundtable.

After the first three are done, next you should decide to pick patterned rugs over plains or vice versa. Do this by considering your kitchen furniture and cabinetry. Select a flat-weave tightly woven material afterward. Take notice also to whether it is durable or not, resist to stain or not, and easy to clean or not. And lastly, pick rugs with an anti-slip backing.

[su_heading size=”24″]20 of the best kitchen rugs ideas[/su_heading]

After knowing the tips of choosing which rugs suit your areas, now it is time to move to the main topic of today’s article: 20 best rugs for your dear kitchen. Do check these out!

1. Best Kitchen Rugs Ideas for Hardwood Floors

kitchen rugs
kitchen rugs by pinterest

For hardwood floors, you should select kitchen rugs made of the best materials in absorbing water, such as cotton and polypropylene. It has to be so due to durability matter wood has if this material intersects with water for too long.

Also, pay attention to rug pads. In order to prevent slippage, you should place rug pads right beneath the rugs. But rug pads also come in several materials. Choose one made of vinyl. Do not use foam back, plastic pads, or rubber because all three of them could discolor your hardwood floor.

The picture shows a kitchen with Scandinavian design. This style is all about grey, black, white, natural wood, and concrete. Thus, the black and white zigzagged kitchen rug is just perfect to be there. With white being the main color, black tone existence balances the whole nuance.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pros :
1. Black and white are long lasting colors and well match to any design.
2. White colors make your kitchen looks bigger.
3. Hardwood floors are durable.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
Any stain on white color is acutely visible.[/su_note]

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2. Kitchen Rugs Best Decor Element In Your Kitchen

kitchen rug ideas
Kitchen Rugs Best Decor Element In Your Kitchen : akoeneny.wordpress.com

Ideas for kitchen rugs are the best decoration in the kitchen. They are, indeed. If you want to change kitchen atmosphere into something new, just change the rugs and you’ll feel a big difference. People still choose rugs to beautify their homes because it is the easiest to do and won’t ever cost you a lot.

The aspect you should focus about this best decoration is its placement and size. It has been mentioned above as an example that if you want to place a rug under a round table, then the rug should be round as well.

Just take a look at the picture which shows a great result. The clever part is the round rug has two circles, outer and inner. And the chairs perfectly fit the inner circle when they’re put in. It is not a big case, but surely lovely!

3. Best Area Rugs For Your Kitchen

Best Area Rugs For Your Kitchen
Best Area Rugs For Your Kitchen : akoeneny.wordpress.com

Another aspect you should pay attention to is where you want to place the rug. Rug placement under the dining table is pretty common to see, like shown in the picture. A dark shade rug in an open dining room is quite impressive and certainly not a problem at all.

4. Large Kitchen Rugs Washable

kitchen rugs washable
Large Kitchen Rugs Washable : Schmitt + Company

A large kitchen needs an island so that it does not seem empty. The kitchen in this picture is remodeled by Schmitt & Company which gives ranch design to this kitchen. You can see also an example of a highly useful and washable rug placement.

They only need one rug to support both sides. So a spacious kitchen doesn’t always require more rugs. With the help of furniture positioning, it is possible to cut corners.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro :
By having a kitchen island, you have additional counter space and storage.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
Kitchen Island can be a disruption for your work flow.[/su_note]

5. Best Type Of Area Rug For Kitchen

kitchen rugs ideas
Best Type Of Area Rug For Kitchen : Bay Cabinetry & Design Studio

What is the focal point of this beautiful kitchen? Yes, the green backsplash and of course the gorgeous rugs that undoubtedly compatible with the whole kitchen design and atmosphere. Also, don’t miss to see the details in green knobs’ installation on each drawer. How lovely! It is indeed a dream kitchen.

6. Home Classics Ideas for Kitchen Rugs

Ideas for Kitchen Rugs
Home Classics Ideas for Kitchen Rugs : Michael Robert Construction

Seen from the usage of wooden floor and industrial lighting, this one kitchen has industrial style in it. Though industrial kitchen style often found in old residences, it apparently fits in modern house also. A classic yet classy rug is placed in the middle of the room, perfect to make a statement.

7. Eclectic Minimalism Kitchen Table Rugs

Kitchen Table Rugs
Eclectic Minimalism Kitchen Table Rugs : BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc.

Black and white work really well in any kitchen types and designs. They contrast each other gorgeously and show simplicity as well as minimalism. But why doesn’t red bother the balance in the whole black and white theme? Because it fits! Sometimes, you need to think outside the box. And placing red rug in the middle of naturals-toned kitchen is an example of it.

8. LEED Certified Whole House Renovation Long Kitchen Rugs

kitchen floor rugs
kitchen floor rugs : Harry Braswell Inc.

LEED, stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is one of the most often used green building certification in the world. It works to give green homes, neighborhoods, and buildings their rating in construction, design, maintenance, and also operation. Therefore, when a house is LEED certified, it means that the owners and dwellers are responsible to the environment. It’s great, isn’t it?

On the picture is an example of a LEED certified home. The kitchen floor seen is made of natural wood and has a touch of classic because of the long patterned rug placed in the aisle. The dining table designed to resemble those of the diner’s and thus create different atmosphere.

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9. Los Angeles Modern Long Kitchen Rugs Ideas

long kitchen rugs
long kitchen rugs : Hughes Umban Howar Architects

Green and orange, though contrasting each other, apparently create a great nuance like exemplified in the picture. Green lighting space and orange backsplash are gorgeous being seen in one frame. They make the best image. Those said with a colorful mosaic runner rug that completes the look. Not to mention a grey countertops on the island adds a touch of elegance.

