39 Cooking Space Decorating Ideas with Kitchen Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper on the kitchen walls is pretty uncommon for some people, let alone decorating the whole space. Whereas, there are numerous benefits you can gain from kitchen wallpaper images.

Do you believe if this article tells you one of the benefits is that you will save some meal budget by installing kitchen wallpaper? Well, believe it, because with the right design, wallpaper in the kitchen can be inviting and therefore force you to spend your time cooking homemade meal instead of buying or eating outside.

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Set yourself to expect 35 fabulous kitchen wallpapers below. Who knows, you might find ones to your liking!

Face Time With Kitchen Wallpaper Design

kitchen wallpaper
kitchen wallpaper ideas

“Do it right, we’re watching you,” might be the first impression you get from this kitchen wallpaper. You could get the sense of being watched by some famous people from their era while cooking, washing the dishes, or eating. So, do it right, guys. Or else…

Fake it Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

kitchen wallpaper ideas
kitchen wallpaper design

You could get the sensation of eating outside whereas you’re home by installing this brick walls look-alike kitchen wallpaper. The white color selection gives you freedom to throw any color into the mix without being concerned.

Inject Some Color Kitchen Wallpaper

kitchen wall stickers
kitchen wallpaper design ideas

To drive out any monotonous feel you get from a solid color stove, install colorful kitchen wallpaper will be your best bet. Patterned wallpaper with green, red, and purple tones is a beautiful choice.

Highlight a Wall With Kitchen Wallpaper Print

kitchen wallpaper border
kitchen design

Pasting kitchen wallpaper only on one side of the wall is pretty much a great idea. But, don’t forget about balancing the hue with the rest of the walls. An example is given by the kitchen in the photo.

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Cover Kitchen Wallpaper

wallpaper for walls
kitchen wallpaper

Some people are still hesitating to apply wallpaper on the kitchen walls because they need to hang some cooking utensils or other things and thus covering the pretty wallpaper. Well, don’t be. Even if your wallpaper is covered, you can still get the beauty of it plus some extra important aftereffects.

Take Advantage of a Gorgeous Backdrop to Wallpaper

kitchen wallpaper trends
wallpaper ideas

One of the unfortunate incidents that could happen to your kitchen wallpaper is the possibility of it get stained or splashed. A way to avoid such incident is to apply the wallpaper on the wall with less traffic on its side.

In the picture you can see a striking combination of traditional patterned backdrop partnered up with dark wooden furniture. The backdrop itself has a beautiful tone mix of white base and interesting blue pattern.

Keep It Bare Kitchen Wallpaper For Walls

kitchen wallpaper ideas

Nothing could be as pale yet still elegant as this whole image. Applied to the wall is tree branch patterned kitchen wallpaper with minimum painting. It is as if you paint the tree branch on white wall instead of paste it on directly.

That said accompanied by a set of dining table. The table made of reclaimed wood and the chairs look great in green leather. What makes it a complete image is the drape of curtain in neutral color.

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Nature

kitchen wallpaper border ideas
kitchen design

Having nature theme doesn’t always have to have green tone. White tree branches in winter could also make a great idea. It will be perfect if pasted above marble countertops. Their shimmery and shine surface create a dramatic effect.

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Best Kitchen Wallpaper Designs For Walls

wallpaper for kitchen
modern wallpaper

Black and white is still on demand as it’s timeless. So, here’s the idea. Apply some black and white patterned wallpaper on the wall of black and white themed kitchen, like exemplified in the picture. It will be a long lasting kitchen design. Moreover if you install checkerboard pattern tile floors, only then you’d be done for a great job.

Pink Rose Wallpaper For Walls

kitchen wallpaper red
kitchen wallpaper design

This is so girly and will make your girls in the family more diligent to check on the kitchen. The soft pink patterned is super sweet that you might want to linger in the said cooking area longer.

Blue Kitchen Wallpaper Designs Ideas

kitchen wallpaper border ideas
kitchen wallpaper design

Blue and yellow is a go! They are indeed in different spectrum and contrasting each other, but they create such a pleasant view if combined together. Bold blue on a whole wall accentuated with soft yellow in the decorations and dining chairs are so inviting to have a sit there for a very long time.

Mix and Match Wallpaper Ideas

kitchen wallpaper ideas uk
kitchen design

A significant aspect you have to pay attention to in choosing wallpaper is the unity of the whole kitchen theme. Play with white if you don’t want to be awkward. In this patterned wall and patterned dining chairs case, white is included in both of them. So, choose white kitchen wallpaper for safety!

Maximize Kitchen Wallpaper Designs

kitchen wallpaper design
kitchen design

Two open spaces could be united by simple patterned wallpaper like seen in the picture. The pattern is so modestly detailed and lovely. Though only two colors you can see involved in the wallpaper, the shiny marble countertops make it as if it has more than white and brown.

Produce Kitchen Wallpaper Borders Ideas

kitchen wallpaper green
kitchen designs

Tiny thing can make huge impact. This statement also implies on kitchen decoration. If you want a new look for your kitchen, do not directly make big moves. Try to think much simpler like give your kitchen backsplash a borderline, for example. It’s super affordable and almost effortless.

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Rustic Wallpaper Design Interior

traditional kitchen wallpaper
kitchen designs

Whether or not the exposed bricks are part of the design, no one knows if not looking the complete image. However, it gives you a chance to decorate your kitchen into some rustic and classy kitchen by installing the supporting wallpaper like the one in the photo.

Match Wallpaper As Well As Textile

contemporary wallpaper
kitchen designs

For some patterned kitchen wallpaper, it will be too much if it is applied to the whole space including also the dining area. One way to reduce the crowded feel and define the dining space is by making a runner for your dining table from similar wallpaper with your kitchen wallpaper has. This technique perfect result is displayed by the picture.

Ideas To Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Home

grey wallpaper
kitchen designs

For more dramatic change within your kitchen, a striking idea is needed. You can try to install black based wallpaper in a white space. The photo gives you an example of how it should be done.

Kitchen With Green Wallpaper Ideas

green wallpaper
kitchen wallpaper images

Installing patterned wallpaper should follow this idea: matching the color of the pattern with other elements in the room. An outstanding example is displayed by the picture. How green pattern on white based wallpaper matches the table runner and the exotic table lamp. It can’t be done unless the designer is genius.

Patchwork Wallpaper Ideas

wallpaper borders
kitchens design

Super clever is combining more than one pattern with similar feels to be the highlight of one of the side walls like the one you’re seeing right now. It is called patchwork. And, as it is not clever enough, instead of wallpaper, apparently, fabric is used to create one of a wall covering kind. Superb!

Kitchen Backsplash Wallpaper Ideas

home wallpaper
kitchen designs

Shimmery metallic could be an alternative replacement for the usual white scheme patterned kitchen wallpaper. Try it and you can feel instant glamour and elegant fill up the whole room. Keep everything else as neutral and simple as they can be so that the wallpaper becomes the room’s main attraction.

Go Back in Time Wallpaper

silver wallpaper
kitchen designs

Shimmery metallic could be an alternative replacement for the usual white scheme patterned kitchen wallpaper. Try it and you can feel instant glamour and elegant fill up the whole room. Keep everything else as neutral and simple as they can be so that the wallpaper becomes the room’s main attraction.

Glamour Wallpaper Collection

contemporary wallpaper
kitchen designs

To add a little glamor, why not attempt an extravagant wall covering as a splashback? Prevent the location directly surrounding the oven and instead try papering just one statement wall in an L-shaped cooking area. Usage very accessories in similar colors to tie in the look.

Cool Intricate Wallpaper

kitchen wallpaper brick effect
home wallpaper

Contrasting the kitchen-diner is believed could stimulate appetite. Therefore, be daring and use cool intricate wallpaper in the kitchen. Mix with similar toned dining chairs and table to highlight the wall.

American Country Style Wallpaper

brick wallpaper
kitchen designs

Divide your walls into upper and lower parts. Paper only the lower part with checkered one to get the feel of America within your very own kitchen. And match it with everything else. As an example, the designer of this country style kitchen matches the wallpaper with similar patterned drape of curtain, tableware, napkins, as well as tablecloth. This is one gorgeous design.