10. Cottage Style Kitchen Rugs Ideas

kitchen floor rugs
kitchen floor rugs : Tervola Designs

If you look for an example of cottage style kitchen rug, then this picture could be a reference. Cheerful and exquisite are the characteristics of cottage rug adapted from the style. Such rug complements the combination of white and natural wood shades.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro :
Cottage rug design is timeless and never be out of fashion.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
Its simplicity might leads to boredom.[/su_note]

11. Ideas for Kitchen Rugs with Towel

floor rugs
floor rugs by pinterest

When looking at this kitchen corner, you will see how one thing attractively accentuates the other. Well, we’re talking about the flowery red rug which gives a statement to the red wooden kitchen cabinets.

Both of them support the existence of the great looking marble countertop. Don’t miss to see a hanging kitchen towel also. It comes in similar shade with the countertop.

12. Rubber Backed Ideas for Kitchen Rugs 

rubber backed kitchen rugs
rubber backed kitchen rugs by pinterest

Another important point to be paid attention to in choosing kitchen rug is surely the backing pads to prevent slippage. The most common one is rubber, but it is the second best material for rug pads after vinyl. An example is given in the picture. The rubber backing kitchen rug has a brave shape to be kept in the kitchen. It is unique and rarely exists.

[su_note note_color=”#0a9c31″]Pro :
Kitchen rugs with rubber backing are more affordable.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#d90016″]Con :
Rubber pads may discolor your wooden floor.[/su_note]

13. Kitchen Rugs Ideas

Kitchen Rugs Ideas
Kitchen Rugs Ideas : Sarah Phipps Design

Two different long runners are placed in a kitchen. People might see them unbalancing each other, but don’t fail to see that they are positioned that way on purpose. The one with red pattern is placed near the white cabinets and mainly red decorations. Meanwhile, the other one with blue stripes is placed near a bluish white refrigerator and mainly blue kitchen elements.

Do you also see the wheeled table in the middle? It is a great solution for small kitchens. It is moveable, so in times you need bigger space in particular spot, you can move it to unused area. By moving the portable middle table, it means you can thoroughly clean the floor under it. This table with wheels could also be converted as a serving cart whenever needed.

14. Storybook Cottage Kitchen Rugs Ideas

kitchen mats and rugs
kitchen mats and rugs : Great Neighborhood Homes

Storybooks always have dream house pictures on them. Dream kitchen, dream living room, and dream bedroom also come along with it. Now, if you take a look at the picture we have here, you will see what it looks like if a storybook dream kitchen visualized into reality, into your house with complementing shade kitchen rug as the final touch.

15. Ideas for Kitchen Rugs Decor

Kitchen Rugs Decor
Kitchen Rugs Decor : Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Decorating a kitchen with rugs is easy little bit difficult thing to do. Wrong color selection or wrong placement could ruin the whole look of your kitchen. There is no other way besides following the tips and rules if you want it to be perfect.

Speaking of perfect, you will see an example provided by the kitchen in the picture. This kitchen has two sides with similar pastel shades facing each other. Between them, a long white table is placed. The designer puts an ornamental bold patterned rug under the table to give a statement to the soft tones surround it. This design needs applause.

16. Kitchen Area Rug Ideas

kitchen area rugs
kitchen area rugs : Everything Simple

Dark shades with deep tones don’t always look awful if combined together. With a good natural lighting access, such combination could also be awesome. This picture we have here gives a clever example. A moss green patterned area rug is apparently goes along really well with dark planked floor.

It is supported by the fact that the room is accessible for the sun light to burst in so that all the gloomy feel resulted by the dark shades combination can be driven away. Also, do not fail to notice about the shiny marble countertops that play a big role in brighten up the room as well. It reflects the natural light to the rest of the room.

17. Bright Red Kitchen Rugs Ideas

red kitchen rugs
Bright Red Kitchen Rugs : W Studio Carpets

Red is the color of fire and presumably not a strange thing to associate the said color with kitchen, where fire often seen and used. In other words, accentuating your kitchen with red is pretty much natural. For example, feature a bright red kitchen rug on the spot where you usually need to stand long. And sweeten the look by hanging red towels nearby.

18. Vine work Rug in a Contemporary Kitchen

contemporary rugs
contemporary rugs : Alexanian Carpet & Flooring

This could be another idea of choosing a good kitchen rug for hardwood floors. The designer chooses a vine work rug with soft tone and leaves pattern. It is placed against the mainly white-colored kitchen above the wire scraped hardwood-finished flooring.

While wool is handmade used for making the rug base, faux silk blended with wool is used for getting the shiny effect from the leaves pattern.

19. Long Narrow Kitchen Rugs Ideas

long kitchen rugs
Long Narrow Kitchen Rugs : http://www.houzz.com

If you have an elongated kitchen, then take a look at the picture for an example of placing the right kitchen rug. Surrounding by a combination of white as the main color and natural wood shade as the accents, a bright red patterned runner rug is set. Its length fits flawlessly with the furniture’s length. Make it a one fabulous kitchen.

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20. Blue Kitchen Table Rugs

kitchen rugs blue
Blue Kitchen Table Rugs : www.houzz.com

Blue jeans pants are favorites by many people from all over the world. Why it is so? One of the reasons is because you can mix and match it with any color of outfit you have.

From that idea, a fixed design presented through this picture we have here. Among the cabinetry, a kitchen island, a dining table, chairs, and a planked floor which all have similar shade of brown, placed a blue jeans toned rug in the middle. And we have no problem at all, don’t we?

[su_box title=”Conclusion :”]Well, you have just finished reading this article about kitchen rugs ideas . Hopefully, the main points discussed here is helpful for you in deciding which rugs suit best in your kitchen. Follow the tips and you won’t regret. Have a nice day! Oh, make sure you don’t trip upon those rugs’ curled up edges![/su_box]

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