Coordinate Your Paper and Furnishings

kitchen wallpaper pink
kitchen wallpaper ideas

Shabby chic is on 2017’s trend. So why not make it a trend one more time this year? Applying shabby chic kitchen wallpaper can be pretty amusing too if you combine it with the furnishings as well. Just take a look at the picture. How lovely it is.

Opt For An Agricultural Print Kitchen Wallpaper

kids wallpaper
kitchen wallpaper decor

Agricultural print wallpaper is absolutely perfect with an open kitchen-diner. It freshen the mood and brings the outside atmosphere inside your home. So while you eat there, not only your stomach you can recharge but your minds as well, a complete body treatment from your own kitchen.

Make A Statement With Wallpaper

purple wallpaper
kitchen designs

For an open kitchen, marvelous wallpaper gives a statement to the dining and cooking area. Choose a big bold flower print instead of small pattern one to get the dazzling effect. It will be more breathtaking if pasted in the middle of an all solid furniture kitchen

Homebase Kitchen Wallpaper

brown wallpaperbrown wallpaper in the kitchenIf you want to ceramic tiled your wall with low budget, this smart wallpaper can be a great solution. Rather than installing the real costly ceramic tiles, do this instead. You can get similar feel and save some money at the same time.

Brownstone Interior Design Ideas

orange wallpaper
modern kitchen designs

This kitchen is kind of unique. The designer connects kitchen and the dining room by making a square hole in the wall and frames the whole with patterned wallpaper. So it looks like you watch a TV or stare into a framed picture while you eat.

Decorate Kitchen wallpaper by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick

flowers wallpapers
kitchen wallpaper pink

This would remind you of kitchens in 70’s era. People at that time are more daring than us now in injecting colors and personality into a room. So it is quite a bold and bright sighting with the combination of that flowery wallpaper, red lower cabinet units, and of course the rug. Bold, brave, beautiful are three words that best describe it.

Salem Tudor  Remodel Kitchen Wallpaper

brick wallpaper
contemporary wallpaper

The archway entrances are so rarely found nowadays. People mostly go with open kitchens, so they don’t need an entrance. Therefore, you should optimize this kitchen aspect if you have one. One of the ways is by installing magnificent wallpaper as you can see the example from the picture.

NW Homes Wallpaper In The Kitchen

brown wallpaper
kitchen design ideas

Another example of tree branches wallpaper installation in the kitchen-diner space is seen in this picture. Not only that, flat panel cabinets and natural wooden dining table are there to make a balance with the whole concept.

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Kitchen Wallpaper Traditional

contemporary wallpaper
kitchen designs

As wallpapers become trend nowadays, they have more and more patterns, designs, and colors to offer. The range selections are wider by a lot now. Traditional, modern, classic, natural, retro, vintage, country, and many more kinds you can pick from. As you can see in the example picture here, the designer goes with traditional style and matches the color with those of furniture’s. Surrounded by bright atmosphere could liven up the activities done there.

Cat home Wallpaper in the Kitchen

grey wallpaper
kitchen walls ideas

This U-shaped kitchen is inspirational. It designed with wooden countertops, double bowl sinks, and white cabinets which all complement the stainless steel appliances, white stools as well as board shelves, and also the wooden floors. Those mentioned surrounded by a cool wallpaper pasted on the walls.

Wallpaper Kitchen Nook

green wallpaper
green kitchen wallpaper ideas

At some point, papering the whole walls could be tiring for your eyesight. One of the solutions is by pasting only a little bit of the wall space where you possibly spend more time there. This lovely kitchen nook portrayed in the picture shows you how the right way to do it. And similar-toned seater just adds the sweetness.

Still hesitating much after reading this article? Hopefully you don’t. Like mentioned above, applying kitchen wallpaper could give you numerous benefits. You have limitless choices of how to decorate your kitchen walls, for example. So, stop hesitating and start to pick one now. Have a nice day!

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